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Dekh gagan mein kaali ghata kyaa kehti hai

Posted on: December 26, 2011

When you seek to look for obscue songs from yesteryears, you often come across unheard of gems. Many a times, these songs are sung/ created by the usual suspects, but sometimes they are created by people we normally would not suspect of being able to sing songs, leave alone singing songs that can be regarded as outstanding.

Mr Sadanand Kamath, a regular of this blog, came across a song from “Muqaddar” (1950) which was sung not by the usual singers, but by an unusual one, namely Nalini Jaiwant herself. 🙂 And surprisingly enough, her voice sounds wonderfuly sweet and melodious. Mr Sadanand Kamath then did some seach and realised that Nalini Jaiwant had sung three songs in this movie.

After Mr Sadanand Kamath sent me the lyrics of this song and I heard this song, I whole heartedly agree. Nalini Jaiwant’s voice is extremely sweet and melodious. If she did not sing many songs then it is a loss for the music lovers.

Let us at least be thankful that Nalini Jaiwant sang three songs in this movie. I would like to discuss all these songs in the blog.

Here is this lovely song from “Muqaddar” (1950). Raja Mehdi Ali Khan is thev lyricist. Music is composed by Khemchand Prakash.

There may be some reason why Khewmchand Prakash, instead of going for sopme established singers decided to make Nalini Jaiwant siong in this movie. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this matter.

Song-Dekh gagan mein kaali ghata kya kehti hai (Muqaddar)(1950) Singer-Nalini Jaiwant, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Khemchand Prakash

Lyrics(Provided by Sadanand Kamath)

dekh gagan mein
dekh gagan mein
kaali ghata kya kehti hai
kehti hai
dekh gagan mein
door kahin,
door kahin
koyal ki sadaa kya kehti hai
kehti hai
dekh gagan mein

jo na aaye aisi ratein
jo na aaye aisi ratein
chandni se unki batein
kaise kahoon sharmayee nigaah kya kehti hai
kehti hai
dekh gagan mein

aankhon ki tu baat maaney
tum bedard ho,
tu bedard hai tu kyaa jaane
uski man khamosh ada kya kehti hai
kehti hai
dekh gagan mein

Ise mohabbat ae batlaade
aab(??) se amrit ras barsaaye
dekh saawan ki mast ghataayen
dekh saawan ki mast hawa kya kehti hai
kehti hai
dekh gagan mein
dekh gagan mein
kali ghata kya kehti hai
kehti hai
dekh gagan mein


8 Responses to "Dekh gagan mein kaali ghata kyaa kehti hai"

Thank You Sadanandji for “introducing” the other side of a beautiful & talented actress, Nalini Jaiwant. I was totally unaware of her this talent. Very grateful to Khemchand Prakashiji also for recognizing her talent.

I loved this song so much that I had to listen it few times in a row. Few corrections are needed to fully justify this song.

roz na aaye aisi ratein, roz na aaye aisi ratein (instead of jo na aaye aisi ratein)
jaan le mere man ki baatein (instead of chandni se unki baatein)
aankhon ki tu baat na maaney (instead of aankhon ki tu baat maaney)
tu bedard hai (instead of tum bedard ho)
husn ki har khamosh ada kya kehti hai (instead of uski man khamosh ada……)
kis se mohabbat hai batalade (Instead of ise mohabbat ae batlaade)
aag pe amrit ras barsaade (instead of aab (??) se amrit ras barsaaye)

Thanks Atulji, for posting.

-Khyati Bhatt

Forgot to mention one more important thing. Dec 20th was Nalini Jaywantji’s 1st death anniversary. What a great tribute her by providing us this beautiful gem of hers. Thanks.

-Khyati Bhatt

Atul ji,
NALINI JAYAWANT was a regularly trained singer.She had studied music under wellknown classical singers.In those days,a singing star was in demand and in the early period of movies,i.e. in 30s and early 40s it was almost compulsory for at least the female stars to sing their own songs.Once Playback became fully popular,this situation changed.

Nalini Jayawant sang many songs in her earlier films,like Behan,Radhika and Nirdosh(all 1941),Aankh michauli-1942,Aadab Arz-1943.In Gunjan-1948 she sang all 6 songs solo.Her last singing film was probably
Muqaddar-1950 where she sang 3 songs, only on the insistance of Hansraj Behl,who was very fond of her singing.

After this film,Nalini Jayawant stopped singing in films.


I wonder why she would have stopped singing? Such a beautiful voice! Thanks Arunji for the deail.

-Khyati Bhatt

This must be your 221st comment!. (220th being for the song “Dekh chaand ki aur….”) Wow! What a great contibution to this blog and for all music lovers.

-Khyati Bhatt

khyati ji,
I am now keeping a count of my Film notes only.
Poonam ki Raat was my 219 th Film from Dec-2010.
I dont keep count of my short and general comments like e.g.
On Varma Malik or Dekh chaand ki ore or Nalini Jayawant.
They also must have crossed the 200 mark by now easily.
Thanks for your appreciation.

It seems there is no need of “??” marks after ‘aab’. Aab means water, and the connotation is that the mohabbat converts water into amrit

She also sang in “Chingari” which I think was released in 1954 and she acted opposite Shekhar

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