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Phir Teri Yaad Aa Gayi

Posted on: April 23, 2019

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Usually one chooses songs full of happiness and celebration for these types of occasions to celebrate, but as usual, I choose this haunting song, to celebrate. 🙂

The song is from the 1983 film ‘Sansani – The Sensation’. I have watched this movie one late night for the sake of this haunting song by Asha Bhosle. The movie was just a masala / murder mystery, where at the end the noble characters like Dr. Shriram Lagoo and Jayashree Gadkar turn out to be characters with grey shades. If you are a die-hard fan of Hindi movies of  70`s and early 80`s like me, you may enjoy this  pot-boiler, but watch the movie at your own risk. 🙂

But listen to this song, you may like it audio-wise.

This is an obscure mystery movie produced by Kavita Seth, who is also billed in the credits as “KAVITA – Introducing” as an actress. She is one of the principal lady characters in the movie. She appears wearing a white saree, roaming in the graveyards, and crying for her beloved Shailendra Singh (the playback singer, who got billing as “Friendly Appearance”). Shailendra Singh appears only at the climax, and also in a photograph in front of which the actress cries and sings this haunting song. But he did not get a playback singing chance, which is his original forte.

There is some confusion about the year of release of this movie, LP image of this movie shows the year 1979, censor certificate clearly shows the date 23-6-1983. According to HFGK-6, 1983 is the release of this movie.

The movie was “Dedicated to Late Director Irshad Afzal”, (I guess before the release of the movie the director must have passed away). The movie was produced under the banner of Panorama Pictures. The producer of the movie is Kavita Seth, who also makes her acting debut with this movie. The director’s name is mentioned differently in different sites as Irshad / Irshad Afzal / A Irshad.

The star cast of the movie includes Vinod mehra, Bindiya Goswami, Prem Chopra, Dr Shriram Lagoo, Shailendra Singh (Special Appearance), Kavita (Introducing), Jagdeep, Jayashree T, Jayashree Gadkar, Keshto Mukherjee, Jagdish Raj, Coca Cola, TP Jain, Ali Masood, Nilima, Meena T, Raj Kishore, Amal Sen, M Baig, Amarnath, Dutta Bhatt, Viraj, Gopal, Dina Pathak, Gulshan Grover, Viju Khote etc.

Songs of this film are written by Irshad (who was also the director). Music is composed by Hemant Bhosle. It has been mentioned in the credit sequences of the movie that the assistants to music director are Kersi Lord and Uttam Singh. These two genius composers cum arrangers also contributed to the musical score of this movie to a great extent. Kersi Lord has also done a lot of work with RD Burman.

The musical compositions of the movie are sung by playback singers like Asha Bhosle, Amit Kumar, Bhupender, Varsha Bhosle, and Hemant Bhosle. This movies has got following sound tracks

  1. Asha Bhosle : Phir Teri Yaad
  2. Asha Bhosle, Amit Kumar, Bhupinder & Varsha Bhosle : Patthar Ka Hai Sanam
  3. Asha Bhosle, Hemant Bhosle & Chorus : Sansanikhez Koi Baat
  4. Asha Bhosle, Varsha Bhosle : Saqiya Tu Koi
  5. Asha Bhosle, Amit Kumar : Ab Kahaan Jayenge Hum (Happy)
  6. Amit Kumar : Ab Kahaan Jayenge Hum (Sad)
  7. Hemant Bhosle : Theme music

Records of the movie were issued by The Gramophone Company of India Ltd. (aka His Master`s Voice). The movie was shot at outdoor locations of Madras, Bangalore, and Tamilnadu.

On screen this song has been divided into 3 parts. The first stanza features Dina Pathak, Shailendra Singh (i.e. appears in a photograph) and Kavita Seth aka Kavita . The 2nd stanza features Kavita Seth, Dr.Sriram Lagoo, and Vinod Mehra. And the 3rd stanza features Kavita Seth, Vinod Mehra and Jayashree Gadkar.

About the Music Director: Hemant Bhosle is the late son of Asha Bhosle. He passed away on September 28th of 2015. I like his musical compositions of the songs of ‘Taxi Taxie’ (1977). Given below is an incomplete filmography for him. If at all any additions or deletions are there in this regard, please let me know.

