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Jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ye aankhen tujhmein

Posted on: May 10, 2009

We have armchair critics in all fields, be it sports, driving, movies, and even singing. And often, the ignorance of these critics could be mind boggling.

This song ” jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ” is one that we all may have heard many a times and may have taken for granted. But how many of us has ever tried to sing it ? Those who had, will not be able to continue after a few lines. It is that difficult a song to sing.

Rafi makes it look effortless, but it takes lots and lots of effort, practice, and God given talent to get it right. And legend has it that Rafi needed 21 takes to get this song right.

There was one well known movie critic, who used this fact to pass the judgement that Rafi was not all that good. Many of us may be less renowned than that critic in appreciation of Bollywood music, but even we know better. This is an extremely difficult song to sing. If Rafi struggled to get it right, then there is no way most other singers could have done any better. And as I mentioned earlier, most singers would not be able to continue after a few lines.

Kaifi Azmi has written this amazingly sophisticated song, and Khayyam has created the (almost unnoticeable, yet very effective) music for this song. And this song was picturised on a very young looking actor called Dharmendra for whom it was just his second movie ( or may be his debut movie ).

The fact that Rafi saab , the number one male playback singer of those days could go to such pains to get a song right, that too for a lesser known music director like Khayyam and for a song to be picturised on an unknown actor, shows what a great professional and a great human being Rafi saab was.

In fact, it was this humilityy of Rafi that has won him huge number of admirers. I for one admire Rafi as much for his humility as for his amazing singing ability.

A couple of years later, Rafi delivered some amazing songs for another set of lesser known music directors- viz Laxmikant Pyarelal, in Parasmani. There is a song in this movie called “Salamat raho”. There is an aalaap before this song. This song may appear effortless when sung by Rafi. But most singers will not get past the aalaap. It was that difficult a song to sing.

To imagine Rafi saab giving so much for a song, irrespective of how big or small the music directors were is a quality that one cannot praise enough.

So here is this amazing song. Enjoy !

Song-Jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ye aankhen tujhmein(Shola aur Shabnam ) (1961) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics- Kaifi Azmi , MD-Khayyam


jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ye aankhen mujhmein
raakh ke dher mein sholaa hai na chingaari hai
jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ye aankhen mujhmein
raakh ke dher mein sholaa hai na chingaari hai

ab na wo pyaar na us pyaar ki yaadein baaki
aag yoon dil mein lagi kuchh na rahaa kuchh na bachaa
jiski tasveer nigaahon mein liye baithi ho
main wo dildaar nahin uski hoon khaamosh chitaa
jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ye aankhen mujhmein
raakh ke dher mein sholaa hai na chingaari hai

zindagi hans ke guzarti to bahut achchhaa thaa
khair hans ke na sahi ro ke guzar jaayegi
raakh barbaad muhabbat ki bachaa rakhi hain
raakh barbaad muhabbat ki bachaa rakhi hain
baar-baar isko jo chhedaa to bikhar jaayegi
jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ye aankhen mujhmein
raakh ke dher mein sholaa hai na chingaari hai

aarzoo jurm wafaa jurm tamannaa hai gunaah
aarzoo jurm wafaa jurm tamannaa hai gunaah
ye wo duniyaa hai jahaan pyaar nahin ho saktaa
kaise baazaar kaa dastoor tumhen samjhaaun
bik gayaa jo wo khareedaar nahin ho saktaa
bik gayaa jo wo khareedaar nahin ho saktaa
jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ye aankhen mujhmein
raakh ke dher mein sholaa hai na chingaari hai
jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ye aankhen mujhmein
raakh ke dher mein sholaa hai na chingaari hai

26 Responses to "Jaane kyaa dhoondhti rahti hain ye aankhen tujhmein"

Another one of my favorites! I especially love the part where he sings, “Bik gaya joh woh kharidaar nahin ho sakta … ” The despair he conveys in that line is unimaginable. This is a real gem of a song. Thanks, Atul.


