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Muskuraa ke zakhm khaana aa gayaa

Posted on: March 16, 2021

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I have stumbled upon some very melodious and wonderful songs in recent weeks and months. I am saving all the links for various series in various folders, but don’t seem to get around to writing the posts. But my speed has reduced since I started using my new HP laptop, which is a gaming one. I had to go for this as I wanted 1 TB data with SSD, whatever that means. I am told that SSD is for higher speed. This was the only model available, without touch screen. So the games and other binge watching tendencies are hampering my blog output.

But the lure of old film songs is also strong enough, that I go to youtube frequently and end up saving a few song links every time, after checking if they are posted in the blog. This way I get to hear and sometimes see, some forgotten old melodies, known and unknown.

One of such songs is this ‘chhaaya geet’ duet by Talat Mehmood and Lata Mangeshkar from the film Zindagi (1956). The music director is Mohammed Shafi Niazi, and lyricist is Kaifi Azmi. This is the first opportunity for me to post a duet by Talat-Lata, as all well known songs by these were posted early on in the first three years of this blog inception.

Details about Mohammed Shafi are given in this post. The post also contains his filmography. This is one of the two songs posted in the blog, the other one being abhi to saji hai muraadon ki duniya. Seeing the filmography, the last film of mohammed Shafi is ‘Dayaar-e-madina’ 1975. I have seen that movie at Maratha Mandir, in one of its re-releases. I fondly remember the fabulous Rafi naat from the film:

Madad Keejiye taajdar-e-madinaa
ham aankhon se dekhen dayaar-e-madinaa

The song is posted here by Sudhir Sir, on my farmaish, no less.

28 songs composed by Mohammed Shafi are posted in the blog. Total may reach a hundred songs by him seeing that he has composed songs for 23 films, some of the them partly. There is some clarity required regarding his surname also, as everywhere that I could see including on the blog and the posts, his name is given as Mohammed Shafi, Mohammad Shafi Nagri etc. Only in the stats page on the blog, his name is mentioned as Mohammed Shafi Niazi. Having read Sudhir Sir’s post referred above, I am reasonably sure that this Mohammed Shafi, the musician is not part of the Niazi clan to which the current Prime minister of Pakistan belongs.

In this romantic duet song, I can say that there is no sign of the infamous ‘galat Mehmood’, and the singing is perfect if a bit lower than the lowest note of music. I mean Talat Mehmood, whose tally on the blog is 387 out of 450. Kaifi Azmi is not out at 211 🙂 .

The blog has 60 such duets by Talat Mehmood and Lata Mangeshkar. The last of these was posted on 31.12.2020, and the one posted prior to this was on 08/08/2017 and the third last such song was on 16.07.2015. So rare are these gems, and I am honoured to write a posts for such a rarely occurring miracle. This truly is a ‘once in a blue moon’ kind of song. This could well be the last remaining duet of Lata-Talat, but we can hope that there are 2-3 more such songs left.

My absolute favourite duet of these two is this one from Jahan Ara (1964):
Ae sanam aaj ye qasam khaayen
gayaa andhera hua ujaala
Teri chamakti aankhon ke aage
Nain miley nain huye baawre
ye nayi nayi preet hai
o dildaar bolo ek baar
Seene mein sulagte hain armaan
AAha rimjhim ke ye pyaare pyaare geet liye
Itna na mujhse tu pyaar badha

The list is not quite the perfect 10, but these are the song, I could find on the blog listed under Duets by Talat-Lata. Incidentally, this last one in the list is the song which I heard in the vegetable market last Sunday. The one I referred to in the last post of Geeta Dutt series. Lucky me to have found this song twice in 8 days. Who will miss knowing Mozart, with such songs to lose and find in a life time? Not me, for sure.

Song-Muskuraa ke zakhm khaana aa gaya (Zindagi)(1956) Singers-Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Mohammed Shafi


aaa aaa aaa
aaaa aaaa aaa
aa aa aa aa aa

honthon pe teraa

aaa aaa aa aa aa
dil mein teri yaad rahe ae
aaa aaa aa aa aa
ham rahen yaa na rahen
aaa aa aaa aaa
pyaar ye aabaad rahe ae

muksuraa ke
muskuraa ke zakhm khaana aa gayaa aa
muskuraa ke zakhm khaana aa gayaa

naaz ulfat ka uthhaana
naaz ulfat ka utthhaana aa gaya aa aa aa
muskuraa ke zakhm khaana aa gayaa

aaa aaaaaa
aaa aaa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa

mud ke tera dekhnaa yeh
baar baar
jaate jaate
laut aati hai bahaar

phool kaanton mein khilaana aa gayaa aa aa aa
muskuraa ke zakhm khaana aa gayaa

ah haa haaa aaa
ah haa haa haa aaa
ah haa haaa aaa
ah haa haa haa aaa

jaan o dil sadqe kiye jaate hain ham
tum ko aankhon mein liye ae jaate hain ham
aarzoo ka ghar sajaana aa gayaa aa aa
muskuraa ke zakhm khaana aa gayaa aa aa
muskuraa ke zakhm khaana aa gayaa

naaz ulfat ka uthhaaana
naaz ulfat ka utthaaana aa gaya aa aa aa
muksuraa ke
muskuraa ke zakhm khaana aa gayaa

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