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Ye ishq nahin aasaan itna hi samajh leeje

Posted on: September 19, 2019

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Hullo Atuldom

“Khoon Ki Pukar” released in 1978 – censor certificate is dated 29-5-1978. It was directed by Ramesh Ahuja and produced by Tahir Husain’s T. V. Films Pvt. Ltd. It had a cast headed by Vinod Khanna and Shabana Azmi with Aruna Irani, Amjad Khan, Roopesh Kumar, Krishnakant and Pran as main supporting characters. The movie opens with the lines in “buland awaaz” (have always wondered whose voice it was)

khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har takdeer se pehle,
khuda bande se khud pooche, bata teri raza kya hai

which translates as

Make yourself so worthy that before deciding your fate God shall ask you what you wish for!

This was standard for all movies made by Tahir Husain. The movie’s songs were written by Hasrat Jaipuri (2) and Gauhar Kanpuri (5). Bappi Lahiri was the music director. The seven songs were rendered by Lata Mangeshkar (3 solos and 2 duets), Kishore Kumar (1 solo and 1 duet), Anuradha Paudwal (1), and Mohd. Rafi (only a duet).

I have been seeing this movie as and when time has been permitting over the last couple of days and this is what I have seen –

” After the murder of his wife, and his son’s kidnapping, Dr. Vidya Bhushan (Pran) decides to devote the rest of his life as a Poojary, living on the premises of a princely-donated temple, hoping and praying that one day he will be reunited with his estranged son. One day a wounded bandit named Sher Singh (Vinod Khanna) comes to the temple and Pran treats him back to health. He not only shields the man from the police, but also lies to the townspeople that the man’s name is Amrit, When Amrit recovers, he is grateful to Vidya for looking after him, and he falls in love with a town belle by the name of Shalu (Shabana Azmi). What Vidya does not know is that Amrit is really interested in the gold and jewellery hidden in a secret underground chamber below the temple; and what Amrit does not know is Shalu is seeking vengeance against Sher Singh for killing her father.”

From the above it is evident that the movie was a typical Bollywood-masala-movie relying heavily on the tried and tested ‘lost and found’ theme and ‘dacoits and revenge’ for additional leverage with the audience. Vinod Khanna and Shabana Azmi were a popular on-screen couple from the 1976 released “Shaque” to “Lahu Ke do Rang” which came in 1979 after which VK suddenly left everything and went off to Rajneesh Ashram. They did about 7 films as romantic pair and this must be one of the only movies were VK played a nasty dacoit after he turned to playing the main hero roles. Of course, this dacoit is the hero of the movie or as the stars of Bollywood like to say – character with grey-shades which gets reformed eventually, 😊

Today’s song is penned by Hasrat Jaipuri whose 20th anniversary was on 17th of September. On screen it is performed by Shabana and VK for a song sung by Lata and Kishore.
This song is also meant to wish Shabana Azmi on her 69th birthday. We all know that she was born on 18 September to poet Kaifi Azmi and his actress wife Shaukat Azmi. She is supremely talented and has won 5 National Awards for Best Actress over the years from her debut film “Ankur” in 1975 to 1999 for “Godmother”; she is also a Padma Award winner along with being a social and Women’s Rights activist.

It was not by design that I chose this song today. My aim was just to see if Shabana had worked in any movie produced by Tahir Husain and I landed on this. Why did I look for a Tahir Husain movie? Because I wanted to remember him on his 81st birth anniversary which is on 19th September. Tahir Husain – who was brother of Nasir Hussain and father of actors Aamir Khan and Faizal Khan. Tahir Husain also produced a few movies beginning with the 1971 “Caravan” till “Madhosh” in 1994. We have seen him in front of the camera in a few films directed by his brother Nasir Husain.

So, here is today’s song which starts with a couplet

ये इश्क़ नहीं आसान बस इतना समझ लीजिये
एक आग का दरिया है और डूब के जाना है

I have heard this couplet a number of times in my life and I decided to google to find its poet/ shaayar. First google came up with Jigar Moradabadi’s name, then I also found these lines attributed to Mirza Ghalib. Now I am confused. I hope there is someone in the followers of this blog who will tell who wrote this first. But Hasrat Jaipuri has begun the song with the couplet and let us enjoy it.

P.S.: I love the way Vinod Khanna walks dressed as the groom in the middle of the song. 🙂


