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Main kachche angoor ki bail

Posted on: December 10, 2013

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In the 70s Brij Sadanah directed a string of movies after his “Victoria No. 203” became a hit. Almost all his subsequent movies had Pran and Ashok Kumar in central roles with the hero himself being of secondary importance. All his movies had a whole lot of people running after gold or diamonds or khazaana. Then there would be at least one song in disguise.

Here is one such disguisewaala song from “Chori Mera Kaam” (1975). It is written by Varma Malik and Kalyanji-Anandji are the music directors. Amit Kumar sings for Shashi Kapoor (please do not recognize him he is in disguise). Kanchan is the voice of Zeenat Aman here. (She didn’t have to do much for disguising herself.) Kishore Kumar is the voice for Ashok Kumar. (Going by the story of the movie I do not think he is in disguise here, actually I don’t remember I have seen the movie ages ago.)

Here it is to be noted that two thirds of the song is dominated by the antics of Shashi Kapoor and Ashok Kumar. And Ashok Kumar seems to be having a ball. So also Kishore Kumar who seems to be relishing the whole mood of the song. And suddenly Zeenat is reduced to a spectator.

Let us enjoy the song and remember Ashok Kumar (13 october 1911- 10 december 2001) on his 12nd death anniversary.

Song-Main kachche angoor ki bel (Chori Mera Kaam)(1975) Singer-Kanchan, Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Kalyanji Anandji
Kishore Kumar + Amit Kumar


main main main main main
main main main main main
main kachhe angoor ki bail
main kachhe angoor ki bail
aayi karne dilon ka mel
mera pyaar hai aawaara
mera pyaar hai aawaara
uske seene se lag jaaoon
jo de mujhe sahaara
arrey uske seene se lag jaaoon
jo de mujhe sahaara
kya khayaal hai tumhaara
tumhaara nahin hamaara
arrey dene ko taiyar hoon main sahaara
haan sahaara
na hone doonga main pyaar tera
haan aawara
main angoor tu hai bail
tera mera hoga mail
main angoor tu hai bail
tera mera hoga mail
saari duniya humko dekhe
khele pyar ka aisa khel
le le waade
haan haan waade
le le sache ye irade
haan irade nahin kachhe

e e e kismis ke bachche
angoor banke latke ho
ispe to haq hai mera

haan haan mera
nahi zor chalega tera
haan haan tera
ye hai dil main hu jaan
ye haseen main hu jawaan
ye hai meri meharbaan
tu kahaan ye kahaan
ye hai chooza tu kharbuja
ye hai chooza tu kharbuja

arey waah
arey ja
arey waah
arrey ja ja
ja ja ja ja ja ja

aji chhodo ye takraar
chhodo ye takrar
main aayi hu karne pyaar
arey hum bhi hain taiyaar
arey hum bhi hain taiyaar

uske seene se lag jaaoon
jo de mujhe sahaara
tu hi ab to kar do faisla
kisko dogi sahaara

kya khayaal hai aapka
mera ya mere baap ka
ae ae ae ae baap ke bachche
hmmn hmm hmm hmm
yeh nahin aap ka
arey husn to maange jawaani jawaani
arey husn to mange jawaani,

ye to baat badi hai puraani

is umar mein ye naadaani
kya kya
mujhe dekh huyi hairaani
ha ha
ye baat nahin hai zubaani
kar sakta hoon main manmaani

he he he he he
mere raste me na aa

main kahta hoon tu hat ja
o mere raste mein na aa
main kahta hoon tu hat ja
aye boodhe kabootar
kya baat hai puttar
aye boodhe kabootar
kya kya kya baat hai puttar
agar main josh dikha doonga
main tere hosh uda doonga
tujhe taare dikha doonga
tujhe naani yaad kara doonga
ye pichke gaal to dekh
tu apna haal to dekh
haan maine kai khel hai khele
maine kai paapad hain bele
maine kai khel hain khele
haan maine kai pappad hai bele
ha ha bele honge bele
mujhe jaane hai ye zamaana
o mujhe jaane hai ye zamaana

main bhi aashiq bada puraana

teri teri teri teri kamar ka nahin hai thikaana thikaana
meri kamar ka nahin thikaana to kya hua
seena hai mardana,
mera seena hai mardaana
ho mera seena
ho mera seena
o mardaana
o mardaa (cough)
o mar(cough)
o mar(cough)
o mar(cough)
(cough cough cough cough)

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