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Main kaun sa geet sunaaun

Posted on: May 27, 2013

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

‘Dillagi’ (1978) is a comedy movie, with the story of college lecturers and students. It is written and directed by Basu Chatterjee. Reading its reviews at imdb website is indicating it must be hilarious somewhat on the lines of ‘Chupke Chupke’. Now that is one movie I have seen.

The starcast is Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Asrani, Devan Verma, Preeti Ganguly etc. Lyricist is Yogesh Gaud and the four songs in this movie are composed by Rajesh Roshan. This song is a Lata Mangeshkar solo, I have heard many times on radio. Even the song when I saw it a few days ago looks familiar. I might have seen this film on T V years ago, but not sure. If this is the same film where, ‘Preeti Ganguly’ falls infatuated with Dharmendra, and tries of hang herself in the hostel room, than I have the correct feeling of having seen this film. Dharmendra is a Sanskrit Professor and Hema Malini is Chemistry lecturer in the movie.

‘Main kaun sa geet sunaaun’ is picturized as an outing/picnic song, where Hema Malini, Dharmendra, Asrani, Mithu Mukherjee and someone looking like Mohan AgasheGoofi Paintal who is seen photographing the group, are sitting on a river bank, enjoying the views and Mithu MukherjeeKajri (Asrani’s financee) is singing this song. In between, Hema Malini is dreaming of singing the song in the woods with Dharmendra.

Another song with similar in spirit, is Jise tu qabool kar le wo adaa kahaan se laaun. That one is Lata-Saahir-SDB expressing Chandramukhi’s dilemma in ‘Devdas’. Whereas the ‘Dillagi’ is lighter and simpler as the name of the movie itself.



Song-Main kaun sa geet sunaaun (Dillagi)(1978) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-Rajesh Roshan


main kaun sa geet sunaaun
kya gaaoon
jo piyaa bas jaaye
tere tan man mein
khil jaayen soyee kaliyaan
haay kaliyaan aur
bahaaren aayen
sooni baghiyan mein

yeh kaise achaanak
bina koyi aahat
chale aaye ho tum
meri zindagi mein
tumhen aaj paa kar
main sab kuchh bhulaakar
magan ho ke doobi
huyi hoon khushi mein
kitne hi rang salone
haay salone
bhar gaye hain mere
khaali daaman mein
main kaun sa geet sunaaun
kya gaaoon
jo piyaa bas jaaye
tere tan man mein

kabhi tum sahaara
banoge hamaara
main yeh baat kal tak
nahin maanti thhi
magar aaj kaise
yeh lagtaa hai jaise
main har ik janam mein
tumhen jaanti thhi
lagtaa hai saari duniyaa
saari duniyaa
dhal gayee hai saj ke
jaise kan kan mein
main kaun sa geet sunaaun
kya gaaoon
jo piyaa bas jaaye
tere tan man mein

14 Responses to "Main kaun sa geet sunaaun"

Asrani`s fiancee and the lady actress who lip syncs for the song
is KAJRI(who is there as Asrani`s wife in Balika Badhu-Shakti Samantha directed movie starring Sachin, Rajni Sharma)and the guy who clicks the photographs is GUFI PAINTAL(who became famous with B.R.Chopra`s Megha Serial Mahabharat`s Shakuni Mama`s role)

Mithu Mukherjee played the role of Shathrughna Sinha`s fiancee`s role in this movie.

This movie was a Home Production of Dharmendra

Director:Basu Chatterjee
Producers:Kanwar Ajit Singh,Bikram Singh Dehal
Production House:Bikramjeet Films International
Starcast:Dharmendra, Hema Malini,Shathrughna Sinha, Mithu Mukherjee, Kesto Mukherjee,
Preethi Ganguly, Poornima Jayaraman,Asrani,Kajree,Urmila Bhatt,Ritu Kamal,Deven Verma,
Brahmachari,Beena Bawa,Qamar Khan,Anjali Paigankar,Shobhana Shah,Lalita Kumari,Rajen Kapoor,
Dulari,Geethanjali,Manjita,Manek Chaudhary, Gufi Paintal


nahm ji

You are right , in this movie Preethi ganguly is infatuated with Dharmendra and tries to end her life in Hostel room, in vain.

