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“Veer Durgadas” (1960) was a historical movie based on the life of Veer Durgadas Rathode , a respected historical figure of Rajasthan. The movie was a Lak Bharati Chitra production. It was directed by Ramchandra Thakur. The movie had Nirupa Roy, Manhar Desai, Jairaj, P.Kailash, RajKumar, S.N.Tripathi, Babu Raje, Prem Sagar, Poonam, Champak lala, Narbada Shankar, Ajit, B.M.Vyas, Bagla,Kumari Chand, Suryakant Shukla, Sukumar,Mahendra, Sri Bhagwan, Ramlal Pehlwaan, Nazir Kashmiri, Hamid, Raajwade, Vinay Mukaale, Bhimjee Bhai, Damodar etc in it.
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In Hindi movies, any situation is good enough situation for bursting into a song. I have seen actors singing a song while on a death bed, or while they are fighting. They sing when sad, and they also sing when they are happy. Social occasions means lots of songs. They in fact also sing when they are travelling, be it by a bullock cart,chariot, tonga,rickshaw,bicycle,car or train.
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Music was introduced in Hindi movies as soon as these movies began to talk (viz 1931). The first decade of talking movies saw actors singing their own songs, though playback singing too had started by 1935.
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