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Kaahe dheere chale ree ghadi

Posted on: February 14, 2023

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Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar – 3

From where can one start talking of Lata Mangeshkar, from the ‘carefree’ Hawa mein udtaa jaaye, to the restless Jiya bekaraar hai, to the idealistic “ham ne dekhi hai unn aankhon ki mehekti khushoo”, to the itthlati/itraati “bindiya chamkegi’/ ’koyi shehri babu dil lehri babu’, to pensive “rahen na rahen ham’, to the patient “ab to hai tum se’ mischievous “baahon mein chale aao’, to the mysterious ‘naina barse’/“lag ja gale” , to the despairing ‘jo ham ne daastaan apni sunaayi’, to the unabashed “kaanton se kheench kar yeh aanchal” & “ab ke sajan saawan mein” & “nainon mein badra chhaye”, to the resigned “duniya mein aisa kahan sab ka naseeb hai”, to sad “duniya mein ham aayen hai to” & ‘bekas pe karam keejiye”, & “Raja ki aayegi baraat”….. the list will go on forever.

Songs like “main tere ishq mein mar na jaaun kahin”, “dil mein kisi ke pyar ka jalta hua diya”, “jab bhi jee chaahe nayi duniya”, “hai tere saathh meri Wafaa”, ”milo na tum to ham ghabraayen”, “do dil toote do dil haare”, “Do hanson ka joda bichhad gayo re” & “dhoondo dhoondo re saajna”, “raat bhi hai kuchh bheegi bheegi”, “gairon pe karam” / “milti hai zindiagi mein”, “baar baar tohe kya samjhaaye”, “yoon hasraton ke daagh” & “unn ko yeh shikayat hai” , the unforgettable songs of “pakeeza’. I will stop now; the list is never ending.

If I go through all the films featuring in the ‘list of songs movie-wise’ I will find 60 % movies having Lata songs. This is just a guess; I could not go through them all. With 3800 plus songs posted on the blog, she is bound to be in 60% movies list. With 17400/- total songs posted in the blog, Lata Mangeshkar is featuring in more than 22 % songs.

Her many melodies will haunt the music and songs aficionados forever.
Tu chanda main chaandni
yoon hee mahke preet piyaa ke
Ae dil e nadaan

For decades, we have heard her, in Meena Kumari’s tallafuz, Mala Sinha’s diction, Waheeda’s naunces, Hema Malini’s accent, Nargis’s melancholy, Jaya’s integrity, Mumtaz’s exuberance, among many others hues and emotions. It is said that it was Madan Mohan who really taught her to emote in songs. It could be true, in a sense, we as radio listeners could not always know the mood of the song, when listening to Lata’s perfection in delivery and diction. A case in point, is the song “ham tere pyar mein saara aalam’ from “Dil Ek Mandir”. I have heard it on the radio from childhood, but had no idea that it is a sad, and crying song, though at the end of the song there is a “siski”. When I saw that song on youtube, for the first time, I was surprised to see that Meena Kumari is crying ‘zaar-o-qataar”. It is as if Lata Mangeshkar was not briefed about the crying of Meena Kumari while singing the song on screen. This is the more likely explanation, in my opinion.

The perfection of Lata Mangeshkar, is a great learning instrument for vocalists around the world. And her dignity, her self-belief and pride are her achievements, for always keeping herself head and shoulders above her colleagues and competitors, even her own sister. For the world is not a nice place for a woman, who is alone, without a husbands name to add. People judge women unfairly. This has happened to women, in history and in reality, in fact and in fiction, in personal life and in professional life. In a society, where women are goddess and maataa, but in real application, they are subordinate to the god and pita/pati, a male one.

If there was anyone, who could be her equal in her professional field, it was one and only Rafi Sahab. In terms of success, in voice quality, delivery and versatility, Lata Mangeshkar remained first among equals. That is her final triumph acknowledged as such. As the life force drained out of her, we do not know what she felt as a creation, finally going to meet her creator. But we shall remember her as a shining voice, which will resonate till this civilization lasts.

