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Neele ambar ke taley

Posted on: January 11, 2019

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# The Special Voices of the Decade (1971-1980) – 6 # Yesudas #

I recall listening to a song frequently on radio when I was around seventh or eight years old. The voice was very attractive and it had something special which captivated my young mind then.
There was one Mr. Abu who held from Kerala and was my Father’s friend (may be because of their drinking habits 🙂 residing in the same colony). He used to praise this new Singer a lot and liked his songs very much. My Father had even started learning ‘Malayalam’ from him and he had started learning how to write ‘Malayalam’ words too 🙂 in register.

As years passed and we were getting more and more memorable songs from this Singer though the quantity was not that much as compared to the other established singers in HFM.

Still, the songs coming from his voice were gaining popularity as well as it were creating a special place in the hearts of people, as the movies he was singing in were also coming from directors from special genre who were making off-beat movies then in the era already dominated by multi-starrer movies.

Nevertheless, the songs were adding to the list of ‘all time memorable songs’ and ‘nostalgia’ for peoples like me …

Today this singer turns to seventy-nine. He was born on in kerala.

I will not go into his biography in details because it has been covered in two of earlier posts on the blog.

Instead I will give below the name of the movies he sings in from 1971 since his debut in an ‘un-released’ Hindi movie, but compiled up to 1980 only, since I have the Geet Kosh for this period available with me.

Though our today’s Singer keep singing till recently in Hindi movies. But if we come to his statistics Hindi movies, we will not be able to judge his extra-ordinary talent and the ‘divine’ presence he has left by singing nearly fifty thousand songs in many national and international languages in his career spanning fifty years!!

He has been honoured with many national awards in singing as well as been conferred upon with our national civilian awards too and the list of awards is so BIG that one can only imagine his extra ordinary contribution to music as well as the society in turn…

I think, one who has grown up in the years of seventies can never ever forget this voice and those beautiful lovely songs …

Let us now start my journey through his songs …

Or let me remind you of this non-filmy song first … ‘teesta nadi si tu chanchalaa, main bhi hoon bachpan se manchalaa’

Our today’s singer is the male voice in this song (though the other voice i.e. the female voice too is ‘nostalgic’ for me … 

‘Gori teraa gaaon badaa pyaara’ – it was ruling the charts in 1976 and even after forty two years it is the same, even the new generation likes it when they get to listened to it..
But my favorite at that time was the other one from the same movie ‘Aaj se pehle ae aaj se jyadaa’ .

‘Jaaneman jaaneman tere do nayan’ from ‘Chhotisi Baat-1975’ had already stolen people’s hearts and their eyes open to read and learn more about this male voice in this song …

Two years later he was in a rebellious still melodious mood when he sings ‘Kitaabon mein chhaptein hain chaahat ke kisse’

Then who will ever forget ‘sunayna sunayna’ .

The same year he was praising his beloved with ‘chaand jaise mukhde pe’.

However, the one close to my heart and growing every time for all these years is ‘tere bina soona more man ka mandir aa re aa re aa’

A year before in 1978 his ‘dil ke tukde tukde kar ke muskuraa ke chal diye’, was also keep us mesmerised (but I was not liking much then, till I became a fully grown up adult 🙂 )

And as the years passed this list also keep adding on and on …

‘ka karu sajni ee’
‘kahaan se aaye badraa’
‘madhuban Khushboo deta hai’
‘maana ho tum behad haseen’

From the early eighties I like;

‘beeti huyi raat ki sunaati hai kahaani’

‘dheere dheere subah huyi’

I can keep listing many many of his favourites of mine but I have to stop …
And as I was browsing his filmography, I was reminded of this lovely number … just to refresh the memories of yours too;

‘jeewan path pe ek rath ke do pahiye ban chalte jaayen’

I cannot stop without mentioning these two;

‘Shyaam rang ranga re’
‘Shadaj ne paaya ye vardaan’

(in HFGK Vol V I could not find the name of this UR movie ‘Tansen’ or maybe I have missed it…)

Then I remember I had specially brought his ‘non-filmy’ album ‘Sitaaron mein tu hi’ in 2000-2001 (when I was in Bareilly. I do not have cassette with me to mention more about it here)

But I have to stop here and presenting this article in this series a little differently I will leave you with the list of movies he sung from 1971 to 1980;