Aap mere se aagey nikal gayee post ke saath 🙂



Jab aap jaise ‘dhurandhar’ pichche chhut gaye, to meri kya aukaat thhi !! mujhe to haarna hi thha. i hv also shared this song to Atul ji on 01.02.13 and the ‘holi’ song from this film on 03.02.13. lag rahaa thha ki Rajesh Roshan ji ke birthday par shayad is Lata ji waale gaane ka number aaye ! chalo aaj aa gaya !!
Nice Post NAHM ji and beautiful song on our blog !
@ Prakash ji – seventies chakkar mein lagta hai bahot kuchh (?) daav par lagne waala hain!*:) happy


Avinash ji
Haan Main bhi Rajesh Roshan ke Birthday ke avsar par hi iss gaane ke saath iss movie ke aur ek Lata ji ke sad solo(Baadal to chhaaye)ke lyrics ko bhejaa thaa

Kyaa karein Avinash ji 🙂

aur haan meraa likhaa huaa, ek week mein kam se kam ek toh gaanaa mere haath se nikal hi jaath hai, ye mere naseeb mein main likhwaake aayaa hoon, parwaah nahin, mere naseeb ke saath main ab chupke se ,raazi ho gayaa hoon 🙂 🙂



Similar incidents were happening to me too, before i started writing song posts. 🙂 .

It cant be helped with multiple people looking for the same sort of songs for occasions or not. Sometimes it so happens that I am working on a song post, and the song gets posted. Or I have sent a post and it is not posted. Than I have to resend the post, just as a gentle reminder to Atul ji. Even now some 2-3 posts are pending, with Atul ji.

Just so you people know the solution to your problem of song lyrics not being posted.

Even than i will try in future, that I dont encroach on your songs !


nahm ji

Nahin nahin encroachment ki jaisse koyee baat nahin, aap apne kaam bindaas karthe jaao,
Maine toh Aisse hi do chaar lines likh diyaa,
Please don`t feel bad about those lines.

Gaana blog mein shaamil honaa important hai, kisee ke bhi naam par ho, koyee baat nahin



I didn’t have any such problems with posting songs as yet. But it is quite likely that such a thing can happen sooner or later. We can’t put more work on Atulji than he already has. So maybe we can exchange our email addresses and when we send Atulji our postings, simultaneously send it to others as well, so that no ‘Love’s Labour’ is Lost.
I have already sent Atulji all remaining songs of Gulzar’s (as film director) films with Pancham as music director. Furthermore I’ve started working on other Pancham songs with Gulzar as lyricist.
My Email address is h a r v e y b l o g (a) h o t m a i l dot c o m


Clearly Atulji has a problem of surplus. The predicament can be easily summed up by the song from Anurag(1956)>>>> kise yaad rakhoon kise bhool jaaon. Surely he must be applying FIFO> First in First out.


Atul ji

Please make corrections, the lady lip syncing for the song is KAJRI/KAJREE and not Mithu Mukherjee and the another guy with camera in hand is not Mohan Aghashe, it is GUFI PAINTAL


Thanks for identifying the actors.


@ Harvey ji – I totally agree with you , that we should not put more burden on Atul ji !! thanks for the suggestion and I appreciate the gesture ! Kindly check your mail inbox I have dropped a mail there.
for our ‘Team -Atul’ members – my email id is !!!

i do sincerely hope not to clash with other contributors post, and if i loose any post henceforth, i shall only mention ‘ happily lost’ !! since it can happen any time.
BUT, it is our duty to ensure that the songs we love, get posted on our blog !!


Thank you Avinashji!
I’ll check my email right away!
I know one doesn’t mind it if somebody else’s post gets priority. But when one can take precaution to avoid this mix up, one can surely use the resources for another song, which will lead to enriching this blog more.






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