  • Taxi-Taxie (Polydor-1977)
  • Jadu Tona (Polydor-1977)
  • Anpadh (Polydor-1978)
  • Damaad (Polydor-1978)
  • Sansani (HMV-1980/Irshad)
  • Sweety (Music India-1980)
  • Nazrana Pyar Ka (Polydor-1980)
  • Shradhanjali (HMV-1981/Anjan)
  • Barrister (HMV-1982/Yogesh)
  • Teri Meri Kahani (TV Movie 1982/Anjaan,B.R.Chopra)
  • Doosra Kinara (1982)
  • Beta (1982/HMV/Anjaan)
  • Bandhan Kachchey Dhaagon Ka (HMV-1983)
  • Raja Jogi (1983)
  • Bachchon Ka Khel (1983/Gulshan Bawra)
  • Dharti Akash (TV Movie 1983)
  • Dharam Shatru (T-series,Super-1985/1988)
  • Bhaago Bhoot Aaya (1985)
  • Aakhiri Sanghursh (1987/1997)

Hemant Bhosle also provided music for some Marathi songs.

About the Lyricist Irshad:  I searched for lyricist Irshad`s other works, but got confused with Irshad who has connection with the Kishore Kumar camp, and has written songs for films such as ‘Door Ka Rahi’ (1971 – which has the famous song “Beqaraar Dil, Tu Gaaye Jaa”), ‘Badhti Ka Naam Dhadi’ (1974) ‘Shabaash Daddy’ (1978) and ‘Chalti Ka Naam Zindagi’ (1982). Irshad also written songs for other movies like ‘Naag Pooja’ (1971), ‘Pattharon Ka Shaher’ (1972) – both for Usha Khanna. Also for ‘Alibaba’ (1976) – Dara Singh starrer with Hansraj Behl as the music director.

I got further confused when I watched the movie credit sequences which displays the photo with garland and agarbatti and lines like “Dedicated to our beloved director – Irshad Afzal”, and further in the credits – “Lyrics, written and directed by IRSHAD”.

I doubt whether all the above Irshads are one and the same. I request our more knowledgeable readers and friends to please help clarify this possible ‘same name confusion’.

One of the comments related to the song in some site is as follows: “Phir Teri Yaad” is a completely mental slice of Indian psych/funk”. I failed to understand this comment, I request someone to please elaborate about this comment.

I will conclude my endless banter here 🙂

Congratulations and best wishes to our blog on its MEGA CELEBRATION. I love everything and everyone related to our blog. Visiting and reading the blog posts gives me immense joy.



Song – Phir Teri Yaad Aa Gayi (Sansaani) (1983) Singer – Asha Bhosle, Lyrics – Irshad, MD – Hemant Bhosle


aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaa
aaaa aaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaa aaaaaa
aaaa aaaaaaa aaa
aaa aaaaa aaaaa

phir teri yaad aa gayee
gham ki ghataa.. chhaa gayee
raaton ki
hum ko..
rula gayee
phir teri yaad aa gayee
gham ki ghataa.. chhaa gayee
raaton ki
hum ko..
rula gayee
phir teri yaad aa gayee. . .

kabhi guzar ho
bahaar ka ab
to dil ke zakhmon ko
chhooke guzaregi
koi jo aaye
phuhaar ki rut
to baadalon se
bhi aag barsegi
tere bina ab
mere humdum
hai maut zindagi
phir teri yaad aa gayee
gham ki ghataa.. chhaa gayee
raaton ki
hum ko..
rula gayee
phir teri yaad aa gayee. . .

hai zinda laashein
ye dil ke armaan
tere hi gham ke
kafan mein hain lipte
janaazaa uthne
ko hai tu aa jaa
safar aakhiri
to kar len tai mil ke
varnaa ye
rooh pyaasi
pyaasi hi reh jaayegi
phir teri yaad aa gayee
gham ki ghataa.. chhaa gayee
raaton ki
hum ko..
rula gayee
phir teri yaad aa gayee. . .

chiraag-e-dil bhi
hai bujhne ko ab
panap rahey hain
andheron ke saaye
sulag rahi hain
tadapti saansein
maseehaa ban ke
koi to aa jaaye
sholaa hai
har dhadkan
gham ki chithaaon ki
phir teri yaad aa gayee
gham ki ghataa.. chhaa gayee
raaton ki
hum ko..
rula gayee

phir teri yaad aa gayee
gham ki ghataa.. chhaa gayee
raaton ki
hum ko..
rula gayee
phir teri yaad aa gayee. . .