Year Movie Director Music Director Solo Duet/or with two or more Singers Total Songs
UR 1971 Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan (1971) A.A.Raj 1 0 1
UR 1977 Aanand Mahal (1977) Basu Bhattacharya Salil Chaudhary 4 1 5
UR (1971-1980) Bin Baap Ka Beta (1971-80) Mukul Dutt Basu-Manohari 0 1 1
1975 Baaghi Lutera A.C.Trilokchander M.S.Vishwanathan-M.Rangarao 0 1 1
1975 Chhoti Si Baat Basu Chatterjee Salil Chaudhary 0 1 1
1976 Chitchor Basu Chatterjee Ravindra Jain 2 2 4
1976 Jesus P.A.Thomas M.S.Vishwanathan, Joseph Krishna, Yesudas * * 0
1976 Mazdoor Zindaabaad Naresh Kumar Usha Khanna 1 0 1
1977 Aalaap Hrishikesh Mukherjee Jaidev 3 1 4
1977 Aanand Aashram Shakti Samant Shyamal Mitra 0 1 1
1977 Agar Ismail Shroff Sonik-Omi 0 1 1
1977 Alibaabaa Marjinaa Kedar Kapoor Usha Khanna 1 0 1
1977 Charandaas B.S.Thapa Rajesh Roshan 0 1 1
1977 Darindaa Kaushal Bharati Kalyanji-Anandji 0 1 1
1977 Do Chehre Kewal Mishra Sonik-Omi 1 0 1
1977 Dulhan Wahi Jo Piyaa Man Bhaaye Lekh Tandon Ravindra Jain 0 1 1
1977 Jaadoo Tonaa Ravikant Nagaich Hemant Bhonsle 1 2 3
1977 Meethhee Meethhee Baatein K.Balachander Chakravarti 0 2 2
1977 Safed Haathi Tapan Sinha Ravindra Jain 2 0 2
1977 Safed Jhoothh Basu Chatterjee Shyamal Mitra 2 0 2
1977 Swaami Basu Chatterjee Rajesh Roshan 1 1 2
1978 Aankhin Dekhi Rajinder Singh Bedi J.Kaushik 1 0 1
1978 College Girl Shantilal Soni Bappi Lahiri 0 1 1
1978 Daadaa Jugal Kishore Usha Khanna 1 0 1
1978 Do Ladke Dono Kadke Basu Chatterjee Hemant Kumar 1 1 2
1978 Hamaaraa Sansaar T.Prakash Rao Ravindra Jain 1 0 1
1978 Hazaar Haath Rajdeep Sharda 0 1 1
1978 Maa Baap Kishore Vyas Avinash Vyas * * 0
1978 Meraa Rakshak R.Tyagraj Ravindra Jain 0 2 2
1978 Saajan Binaa Suhaagan Sawan Kumar Usha Khanna 1 1 2
1978 Shikshaa S.Ramnathan Bappi Lahiri 1 0 1
1978 Solvaan Saawan Bharati Raja Jaidev 0 2 2
1978 Sone Ka Dil Lohe Ke Haath Naresh Kumar Usha Khanna 1 0 1
1978 Toote Khilaune Ketan Anand Bappi Lahiri 1 0 1
1978 Trishool Yash Chopra Khayyam 0 3 3
1979 Gopaal Krishna Vijay Sharma Ravindra Jain 0 1 1
1979 Grih Pravesh Basu Bhattacharya Kanu Roy 1 0 1
1979 Jeenaa Yahaan Basu Chatterjee Salil Chaudhary 0 1 1
1979 Lahu Ke Do Rang Mahesh Bhatt Bappi Lahiri 1 0 1
1979 Naiyaa Prashant Nanda Ravindra Jain 2 1 3
1979 Raadhaa Aur Seetaa Vijay Kapoor Ravindra Jain 0 1 1
1979 Saawan Ko Aane Do Kanak Mishra Rajkamal 6 1 7
1979 Sunayanaa Hiren Naag Ravindra Jain 2 0 2
1980 Apne Paraaye Basu Chatterjee Bappi Lahiri 1 1 2
1980 Ek Baar Kaho Lekh Tandon Bappi Lahiri 1 0 1
1980 Kaaran B.R.Ishaara Usha Khanna 1 0 1
1980 Khwaab Shakti Samant Ravindra Jain 1 1 2
1980 Maan Abhimaan Hiren Naag Ravindra Jain 2 0 2
1980 Paayal Ki Jhankaar Satyen Bose Rajkamal 0 1 1
1980 Pratishodh I.V.Sasi Ravindra Jain 1 0 1
1980 Qismat Bhishm Kohli Bappi Lahiri 1 0 1
1980 Saajan Mere Main Saajan Ki Hiren Naag Ravindra Jain 0 1 1
Total no of movies – 1971 to 1980 – 52 nos TOTAL 84

(** details not available about number of songs of each Singer)

Other than this he has sung in many languages (national and international) and that way the ‘madhuban’ of his ‘gaayaki’ will always be remain blossomed all over and let the ‘Madhuban’ of his songs and those unforgettable memories be with us forever till we are here and for the coming generations too- unki gaayki ka ye Madhur-sumadhur-mehakta huaa madhuban hamesha geeton se chhalakta rahega’

Kattassery Joseph Yesudas” or Yesudas as we fondly know him …
(born on 10th January’ 1940)

Bas naam hi kaafi hai!!! Is naam ke ‘parimandal’ mein hi ‘swarg’ hai …

“Pyaare panchhi baahon mein
Gaati koyal raahon mein
Dharti pe yahi to khushi hai
Apni duniya mein aansoo bhi nahin hai”


‘Safed Jhoothh’ was directed by Basu Chatterjee for ‘Matrichhaaya, Bombay’. (this was the first movie by ‘Matrichhaaya’). Basu Chatterjee also wrote the Screenplay and dialogues of this movie.
It was presented by Raj Rajpal. It was produced by Asim Kumar.

