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Bura na maano yaar dosti yaari mein

Posted on: December 24, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

The favourite singer of millions of Indian Mohammed Rafi was born on 24th December 1924. That means we, his fans, would have been celebrating his 97th birthday this year. But that was not to be. He just left this mortal world in July 1980 at the age of 55.

But we, his fans, need not be sad as he has left us a library full of music albums-both filmy and non-filmy. There will be many who will pay tributes to this great soul- the soft-spoken, gentle, kindhearted giant with their own personal touch. There will be programs across the various entertainment platforms that would highlight the music that Rafi saab was associated with.

For me, the day begins by listening to the Radio- Radio Ceylon to be exact- and figuring out which of the songs that are played there I have heard, and which I have never heard. Then I may move on to listening to other Radio stations.

Small Trivia:- Just found that Radio Ceylon is a year younger than Rafisaab. The precursor to Radio Ceylon- Colombo Radio – was formally launched on 16th December 1925.

I am sure we will be treated to the regular fare of Rafi hits like ‘o duniya ke rakhwaale’; ‘sukh ke sab saathi’; and possibly ‘ta ra ri ara ri ra ra ri’; ‘yeh chaand sa roshan chehera’; ‘pardesiyon se na ankhiyan milana,’ etc and a few more soulful numbers. We may also get a dose of his popular songs from the 70s like ‘o meri mehbooba, mehbooba mehbooba’, ‘kya hua tera wada’ etc. In between some channel will also squeeze in a ‘meri awaaz suno’; ‘dil ka soona saaz tarana dhoondega’; and some of his other great songs.

Additionally, we will have forwards from friends on WhatsApp and Facebook (the new age social platforms) that will give us links to sites that speak of the greatness of the Soul that Mohd. Rafi was.

Here is my tiny attempt to bring on-stage a song that was sung by the great Mohd Rafi under the baton of Ravi. It is a rarely heard song that was written by Verma Malik. It is from the 1977 release “Aadmi Sadak Ka”. Only one song from this film has been discussed on the blog so far and that was the most famous song of the movie viz. Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai. this was in 2013, eight years ago.

Today’s song features Zaheera, Shatrughan Sinha, Vikram (who was born Moin Uddin Shah), Sujit Kumar and Deven Verma. We see that Zaheera, Shatru and Vikram are in disguise.

‘Aadmi Sadak Ka’ was a produced and directed by Devendra Goel. It was a bilingual- made in Hindi and Marathi (called ‘Dost Asava Tar Asa’). It was the story of a well-placed family that has three sons (two of whom are married) and a daughter. The family falls into hard times when the patriarch dies, the family fortunes are usurped by the older two sons, at the behest of their wives, and the mother and the younger siblings are shown the door. The youngest son Chander (Vikram) takes up a job as a waiter and due to his good conduct keeps getting promoted and also becomes co-owner of the hotel. Now he is in competition with his older brothers and after the usual twists and turns the family is reunited and that brings the movie to ‘The End’.

With this post we also remember Deven Verma whose death anniversary was on 2nd December. He was born in Pune to Rajasthani father and Kutchi mother. He was son-in-law of Ashok Kumar, his wife was Rupa. He was a multi-talented actor who was appreciated in comic roles, but when I saw “Devar” (1966) I was stumped by the serious character he played. Devendu Verma (birth name of Deven Verma) died of a heart attack and kidney failure in 2014.
Here is the song with Anuradha Paudwal and Deven Verma singing with Mohd. Rafi.

Song-Bura na maano yaar dosti yaari mein (Aadmi Sadak Ka)(1977) Singers-Rafi, Anuradha Paudwal, Deven Verma,Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Ravi
Rafi + Anuradha Paudwal


aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa

bura na maano yaar dosti yaari mein
bura na maano yaar dosti yaari mein
masti mein kuchh kehta hai
kehta hai
chaahe gaali deta hai
deta hai
gaali mein hai pyaar dosti yaari mein
arre gaali mein hai pyaar dosti yaari mein
bura na maano yaar dosti yaari mein
bura na mano yaar dosti yaari mein

har baat ko jaancho parkho
har baat ko naapo tolo
har baat ko naapo tolo
bhai har baat ko naapo tolo

jis baat ko tum na samjho
wo baat kabhi na bolo

wo baat kabhi na bolo bhai
wo baat kabhi na bolo

us baat ki keemat jaano jo baat zubaan pe aaye
jo baat banaane aaye hon
wo baat bigad na jaaye

ho jaaye na takraar dosti yaari mein
ho jaaye na takraar dosti yaari mein
ho jaaye na takraar dosti yaari mein
har gaali mein hai pyaar dosti yaari mein
bura na maano yaar dosti yaari mein

dete rahe humko dhokha tum
pyaar ka haath badha ke
pyaar ka haath badha ke bhai
pyaar ka haath badha ke

tum donon bade chor nikle
hamaare dil ka chain churaa ke
dil ka chain churaa ke bhai
dil ka chain churaa ke

tum kya jaano hain kya kya
dil mein armaan hamaare
hum badle sabhi chukaaye
jitne ehsaan tumhaare
ye karte hain ikraar dosti yaari mein
ye karte hain ikraar dosti yaari mein
ye karte hain ikraar dosti yaari mein
har gali mein hai pyaar dosti yaari mein
bura na maano yaar dosti yaari mein
lo hum bhi hain taiyyar dosti yaari mein
advance das hazaar dosti yaari mein
lo badla hai sansaar dosti yaari mein
beda hua hai paar dosti yaari mein

beda hua hai paar dosti yaari mein aenhaan haan
haan haan

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