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Prakash Chandra)

आsssss आssssss आsssssss आssssss आss
आsss आssss आssssssss आsssss आsss आsssss
आsss आssssss आss
आsss आsssss आssss

फिर तेरी याद आ गयी
ग़म की घटा॰॰ छा गयी
रातों की
रुला गयी
फिर तेरी याद आ गयी
ग़म की घटा॰॰ छा गयी
रातों की
रुला गयी
फिर तेरी याद आ गयी॰ ॰ ॰

कभी गुज़र हो
बहार का अब
तो दिल के ज़ख्मों को
छूके गुज़रेगी
कोई जो आये
फुहार की रुत
तो बादलों से
भी आग बरसेगी
तेरे बिना अब
मेरे हमदम
है मौत ज़िन्दगी
फिर तेरी याद आ गयी
ग़म की घटा॰॰ छा गयी
रातों की
रुला गयी
फिर तेरी याद आ गयी॰ ॰ ॰

हैं ज़िंदा लाशें
ये दिल के अरमान
तेरे ही ग़म के
खफन में हैं लिपटे
जनाज़ा उठने
को है तू आ जा
सफर आखिरी
तो कर ले तय मिलके
वरना ये
रूह प्यासी
प्यासी ही रह जायेगी
फिर तेरी याद आ गयी
ग़म की घटा॰॰ छा गयी
रातों की
रुला गयी
फिर तेरी याद आ गयी॰ ॰ ॰

चिराग ए दिल भी
है बुझने को अब
पनप रहे हैं
अंधेरों के साये
सुलग रही हैं
तड़पती सांसें
मसीहा बन के
कोई तो आ जाए
शोला है
हर धड़कन
ग़म की चिताओं की
फिर तेरी याद आ गयी
ग़म की घटा॰॰ छा गयी
रातों की
रुला गयी

फिर तेरी याद आ गयी
ग़म की घटा॰॰ छा गयी
रातों की
रुला गयी
फिर तेरी याद आ गयी॰ ॰ ॰


5 Responses to "Phir Teri Yaad Aa Gayi"

Prakash ji,

Thanks for your rare appearance as a post writer. We meet you more often as the ‘ artiste identifier ‘ and lost VDO replacer. I assure you that all of us here are aware of the efforts you take silently to keep the Blog records up to date and we all appreciate this. Thanks.
To read your post after a gap of an year was a great feeling. You have given information on all important people connected with the film and the song. You must have really taken lot of efforts to gather all this information.
I wish you post here more often, because you have the writing style and a big storehouse of information on various aspects of the films. Please do share these with us through your posts.
I know you are a busy person, but it is only through this Blog that we can interact and so I urge you to try to write more posts.
Thank you once again. It was nice to read your post.

welcome on the bandwagon of celebration PCji
what a different song you have chosen PCji. i loved its uniqueness on first hearing itself. yes “pehli baar suna hai yeh gaana”
in all the anataras as well as the mukhda u half expect Asha to pull the “rula gayee”; “hai maut zindagi”; “reh jayegi”; “chithaaon ki” into a long “harkat bahri” finish. but Hemant Bhosle did a hatke job and all the stanzas finish as if she is uttering the word matter-of-factly
really nice and informative post to accompany a different kind of “bhootiya” song.
just one question “why not give us more of this kind of posts?”

Nalini Ji, ‘Bhootiya song’ is being added to my vocabulary. :))
Ha Ha Ha.

Thank you Prakash Chandra Ji. for the nice post.

Sorry I don’t recollect having read any of your other posts. I liked this haunting song. ( reminded me of ‘Gum naam hai koyee’).

Thanks also for choosing ( probably) less talked or written about MD., Hemanth Bhonsle.. Apart from ‘Taxi taxi’ I did not know about his other films.. I did not know that he is no more.
With your vast knowledge of HFM, I expect more posts from you.

So wonderful to read a post from you, Prakashji.
I see this is only your 4th post here?
Bahut na-insaafi hai!
You have SO much knowledge, SO much love for HFM, you do SO much for the blog with your identifying of characters and replacing of videos (yes, we notice – and really appreciate this, though we might not have expressed it enough).
It would be really wonderful if you wrote more often.
And what a beautiful song! I’ve never heard it before – listening for the first time. It is indeed haunting, as you say.
Thanks for introducing me to this song, and for this post.

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