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Koi roko naa deewaane ko

Posted on: September 6, 2010

This post is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor of posts to this blog

Many of the songs I have posted on this blog so far have been songs of the 1970s. I will not be so presumptuous as to claim that these songs are any better than songs of another decade. Every decade has produced its memorable songs and many would consider the golden period of Hindi film music to have started already in the 1940s/50s.

Quite frankly, the 1970s is the decade that I can relate to most and talk most about because that is the decade that I personally experienced as a schoolboy.

I saw for myself (as a fan) the rise and fall of Rajesh Khanna. Tsunami one day, wilderness the next.

And quite the converse for Amitabh Bachchan. Wilderness one day, tsunami (well, sort of!) the next.

And the transformation of Rekha from “ugly duckling” to “beautiful swan”. (Ok, she was not ugly but she did get her a face/nose job done to look different).

And the popularity of Hema Malini and Zeenat Aman, the top two heroines through the decade.

It is wonderful to have experienced all of this firsthand instead of only having to read about this after the event.

When later generations wax eloquent about Sholay and how it became a blockbuster after a slow start, how its dialogues were on audio-cassettes and were in many ways the trigger for the success of the movie (not since Mughal-e-Azam had the dialogues of a movie had such impact), how Amjad Khan, as Gabbar Singh, burst into Hindi movies with possibly the most explosive villain role ever…when all this happens, I often find myself saying “hey, I was there!”. Well, in a manner of speaking!

I am sure other generations have similar attachment to the era when they were in school or college. That is how it usually goes. By the time the 1980s came along, I got busy with higher studies and somehow it was not the same anymore.

I have started re-watching movies of the 1970s recently. For various reasons, including the fact that I have forgotten the storyline of many movies and I just wanted to refresh my memory of those movies.

To be honest, the storyline is not the biggest draw of a 1970s movie for me. Many of the movies of that decade (as of every decade) were pretty standard fare. But watching a 1970s movie takes me back to that period, to those years. It reminds me of how lifestyles used to be then. Or how fashion used to be.

Men sporting long hair, falling over the ears. Big goggles. And very special to that decade, the bellbottoms. The more atrocious version of them was called “flares”. Special to the mid-70s.

And the prints and colours of that time. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead in those colours today but they were very normal then.

And this is the charm, for me, of watching these movies. More than anything else. And often, there is a memory attached to the movie for me.

Much of what I have mentioned here can be seen in this lovely song from Priyatama (1977). I remember this movie very well. I think it did reasonably well though I cannot say for sure. I do know that this Kishore number was quite popular.

The song is picturised on Rakesh Roshan. He and friends have thrown a party for Jeetendra and Neetu Singh, who have recently got married. Only when I saw the clip now did I remember that Asha Sachdev is also in the movie. I now remember her being really good in this film. She even won Supporting Actress award for her performance.

The music is composed by Rajesh Roshan, then still relatively new in the industry.

I used to like this song a lot at that time. Today, more than 30 years later, I find I still like it a lot. I think it has to do with Kishore’s voice more than anything else.

I hope you listen to, and enjoy, this song too.


Song-Koi roke naa deewaane ko (Priyatama) (1977) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-Rajesh Roshan


Koi roko naa
Deewaane ko
Man machal rahaa
Kuchh gaane ko
Koi roko naa
Deewaane ko
Man machal rahaa
Kuchh gaane ko
Koi roko naa

Ye bheegaa bheegaa mausam
Ye bheegi bheegi raahen
Chaley do humraahi
Baahon mein daaley baahen
O phoolon ne khilke
Kahaa ye dil se
Hai din suhaanaa
Mausam salonaa
Daaman se baandh lo
Pyaara samaa
Koi roko naa
Deewaane ko
Man machal rahaa
Kuchh gaane ko
Koi roko naa

Umar ke safar mein
Jise jo yahaan bhaaye
Usi ke sapnon mein
Ye man rang jaaye
O rangon mein bheeg ke
Rang rangeelaa
Ga le taraanaa
Jo ye raseelaa
Albelaa geet wo
Bhoole kahaan
Koi roko naa
Deewaane ko
Man machal rahaa
Kuchh gaane ko
Koi roko naa
Deewaane ko
Man machal rahaa
Kuchh gaane ko
Koi roko naa

5 Responses to "Koi roko naa deewaane ko"

Lovely song. And a typical Rajesh Roshan tune!

Nice write-up, Raja, about the 70’s era. Also to add, the villain mandatorily had to drink VAT 69, no other brand would do!

Talking about the 70’s we can even claim that we heard music off EPs and LP’s. Sholay’s diaolgues were released in the LP format, at least I heard the LP and not compact cassettes. There used to a be neighbour of ours who would place a speaker on his balcony and play the LP and soon enough there would be a crowd, some of them even mouthing the words a fraction of a second before it came on!!


awesome song!..whn heard d remix,dint knw it was an old kishore da no 😉


could you post “tere bin kaise din beete sajnaa” from the same movie ??


Raja ji – Nice post !!! most liked guitar songs by us the ‘seventies’ fans’. today i got to read this post and the feelings expressed by you very near to my heart. i think everything has been covered about that period. i have recently got the DVD of Kala Patthar (thru flipkart),as rightly said by you, to refresh the memories. and one thing i remember to have seen the tape recorder and audio cassettes in our small town for the fist time when Rishi Kapoor-Jayaprada’s Sargam was released. thanks for taking us back to school days again !!!


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