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Saare niyam tod do

Posted on: October 10, 2010

In 1970s, we had a genre of movies that were supposed to be fun movies, which were mainly directed by Bengali directors like Hrishikesh Mukherji, Basu Chatterji etc. These movies followed their own formula of comedy.

In these movies, the main actors would pose as someone else than what they are and this would lead to funny situations at the expense of a character artist playing a fastidious patriarch. Thus we had movies like “Chupke Chupke” (1975) and “Golmaal” (1978) where everyone had a hearty laugh at the expense of Om Prakash and Utpal Dutt respectively. By the end of the movie, the said martinet would get “reformed”.

“Khoobsoorat” (1980) follows the same pattern, witth the difference that here the gendre is changed. In the earlier mentioned movies, it is the hero who has fun at the expense of the partiarch. Here instead of a partiarch, it is a martiarch played by Deena Pathak and it is Rekha who takes it upon herself the reform Deena Pathak’s household from a gloomy morose family into a happy cheerful family.

Here is a song from this movie where Rekha conveys her philisophy of life which is vastly different from Deena Pathak’s way of looing at life.

This is a play acting song , where Rekha and a few other female actors stage a show in front of other family members (sans Deena Patahak), where Rekha tries to tell the family members to enjoy themselves instead of leading dull straightjacketed lives sans enjoyment.
This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and it is picturised on Rekha and many actors. I am not aware of the names of them all, but I can recognise Ashok Kumar and Shashikala among them.

The song is written by Gulzar and music is composed by R D Burman.

This song is a pending request of several readers of this blog, so here is this song from “Khoobsoorat” (1980) on their farmaish.

Video – Part I

Audio – Part I

Audio – Part II (with dialogue)

song-Saare niyam tod do (Khoobsoorat) (1980) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD- R D Burman


saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
arre saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad
aap bhi boliye
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad

khaao piyo mazaa karo
khilkhilaa kar hansaa karo
kal ki chintaa karenge kal
aaj to aaj hi jiyaa do
saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
arre saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad

chhee chhee chhee chhee chhee
dinke chaubees ghanton mein
aath ghante hain sone ke
aur chaar hain khaana peenaa
do hain rone dhone ke
kuchh kapde badal ke katate mein
kul baaki chhe hi bachte hain
in mein kitna kaam kare
khelein yaa aaraam karen
saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
ae saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
inqilaab zindabaad
aap bhi to bolo
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad

jis baat mein aanand mile
wo karne mein harz nahin
har cheez yahaan par mahangi hai
har cheez ka chadhtaa paaraa hai
bhaade se oonchi building mein
building se ooncha bhaadaa hai
jis baat mein aanand mile
wo karne mein harz nahin
har cheez jahaan par mahangi ho
hansne par kharch nahin
saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
arre saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do
inqilaab zindabaad
aap bhi bolo
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad
inqilaab zindabaad
saare niyam tod do
niyam pe chalna chhod do

10 Responses to "Saare niyam tod do"

i) its “Dinke Chaubis Ghante” not “Jinke Chaubis Ghate”
ii) Its “Kapde Badal ke Kat te Hain” not “gatte mein”
iii) lastly where u ve ??? it goes “Kul Baaki 6 Hi Bachte Hain, In main Kitna Kaam Karen, Khelien Ya Araam Karen”
oh and did you listen to the opening of the song–
naam batoon? kaam baton etc etc. it goes on for a good 3minutes befroe the song actually begins


Thanks for the correct words. I have not heard this song in last 28 odd years, and sometimes such words are not easy to understand if you have not heard this song too many times.


