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Hey kaal ke panje se maata bachaao

Posted on: October 10, 2016

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Happy Navaratri, Dussehra to all in Atuldom

Today is the second last day or the penultimate day of the Sharad Navaratr also simply called Navaratri? We worship the mother goddess in her various forms viz: Shakti or Durga along with Lakshmi and Saraswati. But I am not going to describe the festival and the rituals attached with it here. Some parts of the country celebrate Dussehra as the day when Lord Rama vanquished the ten headed Demon- King Raavan. This is usually preceded by the Ram Leela being staged in some parts of the country. Lets us summarise to say that Navaratri is the festival where the good is supposed to triumph over the Evil.

I was looking through all the songs posted in the last couple of days on our blog (I was away for three/ four days and so my conclusion is open to correction) and I found no song in praise of Maata or any bhajan or a garba song (popular in the western parts of the country during Navaratri) on the blog. I am trying to set right the situation in my own small way –much like the squirrel in Ramayana when Ram-Setu was under construction. 😉

Then I went through the usual process of finding songs that were hitherto unposted and EUREKA! What a find! Now I don’t have to search for a song to wish my favourite actress on her birthday. Please allow me one more EUREKA!! I also don’t have to struggle to find a song for my favourite actor’s birthday. My favourites turn74 and 63. They have been a much loved on-screen pair in the 80s.

No, no! Don’t worry I will not bore anyone with their biographies, as it has been mentioned every year on this day in our blog. I will just wish the actress whose birth date is 10th October and actor whose birth date is 11th October with a song from the 1979 Manmohan Desai movie Suhaag. The song shows the two dance the Gujarati Dandiya elegantly. (Oh to see the pair again on- screen). As I was rummaging through the list of songs from this movie I noted that Mohd. Rafi is the voice for Amitabh Bachchan in all the songs which were written by Anand Bakshi and Laxmikant Pyarelal were the music directors. Asha Bhonsle sings for Rekha.

The audio version is slightly longer than the video, but I think I have seen or heard the last part of the song a long time back.

Happy Birthday To Rekha!!
Happy Birthday To the Big B!!
Once again wishing all a happy Dussehra and Let Good always Triumph over Evil!!!



Song-Hey kaal ke panje se maata bachaao (Suhaag)(1979) Singers-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal
all Chorus
Female chorus
Male chorus


Hey ae ae ae ae
kaal ke panje se maata bachaao
Jai ma asht bhawaani
Kaal ke panje se maata bachaao
Jai ma ashh bhawani maa
Jai ma ashath bhawaani maa aaa
Jai ma asht bhawaani

He ae ae
naam re
sabse bada tera naam
Oonche deronwaali
Bigde banaade mere kaam naam re
Hey ae naam re
sabse tera naam
o sheronwaali
Oonche deronwaali
Bigde banaade mere kaam naam re

Hey naam re sabse bada tera naam
o sheronwaali
Oonche deronwaali
Bigde banaa de mere kaam naam re

Aisa kathin pal
aisi ghadi hai
Vipda aan padi hai
Tu hi dikha ab rasta
yeh duniya
Rasta roke khadi hai

Rasta roke khadi hai
Mera jeevan bana ik sangraam
oonche deronwaali
Bigde banaa de mere kaam naam re
Hey ae naam re sabse bada tera naam
o sheronwaali
Oonche deronwaali
Bigde banaa de mere kaam naam re

hOoooo oooooo
ho o
bhakton ko dushton se chhudaaye
bujhti jyot jagaaye

jiska nahin hai koi jagat mein
tu uski ban jaaye
tu uski ban jaaye
teenon lok kare tohe pranaam
ho sherowali
oonche deronwaali
bigde bana de mere kaam naam re

hey naam re
sabse bada tera naam
o sheronwaali
oonche deronwaali
bigade bana de mere kaam naam re

hey ae ae
tu hi lene waali maata
tu hi dene waali
teri jai jai kaar karoon main
bhar de jholi khaali ee
bhar de jholi khali
kam safal ho mera de aisa vardaan
tere bal se ho jaaye
nirbal bhi balwaan aan
nirbal bhi balwan
beech bhanwar me dol rahi hai,
paar laga de naiya
jai jagdambe ashat bhawaani
ambe gori maiya
ho oo

ambe gori maiya
heee kiski bali chadau tujhpe,
tu prashann ho jaye
dushman thhar thhar kaanpe maa jab
tu gusse mein aaye ma
tu gusse mein aaye ma aaa
tu gusse mein aaye

6 Responses to "Hey kaal ke panje se maata bachaao"

Jai ma ashta bhawaani
Kaal ke panje se maata bachaao
Jai ma ashta bhawani maa
Jai ma ashta bhawaani maa aaa
Jai ma ashta bhawaani


Waah, Peevisie’s Mom!
Ek gaane se teen shikaar (or, in this case, goals).
Rekha’s birthday, Amitabh’s birthday – AND Navratri!
This is like, buy one, get three free! 🙂
Very very smart! 🙂

Nice post – and good to have you back here after a short break!


thank u rajaji for liking my post. but i simbly couldn’t let 10th October go by. plus had so many songs to choose from. my only prayer is that this should not be one of the POK kind of songs. if so Avinashji maafi chahati hoon 😉


Nice Post Peevesie’s Mom ji. I like this song very much, not because of the actor/actress 🙂 involved in it, but because its a Rafi Saab’s – Asha ji’s song 🙂
This must be the first and only Maata Bhajan of this year’s Navratri on the blog.
I think we will not use the word PoK, instead should we call it ‘Songs Occupied by Other Contributors (SOOC) 🙂 By the way, I had not shared this one. If it was I would have definitely mentioned the date which I had shared it 🙂 because, the moment I vent out that I immediately forget it (the loss 🙂 ) and move forward to newer songs. So, don’t worry about my comments 🙂


Hullo Avinashji
i like this new term “SOOC”.
i am not worried about your comments its only the usurping that i seem to be an ustaad at that bothers me.;-)


Tune similar to Chhogada Tara and Gujarati dandiya song Hey Ranglo.


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