Song-Ye ishq nahin aaasaan itna hi samajh leeje (Khoon Ki Pukaar)(1978) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Bappi Lahiri


yeh ishq nahin aasaan
itna hi samajh leeje ae
ek aag ka dariya hai
aur doob ke jaana hai
samjhe buddhu
nahin samjha

pyaar taqdeer jagmagaata hai
rang jeewan mein jamaata hai
pyar bandook toh nahin nadaan
sabko insaan yeh banaata hai
abhi bhi nahin samjhein
ab bhi bhi nahi samjha

mohabbat karke dekho
kisi pe marke dekho
mohabbat aag bhar de
ke patthar mom kar de
jab tak dil par chot na khaaye
pyaar ki manzil koi na paaye
tum dikhlaa do pyaar ki manzil
apni samajh mein kuchh nahin aaye

saathi mere ban jaana
samjhoge afsaana
saathi mere ban jaana
samjhoge afsaana
o jaane jaana pyaar ko na jaana
o jaane jaana pyaar ko na jaana
humse seekho pyaar ka jaadu chalaana aa
pehle aankh milaana,
phir gale se lagaana
samajh gaya

jab se tum aayin zindgaani mein
lag gayi aag jaise paani mein
ek hulchal si ho gayi paida ha aa
meri khaamosh naujawaani mein

abhi toh ibtida hai
abhi dekha hi kya hai
mohabbat zindagi hai
mohabbat hi khuda hai
lagti ho tum to pyaar ki devi
manmandir mein aan baso ji

aayi samajh mein pyar ki geeta
pyaar kiya bhagwan ko jeeta
main hoon tera deewaana
main hoon tera parwaana
main hoon tera deewaana,
main hoon tera parwaana
o jaane jaana pyaar maine jaana
o jaane jaana pyaar maine jaana

humse sikho pyar ka, jaadu chalaana aa
pehle aankh milaana
phir gale se lagaana
phir gale se lagaana

n n n n n n n n na

12 Responses to "Ye ishq nahin aasaan itna hi samajh leeje"

Nalini ji,
I wouldn’t have thought to look for a Taher Hussain, Shabana Azmi combination! Thinking out of the box for two events deserves a Thumbs Up.
I remember reading that Ye Ishq nahin aasaan is a Jigar Moradabadi creation often wrongly credited to Mirza Ghalib.


Thank you Nahmji for the appreciation.
I would also like to know the voice behind ““khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har takdeer se pehle,
khuda bande se khud pooche, bata teri raza kya hai”
(By Allama Iqbal)
To be truthful the translation of the above is in the subtitles of the movie


I don’t know whose voice it is. But now that you mention it , I want to know the voices behind both brothers production companies title Sha’ir recitation.

Anyways I will ask around.


Peevesie Mom,

I was wondering as to why this post has not appeared on the Blog on September 17th, the Remembrance Day of Hasrat Jaipuri. Now I know that this post is ‘3-in-1’.

As I told you in our exchanges of messages, the sh’er in reference was written by Jigar Muradabadi. The ‘matla’ of the ghazal is:

ek lafz-e-mohobbat ka adna ye fasaana hai
simte to dil-e-aashiq phaile to zamaana hai

Link to the full ghazal:

This particular sh’er you have mentioned is popular even with the current set of lyricists. One example:

Ye aag ka dariya hai doob ke jaana hai in ‘Issaq’ (2013)

Surprisingly, in ‘Hawaizaada’ (2015), the song with Mirza Ghalib’s ghazal ‘Dil-e-naadaan tujhe huwa kya hai’ is preceded by the ‘aag ka dariya doob ke jaana, ishq nahin aasaan, aasaan ho, ishq nahin aasaan’. Probably, the music director (Ayushman Khurana) was also misled by Google.

I am sure there are a few more instances where the sh’er in reference has been used in the songs either fully or partly.


Oh! I didn’t know that even Ayushman Khurana has used this couplet. I will look for it now


Peevecie’s Mom,


Congratulations for the accomplishment of 3-1 remmeberance day post. Well done !

And this is an auspicious start to your stint with Urdu Shayari posts series (I am hoping).
“khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har takdeer se pehle,
khuda bande se khud pooche, bata teri raza kya hai”
(By Allama Iqbal)

Your translation for the above is very apt and succint,

Only yesterday I was devouring Allama Iqbal’s collection of poems and ghazals.

ek lafz-e-mohobbat ka adna ye fasaana hai
simte to dil-e-aashiq phaile to zamaana hai

This ghazal is by Jigar Moradabadi and the shair ‘Ye ishq nahin aasaan’ is part of this ghazal, so Kamath Sir is right. I have reproduced the whole ghazal in this post :

Additional info :
Another Sha’ir from the above ghazal is recited with the Nasir Hussain Films embelm before the films titles, is given below:
kya husn ne samjha hai kya ishq ne jaana hai
ham khaak-nasheenon ki thokar mein zamaana hai


Liked by 1 person

“kya husn ne samjha hai kya ishq ne jaana hai
ham khaak-nasheenon ki thokar mein zamaana hai”

this i have been noting from the time saw “Hum kisise Kum Nahin”. it was also used in the beginning of a song in the movie “Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai”.


longer audio link:
starting few lines are extra in this audio link:


Please correct the wrongly spelt movie name as SHAQUE 1976,(in the post)(it is not Shart 1976)


I am sorry Prakashchandraji. I meant to write “Shaque”. I just realized that “Shart” had Shabana with Naseeruddin Shah and Kanwaljeet Singh


Nahin Madam ji , you are right, it should be SHAQUE 1976, in which vinod khanna and Shabana azmi acted together for the first time…..
SHART(1986) starcast comprises Naseeruddin,Kanwaljeet,Shabana Azmi

Liked by 1 person



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