It had Ashok Kumar, Vinod Mehra, Mitthu Mukherji, Deven Verma, Vidya Sinha, Manik Dutt, Abu Shivani, Amol Sen, Khalid Roy, Devraj Sinha, Prabir Roy, Somnath Pardesi, Pradeep Mukherji, Milan Mukherji, Vinay Chhibbar, Arup Ganguly, Umesh Kaalbag and many others.

This movie introduced new discovery Renuka.
Pradeep Kumar and Amol Palekar makes a guest appearance in this movie.

Story of this movie was written by Samresh Basu. Editing of this movie was done by V.N. Mayekar.

Music of this film was composed by Shyamal Mitra. And all the four songs in this movie were penned by lyricist Yogesh.
Asha Bhonsle, Shyamal Mitra and Yesudas had given their voices to the songs in this movie.

Today’s song is sung by Yesudas and the movie ‘Safed Jhoothh’ is making a debut on this blog with this lovely song …

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 07.06.1977.

Let us enjoy this song wishing Yesudas ji a very very happy birthday (albeit a day later) and a healthy and peaceful life ahead …

Lyrics for this song were sent by Peevesie’s Mom ji and I remember many times in her comments she mentions that ‘how the die-hard fans’ can forget an anniversary of their beloved actor/actress or Singer, so … yes Yesudas fans can never forget this nostalgic gem 😊

Thank you, Peevesie’s Mom ji!!!

Going by the association of Yesudas with the movies of Basu Chatterjee, I think, this song perfectly fits for this presentation here …

(And I must thank both of our editors who patiently waited for my sending of this article to them. It took time for me to compile the filmography going through each page of HFGK except the appendices and corrigendum. I cannot claim that the list given by me is exhaustive and corrections/suggestions are most welcome.

‘Zid na karo’ aisa khayaal to aaya, but since I had planned that for this article on Yesudas ji I will at least try to give the filmography of his songs from 1971 to 1980, so I have tried my best…)

(note – I have noted the lyrics as per the movie version + audio version)



Song-Neele ambar ke taley (Safed Jhhooothh)(1977)Singer-Yesudas, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-Shyamal Mitra

Lyrics(Provided by Peevesie’s Mom)

Neele ambar ke taley ae
Do yahaan saathi miley ae
Chhalke chhalke armaan dil ke
Lekar basaane ghar chaley
Neele ambar ke taley ae
Do yahaan saathi miley ae
Chhalke chhalke armaan dil ke
Lekar basaane ae ghar chaley
Neele ambar ke taley

Har ghadi din rainaa aa aa
Chain ab aaye naa
Man kahe mera saathi ee ee
Ab kahin jaaye naa
Ye milan mein khoyi
Ab naa shaam dhaley ae ae ae ae
Neele ambar ke taley ae
do yahaan saathhi miley
Chhalke chhalke armaan dil ke
Lekar basaane ae ghar chaley
Neele ambar ke taley

Zindagi mein aise ae ae ae
Din kabhi aate hain
Rasmon ke bandhan mein ae ae
Meet bandh jaate hain
Phir mehak uthhte hain
Tan ke phool khile ae ae ae
Neele ambar ke taley ae
Do yahaan saathi miley ae
Chhalke chhalke armaan dil ke
Lekar basaane ae ghar chaley
Neele ambar ke taley

Devnagri Script lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
नीले अम्बर के तले ए
दो यहाँ साथी मिले ए
छलके छलके अरमान दिल के
लेकर बसाने घर चले
नीले अम्बर के तले ए
दो यहाँ साथी मिले ए
छलके छलके अरमान दिल के
लेकर बसाने घर चले
नीले अम्बर के तले

हर घडी दिन रैना आ आ
चैन अब आये ना
मन कहे मेरा साथी ई ई
अब कहीं जाए ना
ये मिलन में खोयी ई
अब ना शाम ढले ए ए ए
नीले अम्बर के तले ए
दो यहाँ साथी मिले ए
छलके छलके अरमान दिल के
लेकर बसाने घर चले
नीले अम्बर के तले

ज़िन्दगी में ऐसे ए ए ए
दिन कभी आते हैं
रस्मों के बंधन में ए ए
मीत बंध जाते हैं
फिर महक उठते हैं
तन के फूल खिले ए ए ए
नीले अम्बर के तले ए
दो यहाँ साथी मिले ए
छलके छलके अरमान दिल के
लेकर बसाने घर चले
नीले अम्बर के तले ए

2 Responses to "Neele ambar ke taley"

I should thank You Avinashji for this lovely post. I am glad I didn’t write and make a mess. This is straight from the heart and well expressed.
A small additional information- 10th January also was Basu Chatterjee’s birthday. Let us wish him too a Healthy and Peaceful life . A big thank you to our atulji and Sudhirji for waiting for u.



Thanks for the detailed,informative post, Avinash ji


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