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Khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin

Posted on: February 26, 2019

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Hullo to all in Atuldom

I love masala movies as much as I love movies which are close to reality. I am of the opinion that movies should make us forget our daily tensions as much as entertain us. There were a few movie makers during my growing up years whose films were a must-see for my parents as they were entertaining as well as showed middle-class families and their ways. These movies were generally targeted towards family audiences – ‘Khoobsurat’ (1980), ‘Golmaal’ (1979), ‘Baaton Baaton Mein’ (1979), ‘Khatta Meetha’ (1977), ‘Chupke Chupke’ (1975) etc fell in this category and I must thank Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chaterjee for these gems.

Then there were these absolute entertainers which needed us to keep “logic at home” before going to see them. Else how does one explain the story of a pair of twins one of whom looks much older than the other -‘Dharam Veer’ (1977) and ‘Suhaag’ (1979). How does one explain the jumps in the climax; the heroes begin punching the villains on board a ship – belonging to a Rajput clan- that is anchored at sea but sing romantic songs and songs of friendship in the environs of Kashmir (in ‘Dharam Veer’). Or the heroes are following the villain who has kidnapped their mother through the streets of Mumbai on the way to the Juhu airport (which used to be where people parked their private aircrafts formerly) but strangely the streets look like some foreign land – turns out it was Singapore!! But when the climax scene is getting over, and the villains meet their final fate, all the places that Mumbaikars are familiar with make an appearance on the screen (in ‘Suhaag’).

Now ‘Suhaag’ and ‘Dharam Veer’ are two movies which I must have seen a number of times (have lost count) in spite of all these glaring ‘logic-less-ness’ (I know there is no such word in English language). There are a few other movies which fall under the ‘entertainer without logic’ category- ‘Chacha Bhatija’ (1977), ‘Parvarish’ (1977), ‘Naseeb’ (1981), ‘Desh Premee’ (1982), ‘Coolie’ (1983), ‘Mard’ (1985) – which I have seen about 100 times (not exaggerating). And it seems the maker of these Mr. Manmohan Desai had the confidence that his audience will lap it all up without questions.

In recent times I have been seeing these series of videos on YouTube wherein Amitabh Bachchan (the permanent fixture in most of the above-mentioned Manmohan Desai movies) in company of Rishi Kapoor was relating how they enacted all those scenes, as directed by Manji (Manmohan Desai’s pet name apparently) even if they were not personally convinced that there was any logic in the scene. The duo specially drew attention to the “mother of all logiclessness” scene – three people lying in a row and donating blood to an accident victim. Now there is nothing illogical in three people donating blood; but blood from the three being collected into a single bottle? And a single tube carrying blood to the patient!!! And has anyone heard of the blood group of RH. Also, Amitabh pointed out how Manji thought the villains were brainless as they could not see through the disguise of 3 people who have gate-crashed into a wedding and singing on top of their voices – ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’.

Anyway, such were the movies of Manmohan Desai in the 70s. He started making movies in the 60s with ‘Chhalia’ (1960) being his directorial debut. Which was followed by ‘Bluffmaster’ (1963), ‘Budtameez’ (1966), ‘Sachaa Jhootha’ (1970), ‘Kismat’ (1968) etc. Of the 20 films he made in a career span of 29 years 13 were successful. He had writers like Kadar Khan, KK Shukla, Prayag Raj, Salim Javed, Anand Bakshi, Sahir, Qamar Jalalabadi, Gulshan Bawra and Shailendra pen the stories and songs for these movies. He had also worked with Kalyanji Anandji, Laxmi Pyare, RD Burman and Anu Malik for music direction in his movies.

Today’s post is to remember the magic of Manmohan Desai on his 82nd birth anniversary and what better song than the one that shows his logical thinking. One patient getting blood from three donors all at once. 🙂



Song-Khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin (Amar Akbar anthony)(1977) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


maa sirf nataa nahin
yeh kuch aur bhi hai
maa se bichad ke bhi
ye toot jaata nahin
yeh sach hai koi kahaani nahin
aaa aa aaa aaa aa 
yeh sach hai koi kahaani nahin
khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin
khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin
khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin

aaa aa aaa aa

phoolon ki pehchaan hai rangon boo se
pehchaane jaate hain insaan lahoo se
insaan lahoo se
haan isse badi kuchh nishaani nahin
aaa aa aaa aa
haan isse badi kuch nishaani nahin
khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin
khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin
khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin

aaa aa aaa aaa aaaaa aaa
aaaa aaaa aaa aaa aa 

ye khoon jis ne paida kiya hai
wo doodh maa ka sab ne piya hai,
sab ne piya hai
kya is ki keemat chukaani nahin
aaa aa aaa aa
kya iski keemat chukaani nahin
khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin
khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin
khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

माँ सिर्फ नाता नहीं
ये कुछ और भी है
माँ से बिछड़ के भी
ये टूट जाता नहीं
ये सच हैं कोई कहानी नहीं
आs आ आs आs आ
ये सच हैं कोई कहानी नहीं
खून खून होता है पानी नहीं
खून खून होता है पानी नहीं
खून खून होता है पानी नहीं

आs आ आs आ

फूलों के पहचान है रंग ओ बू से
पहचाने जाते हैं इनसां लहू से
इनसां लहू से
हाँ इससे बड़ी कुछ निशानी नहीं
आs आ आs आ
हाँ इससे बड़ी कुछ निशानी नहीं
खून खून होता है पानी नहीं
खून खून होता है पानी नहीं
खून खून होता है पानी नहीं

आs आ आs आs आsss आs
आss आss आs आs आ

ये खून जिसने पैदा किया है
वो दूध माँ का सबने पिया है
सबने पिया है
क्या इसकी कीमत चुकानी नहीं
आs आ आs आ
क्या इसकी कीमत चुकानी नहीं
खून खून होता है पानी नहीं
खून खून होता है पानी नहीं
खून खून होता है पानी नहीं

4 Responses to "Khoon khoon hota hai paani nahin"

@Peevesie’s Mom ji, thanks for this post remembering Manmohan Desai on his birth anniversary. I noticed his anniversary while browsing the blog and was thinking of an article, but could not make it. May be next time.
Enjoyed the post. The song as usual bring backs the ‘nostalgia’.
All the movies – ‘Dharam Veer’, ‘Chacha Bhatija’,’Suhaag’, ‘Naseeb’, ‘Desh Premee’, you mentioned except ‘Parvarish’ (i think i watched it in parts on TV and not in threatre), ‘Coolie’ and ‘Mard’ are part of my nostalgia and the memories of these movies and watching them with brothers & cousins cannot be erased till we are there. (‘Roti -1974’ was directed by him too).
Thanks again,




So good Atul. Fab




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