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“Grihasthi”(1963) was directed by Kishore Sahu for Gemini Chitra,Madras. The movie had Ashok Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Nitrupa Roy, Rajshree, Indrani Mukherji, Sudesh Kumar, Lalita Pawar, Bipin Gupta, Jageerdaar, Ifthikhar, Kanhaiyalal, Niranjan Sharma, Achla Sachdev, Pushpavalli, Bhatri Malvankar, Mehmood, Shubha Khote etc in it.

As many as seven songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the eighth song from the movie to appear in the blog. This song is sung by Rafi. Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ravi.

The song, whose details are not given in HFGK, was apparently there only in ther movie and its records were not made. As can be seen, this song is picturised on the comic side plot pair of the movie, viz on Mehmood and Shubha Khote. Mehmood and Shubha Khote are going by their respictive bicycles and their bicycles collide with each other and the usual nok jhonk commences, followed by this song.

Song-Aaj mili ik ladki jise dekh tabeeyat phadki (Grihasthhi)(1963) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ravi


aaj mili ik ladki
jise dekh tabeeyat phadki
phool sa uska mukhda
ho chaand ka jaise tukda

tamaatar jaise gaal
kuchh ghunghraale se baal
vaise to bholi deekhi
par mirchi jaisi teekhi

honthon pe uske laali
par bade hi gusse waali
nainon ke teer chalaaye
dil le gayi mera haaye


This article is written by Shekhar Gupta, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The Kishore Sahu directed Grahasthi (1963) was a Ashok Kumar-Nirupa Roy, Manoj Kumar-Rajshree starrer. Its four songs Jaa jaa re jaa deewaane jaa , Jaane teri nazron ne kyaa kar diyaa,Khile hain sakhi aaj phulwaa man mein , Zara dekh sanam mera jazba e dil (Grihasthi) plus a write up on the movie and all these songs is already on this blog.
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“Grihasthhi” (1948) is by now an obscure movie. It had actors like Faizi , Kuldip , Sulochana Chatterji, Masood , Sharda , Yakub , Shyama , Mirza Musharaf, Pran , Lalita Pawar etc in it.
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I keep discovering musical gems almost on a daily basis. and no, I do not have to dig deep for them. I come across them inadvertently while casually playing a few songs on youtube.
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I have discussed one song from “Grihasthhi” (1948) in the past. From the comments by our experts, I came to know that this movie had actors like Masood,Sulochana Chatterji,Pran,Sharada,Shyama,Kuldeep kaur,Faizi,Rajni,Yakub, Lalita Pawar,Mirza Musharraf etc in it.
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I am aware of a movie called “Grihasthhi” (1963) and I have in fact discussed a song from this movie in this blog. Now I have come to realise that there was another movie of the same name that was released in 1948.
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