hey atul
thanks for completing another farmaish. however the first 3-4 minutes of the song is missing. Its a real long start to the song. It goes like this

suniye sunati hun main ek kahani
yeh baat sachi hai uskeliye jisne maani
jo na maane use thenga humara
kahani ka raja hai bhenja humara

jurm batao, naam batao
kya kiya hai kaam batao
baarish mein yeh bheeg raha tha
bin permit ke cheek raha tha
eesh cheek raha tha?
aisi halki harkat ki hai aise desh ka wasi hokar
kis desh mein ganga behti
naak mein tinka daal ke iske che baar aur chikao isko
jao! jao!le jao isko!
aachee! aachee! aachee! aachee! aachee! aachee!


yeh kaun aaj aaya savera savere
ghanchakkar hai sir ghanchakkar
sunata sunata sunai deta hai
shayar hai sir dua deta hai
dua deta hai ya duhai deta hai
sabhi kaam ulte hai iske huzoor
raat ko jaagta hai subah sota
gum agar iska apna ho toh hasta hai
dusre ka mile to bohut rota hai

hmm! samjhe!iska saaya bhi na rehne do paas mein
jao dafan kardo inhe itihaas mein


Anuradha is the one on the chair playing king. she is elder sister to rekha in the movie
baby komal is the darwan/sipahi.
then there is rakesh roshan, amarnath banerjee, ranjit choudary(pearl padmasee’s son in real life),


small corrections in the names of actors written above
the lady playing rekha`s elder sister is not ANURADHA, it is
ARADHANA(she was there in Satte pe satta also, playing one of the leading ladies)
and Baby Komal aka Komal Mahuakar(she later appeared in Chameli ki shadi,Nagina(sridevi),Payal Ki Jhankar,Ghunghroo(with smita patil,Kunal goswami).Komal later changed her name as ROOPINI in kannada movie industry.
others featuring in the song(the whole cast is there Shashikala,Ashok kumar,vijay sharma,Ranjeet chowdhary,Amarnath bannerjee,dina pathak,rakesh roshan


Link showing vinyl record image of movie giving details of all the songs of the movie”

1)sun sun didi:Asha Bhosle
2)qayda qayda:Rekha,Sapan Chakravorthy
3)Piya bawri:Asha Bhosle, Ashok Kumar
4)saare niyam tod do – Part 1(with Dialogues)(Usha & Kalyani)
5)Saare niyam tod do-Part 2(with dialogues)-Asha bhosle

audio link:of “Saare niyam tod do”-Part 1(with Dialogues)

Hindi geetmala wrongly credited “Usha`s” name as Usha Uthup
and voices does not sound like Usha Mangeshkar also, must be a different singer USHA

Further the lyrics of this “saare niyam tod do-part 1(usha,kalyani) was partially provided by Peevesie, but the lyrics of 2nd stanza and some other portion at the end is missing in that provided(in the comments section)lyrics also.


This youtube link misleads by mentioning the song heading as sare niyam tod do-rekha, but the main voices are of USHA and KALYANI,may be rekha uttered some dialogues in the song.Please note that!


audio link for “saare niyam tod do-part 2nd sung by Asha bhosle

the lyrics provided with post is similar to the lyrics of this provided audio link


video link for both songs:
“sare niyam tod do” part 1st(by Usha & kalyani) and thereafter
“sare niyam tod do” part 2nd by Asha bhosle
starts at 0:23 and covers both parts of the song “saare niyam tod do”

Note that the the full part (of saare niyam tod do-part 1st sung by usha and kalyani was not picturised,the have not filmed(or edited out) the 2nd stanza and someother part of the song/dialogues (which you can listen in the above provided audio link of
“saare niyam tod do” part-1(usha,kalyani)


above typing mistake corrected:
please note that the
“saare niyam tod do”-part 1st sung by usha and kalyani
was not picturised fully,
either they have not filmed the part 1st fully or edited out some portions of part 1
i.e., the 2nd stanza and some other part of the song/dialogues at the end and in between(which you can listen in the above provided audio link of “saare niyam tod do” part-1(usha,kalyani)

Only In that audio link of part 1st you can listen the part 1st fully
🙂 🙂
I think this much of analysis is enough for today 🙂


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