Yes, Kaifi Azmi’s contribution in coming up with lyrics like this should not be forgotten.


Ohhhhh…..mere to rongte khade ho jaate hain ye gaana sunke….
What a wonderful voice, what wonderful lyrics, matching (soft) music and excellent picturisation too.

There is definitely something very special about this song.

Thanks for posting this farmaish of mine, Atul.


Farmaishes for songs like this is what enriches the collection of songs in this blog. Keep them coming. I may be late in posting them, but they are very much in my list of songs to be posted.


Can you name that critic, please, please.


That critic was Raju Bharatan.


Thanks for the reply.


What always strikes me about this song is the high notes that Rafi manages. And yes, this is indeed Dharmendra’s second movie, his first was Dil Bhi Tera Hum bhi tere.


Sorry I read ur post today, so adding a little information about Dharmendra. Though he was first signed as an actor for ‘Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere’, but his first released film as well as hero was Shola and Shabnam.


Can anyone tell me the name of singer who sung this song beautifully in Zee Tv Saregama?


He is Sanjeev Ramabhadran. Very handsome guy, highly educated and settled in USA. A great Rafi Fan. For more information about him search google.


This is an amazingly sung song. No other singer in the world past or present can even attemt to sing this song. Rafi is ultimate.


You are 100% right Farhat.


Rafi Saheb at his best. Complex song sung so smoothly. Voice variation is fantastic.


I am never tired listening to this song. If there is one singer who deserves all awards is Rafi Sahab only. He also desereves Param vir Chakra for singing Kar Chale Hum Fida Jan o Tan sathion


Well said sunita.


Benchmark song. No other singer can sing this song, except rafi.


Such a beautiful song. But you have gone wrong with the title. Its not tujhmein but mujhmein.

Hope you will correct it..



I am never tired of listening to this song again and again.
It is so beautifully sung that sometimes I wonder if Rafi have divine power to produce such gems.


No wonder, Dharmendra said on “Indian Idol” show last year, that ” Rafi sahab to meri jaan thhe, hain aur hamesha rahenge” . Hindi film singing is not just singing to perfection, it is emoting to best possible ability and in a voice which sounded like the actor performing on screen. He had different voices for all leading stars of that era. Here, in this song too he is sounding so much like the voice he used for all Dharam songs in future. This is actual playback singing only managed by Rafi and Lata, IMHO. Be it “Aap ke haseen rukh” or ” aaj mausam bada beimaan hai” just listening is like watching dharam singing.

As of now i am hooked to both rafi songs in this film (other one – jeet hi lenge baazi hum tum)


All other singers past and present cannot even attempt to render the first line, let alone the whole song. Its a master piece of Rafi.


No wonder gem of a song.


Any reason why you feel the necessity to post with a different name every time ?


Tardy progress in a love affair often drives one to desperation which is a real life event. But to combine this real life event with abstract and imaginative situations to highlight in a most effective manner the excruciating pain and agony suffered by those bitten by the love bug, is what Kaifi Aazmi Saahab has demonstrated in his masterly style in the lyrics of this song. The thought and the pen have worked in-tandem to an astounding extent in the lyrics to produce desired effects on the sensitivities of any listener. Though handful of ashes from the mortal remains of a person….. how important these can be for a poetical genius like Kaifi Aazmi to portray the importance of love and the consequences of failure of a love relationship. This incidentally reminds me about a couplet which was the part of a ghazal penned down by me several years back which reads ……..
” Raakh ke dher ko chheda na karo aise,
Khud na jal jaanaa kahin mujhko jalaane waale”…….

Both Rafi Saahab and Khayaam Saahab have done fullest justice to the lyrics of this memorable song created by Jenaab Kaifi Aazmi Saahab.

I K Koul (Talib Kashmiri)


What a melody


Jaane Kya dhoondti rehti Hain ye aankhen mujh mein…….

A poets composer.,… Khaiyyam is no more.
May his soul rest in peace.

The last one of his generation of composers ?


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