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Do roz ka jeena hai jee jee ke jiye jaa

Posted on: April 30, 2022

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Today’s song is from the ‘Golden Years’ of ‘Hindi Film Music’. It is from the movie ‘Garibi-1949’.

I had come across this song more than seven years back and I had shared it as well however this song remains to be posted till now.

This song is sung by Zohrabai Ambalewali.

Regulars on the blog must be aware that I have also shared many Zohrabai Ambalewali songs as I like them very much. I had been listening to her many songs during 2013-2014 when I used to browse and listen to her songs regularly.

Today’s movie ‘Garibi’ was directed by Ramchandra Thakur. It had Geeta Bali, Jayraj, Nirupa Roy, P. Kailash, Usha Kiran, Banke Bihari, Ramesh Thakur, M.K. Hasan, Bhoopat Rai, Tarabai, Jayram, Jawahar Kaul and others.

Here is a brief about this movie as mentioned by our Respected Arunkumar ji in his comments on one of the song-posts of this movie

GARIBI (1949), a Ranjit movietone film had music by its contracted composer B C Rani and lyricists were Rajendra Krishna, Shevan Rizvi, B.R. Sharma and M G Adeeb.
I don’t know whether Chandulal Shah ever knew on what storylines their movies were being produced on the assembly line, because not only all 4 set-sections of Ranjit studios were always shooting some films but sometimes they used to hire the neighboring Sharda studios also.
This was one movie which eulogized the virtues of poverty (Garibi) as compared to Riches (Amiri). Geeta Bali, hailing from a poor family loves and gets married to rich Jairaj. She finds it difficult to adjust to the rich ways of her sasural, particularly Saas-Sasur (Tarabai-Bhupat Rai),while her poor mother(Nirupa Roy) and Father(P. Kailash) get poorer but they have very high ideals and come to the rescue of their rich relatives when there is a problem with their daughter(Usha Kiran),who is in trouble with her husband(Jawahar Kaul).
Having learnt that only Money cannot give happiness, the rich family respects the poor and poverty. This was a very unconvincing storyline and badly handled too. The only saving grace was its superb music.

This movie has eights songs as mentioned in HFGK Vol-II (1941-1950).

Music for this movie was composed by Bulo C. Rani. Four lyricists contributed the eight songs in this movie and they are Rajinder Krishan (three songs), Shewan Rizvi (two songs), B.R. Sharma (two songs) and M.G. Adeeb (one song).

Here is the list of songs of this movie :-

SNo Song Title Singer/s Lyricist Posted On
01 Dard dil hi mein chhipaa le, muskurana seekh le Geeta Roy Rajinder Krishan
02 Kisi se hamne ye poochha, muhabbat kisko kehte hain Mohd Rafi Rajinder Krishan 02.11.2017
03 Mastana nigaahon ke deewaane hazaaron hai Shamshad Begum Shewan Rizvi
04 Haay ye maine kya kiya jo tumhe thukraa diya Shamshad Begum Rajinder Krishan
05 Ik din ik armaan bhara dil, ulfat se do chaar huaa Mohd Rafi B.R. Sharma 28.10.2011
06 Sun mujhse ki … do roz ka jeena hai Zohrabai Ambalewali B.R. Sharma
07 Dukhon mein jo muskuraa rahe thhe Geeta Roy Shewan Rizvi
08 Ae saamne aane waale bataa, kyon chaand mera mujhse hai khafaa Shamshad Begum, Mohd Rafi M.G. Adeeb 21.10.2011

From the above table we can see that three songs from this movie have been posted on the blog. The first song of this movie was posted on 21.10.2011 and the second song followed a week later on 28.10.2011. However, after that this movie was forgotten and the third song of this movie appeared on the blog after a gap of almost six years.

Now, today, we are going to discuss the fourth song from this movie after a gap of another four and half years.

Today’s song is written by B.R. Sharma and it is sung by Zohrabai Ambalewali. This is a nice philosophical/ motivational song and I like it very much.

Music is composed by Bulo C. Rani.

Let us now listen to today’s song …

Song-Do roz ka jeena hai jee jee ke jiye jaa (Gareebi)(1949) Singer-Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Lyrics-Butaram Sharma, MD-Bulo C Rani


Sun mujhse ae ae ae ae
Ki duniya ki khushi ee
tere ae ae liye ae ae hai
Ye duniya hasee ee ee ee een
Ban ke ae ae ae
Basi ee ee ee ee ee ee
Tere ae liye ae hai

Tere hi liye ae aati hai
Ae ae ae ae ae
Gulshan mein ae ae bahaarein
Khilte huye ae ae ae
Phoolon mein hansi ee
Tere liye ae ae hai

Do roz ka jeena hai
Jee jee ke jiye ja
Do roz ka jeena hai
Jee jee ke jiye jaa

Ummeedon ka sabar(?) hai
Bhar bhar ke piye ja
Ummeedon ka sabar(?) hai
Bhar bhar ke piye jaa

Bhool jaa aa aa
Bhool jaa
Bhool jaa

bhool ja afsaana
Is duniya faani ka
Armaanon ki lehron pe
Sun geet jawaani ka
In maujon mein tu kho ja
Aur mauj kiye ja
Jiye jaa
Jiye jaa
Do roz ka jeena hai
Jee jee ke jiye jaa
Do roz ka jeena hai
Jee jee ke jiye jaa

Ye ishq tamaasha hai
Aur husn tamaashaayi
Hai donon hi deewaane
Aur donon hi saudaayi
Tu donon ki masti ko
Pehlu mein liye jaa
Jiye jaa
Jiye jaa
Do roz ka jeena hai
Jee jee ke jiye jaa
Do roz ka jeena hai
Do roz ka jeena hai
Jee jee ke jiye jaa aa aa aa
jiye ja
Jiye ja
Do roz ka jeena hai
Jee jee ke jiye jaa

2 Responses to "Do roz ka jeena hai jee jee ke jiye jaa"

@Atul ji
Ummeedon ka sabar(?) hai – I have mentioned it as ‘saagar’ which I think is the correct word there.
Many thanks for posting this contribution.


The word is “Sagar” not “sabar”
Umeed ka Sagar hai..


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