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Aao manaayen jashn e mohabbat

Posted on: May 24, 2019

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Hullo to all Atulwaale

Majrooh Sultanpuri was an Urdu poet and also a lyricist or song writer for Bollywood movies. He was born in 1919 in Sultanpur Uttar Pradesh as Asrar ul Hassan Khan to a father who was a police officer. His father, though, a police officer, was not too keen on his son receiving English education and Majrooh was therefore sent for traditional ‘Madrasa education’ which led to his obtaining the qualification first of Dars-e-Nizami – a seven-year course which concentrated on religious affairs along with proficiency in Arabic and Persian- and then the certificate of Alim.(Personally, I don’t know what Alim is). He thereafter joined Lucknow’s Takmeel-ut-Tib College of Unani. He was a struggling Hakim when he happened to recite one of his ghazals at a mushaira in Sultanpur. The ghazal was a hit with the audience and Majrooh decided to drop his fledgling medical practice and began writing poetry seriously. Soon he was a ‘regular’ at mushairas and a “shagird” i.e. disciple of the then top name in Urdu Mushairas viz: Jigar Moradabadi.

While Majrooh is popular as a film lyricist and is widely known in that capacity, be it known that he also created one of the best-known verses of Urdu poetry, “Main akela hee chala tha janibe manzil magar, log saath aate gaye aur carvan banta gaya!” (I set off alone towards the destination but people joined in and soon it became a caravan!) Majrooh Saab (I think that is how an elder should be addressed) visited Bombay (now Mumbai) to attend a Mushaira where producer A.R. Kardar was part of the audience. He contacted Majroohsaab through Jigar Moradabadi and offered him a chance to write for movies which Majroohsaab refused as he didn’t think highly of them. But he relented on Jigar Moradabadi’s persuasion. Kardar then took him to Naushadsaab who tested whether Majrooh, gave him a tune and asked him to write something to fit that and Majrooh returned with “Jab Usne Gesu Bikhraye, Badal Aaye Jhoom Ke”; Naushad was impressed and they worked together in Majrooh’s first movie “Shahjehan” in 1946.So that then was Majrooh’s entry into movies. His work lasted well into the next millennium with movies that had songs penned by him releasing as late as 2004 – a forgettable masala movie “Ek se Badkar Ek” had “aankhon hi aankhon mein yeh kya baat ho gayi” which was penned by Majroohsaab. And I must say the song was good inspite of the movie.

A small trivia here: 2011 had a movie called “Soundtrack” which had my favourite Majrooh song of all times “ruk jaana nahin tu kahin har ke” and the makers of this movie were decent enough to give credit to Laxmi-Pyare and Majroohsaab.

In his long innings in Bollywood he had associated with the father S D Burman from “Paying Guest” (or even before that) to “Abhimaan” and with the son R D Burman we had albums like “Caravan” “Yaadon Ki Baraat”“Teesri Manzil” and all the etceteras that anyone cares to add. Majroohsaab also had association with another father -son pair. Can anyone forget “rahe na rahe hum mehka karenge” or “ab kya misaal doon mein tumhare shabab ki” with Roshan’s music? His work with Roshan’s son Rajesh Roshan is nothing less and equally popular. If I am not wrong the association started with “Kunwara Baap” in 1974 and went on with works like “Udhar ka Sindoor’’ “Jay Vijay’’ “Inkaar’’ –remember ’’tu mungda mein gud ki dali’’ was from the pen of Majroohsaab, unbelievable no? the 2001 release “Mujhe meri biwi se bachaao” was the last time Rajesh Roshan got to work with Majroohsaab. Of course, we cannot forget all the other albums the two have associated for in the intervening years – “Doosra Aadmi” “Janta Hawaldaar” “Ek baap chhe bete” etc.

“Doosra Aadmi” was a movie that was produced by Yash Chopra and directed by Ramesh Talwar. This was Ramesh Talwar’s debut as director. It was written by Raju Saigal and Sagar Sarhadi and had a cast of Rakhee, Shashi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Parikshat Sahni, Satyen Kappu, Deven Verma, Gita Siddharth, Sheetal etc.

Atulji has posted the first song from this movie in 2008. He had given a brief of the story in that post. He followed it up with a post that had Deven Verma singing a beautiful song.

Here is the next song from this movie which was requested by someone called Bharati in the comments section to the song “Kya Mausam hai”. It is sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. It is more of a background song played at a house-party and Rakhee and Rishi waltz to the tune in a dimly lit room with Parikshat Sahni looking not-so-approvingly as he is the only person who knows that Rakhee is looking for Shashi Kapoor in Rishi Kapoor.

Today on the occasion of Majrooh saab’s remembrance day and Rajesh Roshan’s 64th birthday a song they gave us in 1977 i.e. 42 years back.



Song-Aao manaayen jashne mohabbat (Doosra Aadmi)(1977) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Rajesh Roshan


aao manaayen jashn-e-mohabbat
jaam uthhaayen jaam ke baad
shaam se pehle kaun ye soche
kya hona hai shaam ke baad
aao manaayen

hamaari tamanna tumhen pyaar karna
hamein aur karna kya
hamein aur karna kya
mohabbat mein ruswa
huye bhi toh kya hai
duniya se darna kya

aage koyi ilzaam nahin hai
chaahat ke ilzaam ke baad
aao manaayen jashn-e-mohabbat
jaam uthaayen jaam ke baad
aao manaayen

yeh aalam hai jaise
udda jaa raha hoon
tumhein leke baahon mein
tumhein leke baahon mein

tumhaare labon se
hamaare labon tak
nahin koyi raahon mein
kaise koyi
abb dil ko sambhaale
itne haseen paighaam ke baad

aao manaayen jashn-e-mohabbat
jaam uthhaayen jaam ke baad
shaam se pehle kaun ye soche
kya hona hai shaam ke baad
aao manaayen

4 Responses to "Aao manaayen jashn e mohabbat"

Thanks for this beautiful post Peevesie’s Mom ji, celebrating birth anniversary of Rajesh Roshan and remembering Majrooh Saab !!!
Thanks again,


audio link




Peevecie’s Mom,

Thank you very much for writing so expansively about Majrooh sahab. The post and the song both are very inspiring. Majrooh Sahab was truly cosmopolitan, as far as the music directors are concerned. He worked with all major composers during the span of 50 plus years of his career. This is remarkably different from other poets of the golden era, who aligned with a set of MD ‘s or so and mostly wrote for that set only.
Majrooh Sahab was able gel with three generations of MDs and keep up with the trends.
Do Keep writing such researched posts .


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