I have chosen this song from 1949 film ‘Raakhi”, where she sounds like the young girl, she was then. Sarshar Sailani is the lyricist and composers are Husnlal-Bhagatram.

These five songs from this film posted in the blog:

Song Date of posting
Ab to aa jaao 17 June 2011
Raakhi ka aaya tyohaar sakhi 2 august 2012
Dil par kisi ka teer e nazar khhaa ke reh gaye 24 January 2014
Mohe laa de reshmi lahanga 3 October 2019
O roothh jaane waale mera qasoor kya hai 28 september 2022

This song is truly a hidden gem. I say this about most of Husnlal- Bhagatram songs. But then there is nothing sweeter than a youth, who cannot wait to embrace life. Time has a way of running away when it wishes and moving slowly when it wills.

In this song, the girl/lady singing feels that time is moving too slowly, she is charmingly complaining to the clock, for running slowly, as she waits for her “saajan” to return home in the evening. There have been a few songs in this genre too in hindi films. This is also a ‘dheere dheere’ catrgory song.

Song-Kaahe dheere chale ree ghadi (Raakhi)(1949) Singer-Lata Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Sarshaar Sailani, MD-Husnlal-Bhagatram


kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi ee ee
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi
baat dekhoon main
baat dekhoon main kab se khadi ee
kab se khadi
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi ee ee
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi

chain padti nahin
mohe saajan bina
mohe saajan binaa
tere bas mein saajan ko
laana yahaan
haan laana yahaan
tez ho jo ghadi ki ghadi ee ee
tez ho jo ghadi ki ghadi
ghadi ki ghadi
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi ee ee
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi

tu jo tick tick kare
jiya dhak dhak kare
jiya dhak dhak kare
yeh khushaamad bhala
koyi kab tak kare
koyi kab tak kare
main to sau baar
painyyaan padi ee ee
main to sau baar
painyyan padi ee
painyyaan padi
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi ee ee
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi

jhhoom uthhe
ashaaon bhara man
aashaaon bhara man
jhhoom uthhe
aashaaon bhara man
aashaaon bhara man
chhoom chhanana chhanan
chhan chhan chhan chhan
paanch bajaa
(tan tan tan tan tan)
meharbaani ho teri badi ee ee
meharbaani ho teri badi
teri badi
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi ee ee
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi
baat dekhoon main
baat dekhoon main kab se khadi ee
kab se khadi
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi ee ee
kaahe dheere chale ri ghadi


6 Responses to "Kaahe dheere chale ree ghadi"

Dear Nahm ji,

No amount of words, written or spoken, can do justice to the Memory of the Immortal. We can only gaze in wonder at her achievements.

Each of us will have her or his favourite.

The true acumen of a singer is measured by the Melody in her voice alone, without instrumental support to change scales.

Witness this Song from “MEHNDI” (1958), which had set a benchmark few could achieve

Just love the way you intersperse your commentary with the choicest Urdu. That one word expresses so much and adds to the richness of the language.

With warm regards




Its true that no words can really do justice to the persona of one who is such a huge impact on our conscious and unconscious self.

The song from Mehendi (1958) you mentioned in posted in the blog.

Thank you for reading the post and commenting.



I have sent remaining all 6 song lyrics of this film raakhi 2 years back, as a part of BTYC


Sorry I have sent the lyrics of this song also


Nice post Nahm ji. Like the way you wrote about Lata Mangeshkar and the memories of her songs. I agree totally what Partha ji had mentioned in his comments.
The list of her favorites would differ from individual to individual, but I am sure many common songs would also fall in this list.
I liked the song in this post very much too.


Thank you for reading the post, Avinash ji. I am not able to keep up with your posts, but reading some of them.

Yes, each one’s favourites list will be having different songs added or subtracted, depending on the radio listening past. I am sure people listening to Radio Cylone will have a different list with more of 50′ songs.

Thanks and regards.


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