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Arre nazar lage na saathiyon

Posted on: August 4, 2012

The first solo song that Kishore Kumar sang in his playback career was for Dev Anand in the movie “Ziddi” (1948) under the music direction of Khemchand Prakash. Then S D Burman, his mentor used his good offices to get Kishore Kumar to give plaback for Raj Kapoor in “Pyaar” (1950). But from that time onwards, Kishore Kumar sang for himself or for Dev Anand, in case it was a Dev Anand movie with S D Burman’s music direction. I can think of one more exception during 1950s though where Kishore Kumar sang for someone other than himself or Dev Anand. It was the iconic song Din hai suhaana aaj pahli taarikh hai(Pahli taarikh) (1954) which was picturised on Raja Nene.

It was in late 1960s that things changed with “Padosan” (1968). Kishore Kumar acted in this movie and sang for himself. His song “Mere Saamne Waali KHidki Mein” (1968) caught the collective imagination of all music lovers. Then a few months later “Aradhana” (1969) happened where R D Burman, deputing for his sick father used the voice of Kishore Kumar for an actor other than Dev Anand, and the rest, as they say, is history. From them onwards, Kishore Kumar began to sing for all actors who needed to lip sync in Hindi movies.

“Des Pardes” (1978) came thirty years after “Ziddi” (1948). Here Kishore Kumar gave playback for Dev Anand yet again. This movie, which introduced Tina Munim, who was then just 16 years of age. This movie was the last hit movie of Dev Anand.

The movie had music by Rajesh Roshan and the songs of this movie were quite popular. I have discussed as many as three songs from this movie in the past. Here is the fourth song from this movie. This song has the voices of Kishore Kumar (for Dev Anand), Amit Kumar (for Mehmood) and the voices of Manhar and Vijay for others like Amjad Khan, Prem Chopra etc. The song is picturised as a pub song where Indians as well as a few goras have assembled to have drinks.

Amit Khanna is the lyricist.

On the occasion of Kishore Kumar’s birth anniversary (4 august), here is this hummable song from “Des Pardes” (1978) which is nice to listen to even today, some 34 years later.



Song-Arre nazar lage na saathiyon (Des Pardes) (1978) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar, Manhar, Vijay, Lyrics-Amit Khanna, MD-Rajesh Roshan


arre nazar lage na saathiyon
arre ho o o o
aaj bhari mehfil mein re
kahin dol na jaaye dil
in gori gori memon ka
arre nazar lage na saathiyon
arre ho o o o
aaj bhari mehfil mein re
kahin dol na jaaye dil
in gori gori memon ka


wahaan miley thhe thheke mein arre
ham tum kuchh din pehle
yahaan milen English maikhaane
mein phir desi chhaile

arre hukka beedi peete thhe
wahaan baandh ke reshmi pagdi
arre kas ke boot pahan ke suit
aa baat karen koi tagdi
yaade waade

sapne iraade
bhooli baaten
yaad kara den
latke jhhatke

arre yoon hi atke
rehte hain ham
latke latke
arre ulta chor kotwal ko daante
ye dastoor puraana

hamne maana
aaj bhari mehfil mein re
kahin dol na jaaye dil
in gori gori memon ka


arre soch samajh ke aage badhna
aag ka ye ik dariya

dilwaalon se milna ho to
banda hi ik zariya
wahaan wo jeewaan saathi hai
yahaan roz naya saanwariya

wo bhi thheek to ye bhi thheek
hai apna apna nazariya
jhoomar paayal
bindiya kaajal
na chunri hai
na hai aanchal
roz baras ke
udd jaata hai
ye angrezi
husn ka baadal
arre do paatan ke beech mein yaaron
saabut bachaa na koye
ye kyun hoye
aaj bhari mehfil mein re
kahin dol na jaaye dil
in gori gori memon ka


ik din ham ko bheja thha
ab kis ko bhej ke aaye
arre ham to dhakke khaa baithhe
ab tum kyaa khaane aaye ho

arre baat karo kuchh kheton ki
tum jahaan se ho ke aaye
arre yahaan to pal pal dhuyen ke maare
dam hi ghutata jaao

aao aao
unhen pilaao
soye huyon ko
zara jagaao
darte darte
kaam hain karte
sau baar bache hain
marte marte
arre khaao piyo mauz manaao
mauka phir nahin aana

ore laana
aaj bhari mehfil mein re
kahin dol na jaaye dil
in gori gori memon ka

arre nazar lage na saathiyon
arre ho o o o o
aaj bhari mehfil mein re
kahin dol na jaaye dil
in gori gori memon ka

13 Responses to "Arre nazar lage na saathiyon"

I was in college when this movie came out. I did not see the movie, but the songs were smash hits. I just loved ALL of them.

Excellent song. Thanks Atul.


I had watched this movie when it was released.


Thanks for the song Atul!
I was till in the primary school, when the film came out. Everybody was talking about Tina in bikini those days.
SDB says that he used Kishore’s voice also for 8 Din in the 40s ( and then he used his voice also in Bahar (1951) on Karan Dewan.


Thanks for this great link.


I’m glad you enjoyed it!


And he also gave playback to Mehmood in Johar Mehmood in Goa in the song Johar Mehmood in Goa


that is a really unique song.
is that Simi Garewal in the old lady disguise?


I would have said it is Aruna Irani. But you might be right, that it is Simi, since she fesatures in the cast-list and Aruna Irani is not.


It IS Simi Garewal!


Who is this Vijay?
Whether he is Bappi Lahiri protege Vijay Benedict, who later became famous with Disco Dancer movie songs(& Kasam Paida Karnewale ki, Dance Dance, Tarzan etc ) I didn`t know he started with Rajesh Roshan movie.


Well, I am not familar with any after 1969/70…So your little info….made me very curious…about this singer..
Here is interview link…(very interesting guy…Sorry to say…but I didn’t like disco dance song….)


Thank you derubala ji for the link and the information.

Thanks again.


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