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Dulha bhi laajawaab hai dulhan bhi laajawaab

Posted on: August 18, 2020

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Hullo Atuldom

At the outset I must admit that I am a little confused as I write this post. The person/ celebrity/ actress/ star for whose birthday this is, has aged gracefully and looks fabulous even now. But I am confused about her year of birth. When I wrote this post Phir Bhor Bhayee Jaaga Madhuban in 2018 I found information on various sites on the internet by which I had mentioned that she was turning 64. Over the last few weeks I am finding information by which she would be 74 this year. Can a person age 10 years in two years?

Let me explain. In the past few weeks, during this lockdown, one of the satellite channels, showed an old episode of one their dance reality shows where Bindu and Aruna Irani were guests of honour (found out today that they are cousins). This must have been one of the episodes which was originally telecast in the last two years. And I told my husband (bless him for enduring all these re-runs with me) that Bindu turns 69 this year and Aruna Irani is a few years younger and how well she has looked after herself and maintained herself. Then as I was googling to confirm the dates of birth of the two, I was surprised to see that the year of birth is given as 1946. Anyways there is a saying “not to ask a lady her age and a man his wage.” So, let us just wish our dear Aruna Irani a very Happy and healthy life.

She has had along wait before she could settle in life with a man who loved her. She made her debut in movies at a young age of 8 or 9 playing the young Azra in “Gunga Jamuna”. She had to give up on schooling so that she could help support the family which had financial problems and could not educate all eight children. I find that this is the story of many actors of that time. Her father was an Irani and mother a Hindu. Her brothers Indra Kumar (who made the Aamir Khan Madhuri Dixit starrer DIL), Adi Irani (plays mainly character roles in movies and television), Firoz Irani (also an actor. producer, writer, director) are all well settled in the entertainment industry and she has had a major hand in setting them up.

She claims that she was a bad dancer who learnt dancing on-the-job. We have seen her comic side in movies where she had paired with Mehmood in the 70s and later in movies where she was with Asrani and Kadar Khan. She was the topmost actress in Gujarati movies even as she played supporting characters in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada etc. I remember seeing her in the Tamil remake of “Deewar” essaying the same mujra as she had done in Hindi- the song “koi mar jaaye kisi pe yeh kahan dekha hai”. She has produced and directed a few serials and acted in them too.
Today, for her birthday we will be seeing her as a not-so-young bua to Karisma Kapoor and Pooja Batra who are elated that she has finally found someone and likes him enough to think of marrying him. The song is at the engagement of the bua with Pooja’s fiance’s (Sanjay Dutt) uncle/ chachaji Rai Bahadur (Govinda). This movie has the two heroes trying to woo the heroines only Govinda has to double up as chacha and bhatija. In the process, before the niece the bua gets wooed.

The song is from David Dhawan directed “Haseena Maan Jaayegi” (1999) which had Anupam Kher playing the father of the girls, Kadar Khan played father of the boys. A part of the movie is inspired by “Pyaar Kiye Jaa” and we have Govinda donning a grey wig and beard and playing his own chacha. Paresh Rawal, Ashish Vidyarthi adding spice to this all round comedy.

The song is in the voices of Sonu Nigam, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Ravi Shankar (hearing this name for the first time). Anu Malik is the music director and Sameer the lyrics in-charge.



Song-Dulha bhi laajawaab hai dulhan bhi laajawaab (Haseena Maan Jaayegi)(1999) Singers-Sonu Nigam, Kavita Krisnamurthy, Ravishankar, Lyrics-Sameer, MD-Anu Malik


aaaaa aaaaaa
aaaaa oooooo

rab ne bhi khoob jodi haye
rab ne bhi khoob jodi banaayi hai janaab
dulha bhi laajawaab hai
dulhan bhi laajawaab
rab ne bhi khoob jodi banaayi hai janaab
rab ne bhi khoob jodi banaayi hai janaab
dulha bhi laajawaab hai
dulhan bhi laajawaab
dulha bhi lajawaab hai
dulhan bhi lajawaab

ni sa sa re sa sa
ga sa sa re sa sa
ni sa sa re sa sa
ga sa sa re sa sa
pa pa pa ma ma ma
ga ga ga re re
ma ma ma
ga ga ga re re re sa

dulha hai laal peda
dulhan hai rasmalai
dulhe ne aise dekha
dulhan ko sharm aayi

besharm choodiyon se
aati hai ye sadayein
na der kar o dulhe
jaldi se tham baahein

dulha jo chale tan ke
dulhan ki choodi khanke
dono ka milan hoga
lagta hai aaj jam ke
dulhan chunar ke peeche
sharmaake chupti jaaye
dulhe ki nazar se woh
lagta hai bachhti jaaye
ho oo
honthon pe halka halka
honthon pe halka halka
aane laga hai jaam
dulha bhi lajawaab hai
dulhan bhi lajawaab

dulha bhi lajawaab hai
dulhan bhi lajawaab

baaghon mein bhi na hoga
koi gulaab aisa
dulhe pe aaj dekho
aaya shabab kaisa

foote hai dil me laddu
armaan machal rahe
pyaasi jawaaniya hai
tan man pighal rahe hai

haaaaaan haaaaaye ae ae ae
haw haw haw haw
haw haw hawww
kaisa hai haal mera
yaaron mai kya bataaoo
maare khushi ke dekho
paagal na main ho jaaoon
kaajal se rang kaala
jaa ke zara churaalo
logo buri nazar se
mujhko zara bachha lo

poori huyi tamanna aaaa hoo
poori hui tamanna
sach ho gaye hai khwaab
dulha bhi lajawaab hai
dulhan bhi lajawaab

dulha bhi lajawaab hai
dulhan bhi lajawaab

rab ne bhi khoob jodi banayi hai janaab
rab ne bhi khoob jodi banayi hai janaab
dulha bhi lajawaab hai
dulhan bhi lajawaab
dulha bhi lajawaab hai
dulhan bhi lajawaab

dulha bhi lajawaab hai
dulhan bhi lajawaab
dulha bhi lajawaab hai
dulhan bhi lajawaab

aaaa aaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaa aaaaaa

2 Responses to "Dulha bhi laajawaab hai dulhan bhi laajawaab"

Nalini Ji, Good to know some personal details of Aruna Irani.( I always wondered how Inder kumar could be brother of a Irani). She is a talented actress who could not get more prominent roles.
I tried watching “Haseena……..” on TV channel. I found It was an insufferable film :))


Almost like a consolation prize she was at the top in Gujarati films


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