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O maajhi re apna kinaara nadiya ki dhaara hai

Posted on: August 20, 2008

Boat songs, where the singer sings about maajhi(boatman) and the boat were the speciality of S D Burman as a singer and music director. But here, his son R D Burman has created music that his father must have been proud of .

And the voice of Kishore Kumar is nothing short of magical. It has been chronicled that the people present at the time of recording of this song were so much moved by Kishore Kumar’s singing that they cried. Kishore Kumar’s voice full of pain and pathos had that effect on them.

The lyrics written by Gulzar can be described as out of this world. What imagination ! Gulzar was at his creative best as a lyricist in those days. In fact that was true for R D Burman as a music director and Kishore as a singer as well. And the coming together of these three great talents has given us this gem of a song.

This song is nothing short of pure magic.



Song- O maajhi re (Khushboo) (1975) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD- R D Burman


o maajhi re,
o maajhi re,
apnaa kinaara,
nadiyaa ki dhaara hai
o maajhi re
apnaa kinaaraa,
nadiyaa ki dhaaraa hai
o maajhi re

saahilon pe bahne waale
kabhi sunaa to hogaa kahin,
o o
ho, kaaghazon ki kashtiyon ka
kahin kinaara hotaa nahin
ho maajhi re
maajhi re
koi kinaaraa
jo kinaare se miley wo,
apnaa kinaaraa hai
o maajhi re
apnaa kinaaraa
nadiyaa ki dhaaraa hai
o maajhi re

paaniyon mein bah rahe hain
kai kinaare toote huye
o o
ho, raaston mein mil gaye hain
sabhi sahaare chhoote huye
ho maajhi re
maajhi re
koi sahaaraa
majhdhaare mein mile jo,
apnaa sahaaraa hai
ho maajhi re
apnaa kinaaraa
nadiyaa ki dhaaraa hai
nadiyaa ki dhaaraa hai
nadiyaa ki dhaaraa hai


O maajhi re , flowing stream of river is my shore

Those who flow close to the shore,
you must have heard sometime somewhere…
boats made of paper do not have any shores
O manjhi re, any shore that meets a shore
is my shore

Many eroded shores are flowing in the river stream
One has come across all supports that one had lost earlier
Any support that one comes across in midstream is one’s true support

O maajhi re, flowing stream of river is my shore

8 Responses to "O maajhi re apna kinaara nadiya ki dhaara hai"

Very touching song; well sung by Kishore Kumarji. Thanks for the translation!




Thank you Prakash ji for the additional links.


What does a word “shore” here refer to? What is the philosophical meaning of this song?


What does the word “shore” and ” flowing stream of river” refer to? What is the philosphical meaning of this song?


Vikas bhai, from the philosophical point of view, “shore” & “flowing stream” mean that they are close to each other, BUT “flowing stream” will never find a “shore” for itself … In the movie too the situation is similar, for the hero & heroine … Hope, this satisfies your query …


Dear Bharat Bhai,

Thanks a lot for the answer. Yes that satisfies my query. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer 🙂


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