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Bahaaron ka hai mela hai mera dil akelaa

Posted on: June 15, 2021

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Welcome all to this post. Today we are going to listen to a ‘party’ song from the movie ‘Yaadgaar-1970’.

‘Yaadgaar-1970’ was directed by S. Ram Sharma for ‘Kunal Chitra, Bombay’. It had Nutan, Manoj Kumar, Pran, Prem Chopra, Kamini Kaushal, Junior Mehmood, Madan Puri, Tiwari, Mohan Choti, Lalita Chatterjee, Asit Sen, Lakshmi Chhaya, Shammi, Man Mohan, Polsan, Jayshree, Kuljeet, Renu, Raj Kishore, Harbans Pape, Kirti Behl, Manohar, Naidu, Birbal, Hansraj, Shrinath, Mohan Shery, Dubey, Sabina, Manohar Gosvai, Kesho Rana, Brahm Bharadwaj, Sobti, Alija, Genius, Darshan M., Ravikant, Chandra, Mohan Chhotu, Narbada Shankar, Ramlal and others.

This movie had six songs written by Indeevar and Verma Malik (three songs each).
(One song ‘ik taaraa boley’ is in two parts and it is considered as two songs).

Here is the list of songs of this movie as given in HFGK Vol- IV (1961-1970),

S.No. Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Ik taaraa boley tun tun, kya kahe ye tumse sun sun (Part-I) Mahendra Kapoor 13.04.2009
02 Aaye jahaan bhagwaan se pahle… wo khet mein milegaa Mahendra Kapoor 13.04.2019
03 Jis ghar mein daaku chor chhupe… Ik taaraa boley tun tun (Part-II) Mahendra Kapoor 13.04.2009
04 Bahaaron ka hai melaa … phool koi mere liye bhi to ho Asha Bhonsle Being posted today
05 Boli saawan ki raat badi paawan hai raat… Hamne dekhi hai honewaali bhabhi Mahendra Kapoor, Nutan, Manhar, Jr Mehmood, Birbal 16.05.2021
06 Jis path pe chalaa us path pe mujhe aanchal to bichhaane de… mujhe saath to aane de Lata Mangeshkar 28.11.2011

Music for this film was composed by Kalyanji-Anandji.

Today’s song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and it is lip-synced on screen by young Jayshree T. In the movie this song happens at a ‘party’ (held in the name of ‘family gathering’) arranged by Prem Chopra with not so good intentions for Nutan. He tries to misbehave with Nutan.

However, it turns out that his own sister (in the movie) (I am unable to identify this actress) also has to go through the same trauma as Nutan, when actor Raj Kishore misbehaves with her. Of course, this incident takes place after the song and dance performance of Jayshree T is over and almost all members present in the party are already drunk.

So far, five songs (including one multiple version song) from this movie have been posted on the blog.

Today’s song is the sixth and final song of this movie ‘Yaadgaar-1970’ to be posted here on the blog. With this song, ‘Yippeeee’ moment for this movie arrives today.

Let us now listen to today’s song.

Lyrics are by Indeevar, and music is composed by Kalyanji-Anandji.



Song-Bahaaron ka hai mela hai mera dil akela (Yaadgaar)(1970) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


laa laa laa aa aa
laa laa laa laa laa aa
laa laa
ho o o

bahaaron ka hai melaa
hai mera dil akela
bahaaron ka hai melaa
hai mera dil akela
phool koyi ee
mere liye bhi to ho
phool koyi ee
mere liye bhi to ho
ho o
sitaaron ka hai melaa
hai mera dil akela
sitaaron ka hai melaa
hai mera dil akela
chaand koyi ee
mere liye bhi to ho
chaand koyi ee
mere liye bhi to ho
ho o

kaajal hi kaajal hai
aanchal hi aanchal hai
khushboo ke baadal hain
jaagi dilon mein umang
??? hai aapas mein
kaliyon ne bhanwaron ko
bhanwaron ne kaliyon ko
kaisa haseen ??
saaz koyi ee mere liye bhi to ho
ho o
bahaaron ka hai melaa
hai mera dil akela
bahaaron ka hai melaa
hai mera dil akela
phool koyi ee
mere liye bhi to ho
phool koyi ee
mere liye bhi to ho
ho o

la la laa
la la laa
laa laa laa laa aa

la la la la la la lalaalalaa
naghme hi naghme hain
masti hi masti hai
hamse kya ??? masti hai
aaye jo dil ke kareeb
chhalka hai maikhaanaa
nazron ka paimaana
har dil hai
kaisa rahaa mera dil
jaam koyi ee mere liye bhi to ho
ho o
bahaaron ka hai melaa
hai mera dil akela
bahaaron ka hai melaa
hai mera dil akela
phool koyi ee
mere liye bhi to ho
phool koyi ee
mere liye bhi to ho
ho o

6 Responses to "Bahaaron ka hai mela hai mera dil akelaa"

Atul ji, Sir many thanks for posting this one.
Congratulations on covering all songs of ‘Yaadgaar-1970’ and its joining to the ‘list of movies – all songs covered’.


Nice timing for the post too 🙂
ab mere dil ka akelapan bhi door ho gaya 🙂


at 1:17 with Nutan it is LOLITA CHATTERJEE(who played Sanjeev Kumar`s wife in Aapki Kasam)

at 1:40 it is Chinoo/Chinu Shikari(junior dancer/dancer/choreographer)
at 1:50 it is Dancer Manjula
at 3:12 it is Raj Kishore(who also played played the role of Kishore kumar`s chhela in Padosan)(and in Sholay one of the jailmate who behaves girlishly)

Thanks Avinash ji for the song, it is one of my favourite(audio wise only), and Vividhbharti radio station`s favourite…………….


thank you for the guide to who appears when in the song. This Manjula that you have mentioned was part of the cycle song in Padosan too, right? For some reason I always mistake her for a young Saroj (khan). 🙂


Yes you are right Madam ji,Manjula is there in the Padosan song video (at 0:46)
In my point of opinion, Saroj khan se kuchch zyaadaa sundar tha,Unnka mukhdaa….(Hope I am not being judgemental………..)

Liked by 1 person

Thank you Prakash ji for your comments and the details provided therein.
Also I have noted that you liked this song ‘audio wise’ 🙂 only 🙂


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