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Har Ek Saans Hai Mehmaan Kuchh Pehar Ke Liye

Posted on: July 19, 2022

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Special Voices of the Decade (1971-1980) – 9 # Bhupinder Singh #


[Author’s Note : It is very unfortunate that this article which was in making with me since a very long time is being posted at a time when the ‘legendary voice’ discussed in this article has left us for it’s heavenly abode. . .
I would like to present it as it is where I stopped last and was supposed to add about the biographical information to finish this article. However, I will try to come back in future to present another article having the biographical information of this singer.]

Welcome all to this article where I will be taking you all down memory lane with the voice of Bhupinder Singh.

I am sure this name will immediately fill your minds with those many memorable songs and nostalgia associated with it. We all know this song “Naam Gum Jaayega. . . Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai” and we also know the two voices in this song. And there have been albums/programs using the tag-line “aawaaz hi pehchaan hai” or “meri aawaaz hi pehchaan hai” from this song, for various compilations. And very naturally mostly they were identified or are related with the legendary female voice in this song which is of the ‘legend’ Lata Mangeshkar ji.

However, for me or maybe I can say that for few or many like me, we also remember this song mainly for the male voice in this song which is Bhupinder Singh ji. . . And again, for people like me (I am sure there must be many) this ‘aawaaz hi pehchaan hai’ is the ‘pehchaan’ of the ‘aawaaz’ and the name Bhupinder Singh.

I don’t know where it did start that I fall in love with this ‘gunguni’ aawaaz (as said by Khayyam Saab) which for me is ‘a voice which has pain and compassion’ and yes, it did have a ‘soothing effect’ too. If I try to recollect it now, I remember that I must have watched this movie ‘Kinaara’ (1977) around 1979-80 in our colony club during the weekly screening of movies there.

Among other songs from this movie this song “Naam Gum Jaayega” was the song easily touching the hearts, and not only touching but constantly growing on one’s mind, and it was also a popular song in those days (if I am correct).

But, I think, before that it was “Dil Dhoondhta Hai Phir Wahi Fursat Ke Raat Din (happy version) which I always think I must have listened frequently on radio and especially during the summer vacations when we used to sleep in the courtyard during every summer season in those years… and from this song itself these lines ya garmiyon ki raat jo purwaayiyaan chalen have been connected to my mind with garmi ki chhuttiyaan aur aangan mein letna. . .

And may be after that it was “Do Deewaane Shahar Mein, which is purely nostalgic for me and I like this song very much. This song has been a continued favorite of mine over all these years and whenever I have listened to it, its ‘magic’ on me has been the same effect each and every time – whatever we consider – be it the lyrics, the composition or its singing by Bhupinder Singh and Runa Laila. (For this one song specially and very few other songs, (I think she has very few in HFM), Runa Laila’s voice is one of the voices that I had in my memory, and which also is a part of this series).

During those years may be, I had listened “Sainyya Bina Ghar Soona“, “Ye Paudhe Ye Patte … Man Kahe Main Jhoomoon“, “Rangmahal Ke Dus Darwaaze… Sainyya Nikas Gaye” which got permanently embedded in my memories connected with childhood days. And these songs thereafter became part of my ‘nostalgia’ of those years.

When I started collecting cassettes, I was always looking for these songs for my collection and except the song from ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ the other two were very difficult to find and I got them much later when we landed in ‘net-yug’.

I remember I watched ‘Maasoom’ after I passed out my matriculation exams in 1983 and among other songs from this movie I did also like the song “Huzoor Is Kadar Bhi Na Itraa Ke Chaliye“.

Around the same time as I was growing my fascination for Rajesh Khanna movies, and I had become a Rajesh Khanna fan I came to know about this lovely song from ‘Aakhri Khat’ (1966) “Rut Jawaan Jawaan“.

Then In 1985-1986 I had bought the movie album by T-series for my cassette collection, and I became aware of this song “Yaaro Neelaam Karo Susti” because of the album of the movie ‘Prem Pujari’ (1970).

In mid-eighties, there was this album from HMV, which was a compilation of songs of Bhupinder Singh from films and titled as ‘Karoge Yaad To’ (if I am not wrong), however this cassette has been misplaced somewhere from my collection. Through this album I got introduced to many of his gems which I had not listened earlier, viz.

Mere ghar aana aana zindagi

Thodisi zameen thodaa aasmaan

Koi jab se sharik e caravan hai’

Karoge yaad to

Gulaab jism ka yoonhi nahin khilaa hoga

Ek hi khwaab kai baar dekha hai maine

I still remember that this song “Kisi Nazar Ko Tera Intezaar Aaj Bhi Hai” from the 1985 movie ‘Aitbaar’ had become very popular then and heard frequently on radio and cassette players. I remember I bought the above album from Nehru Place market in New Delhi in one of my official visits there.

But I was always well aware of the song “Hoke Majboor Mujhe” from ‘Haqeeqat’ (1964), since my childhood days, may be because of my parents and their love for music. This song was played on radio frequently. When I grow up, I got to listened to it frequently on music programs on radio especially in the program of ‘All India Radio’s Urdu Service’. I had bought the cassette of ‘Haqeeqat’ during my stay at Kota from 1988-89 onwards.

When I get associated with this blog, I had shared lyrics of some of the above-mentioned songs and later I had also shared the following songs with articles.

Zindagi phoolon ki nahin, phoolon ki tarah mehki rahe ae’

Koyi jab se shareeq e kaarvaan hain’

Zehar detaa hai mujhe koyi dawaa detaa hain’

Aaj bichhde hain kal ka darr bhi nahin’

Nayi umr ke naye sitaaron’

Raat banoon main aur chaand bano tum’

Sooliyon pe chadhke choome aaftaab ko’

Ahl e dil yoon bhi nibhaa lete hain’

Ye zindagi hai chaar pal’

 Listening to the songs sung by Bhupinder Singh has always given me immense pleasure and calmed my mind during various situations in life. It is like applying the ‘spiritual balm’ on one’s wounds. Also, I think that his voice is like a ‘equilibrium’ – always balanced. In happy situations neither you go jumping with his songs and similarly in sad songs you didn’t start crying. It balances the ‘mood’ whatever you are in, and it motivates to move forward from that point of time. It inspires.

Khayyam Saab had mentioned Bhupinder Singh’s voice as ‘a meethhi gunguni awaaz’ and Gulzar Saab said this unki aawaaz ka agar taabiz ban sakta to main zaroor banaa ke pehan leta’.

What to say … such a magical voice has left us now forever.

And readers will note that I have only mentioned about his voice in above write up. We should not forget that he was also an ‘ace instrumentalist’. Naushad Saab had said about Bhupinder Singh that nobody could come to closer to him in performing on guitar.

Bhupinder Singh has been instrumental in many unforgettable hits of HFM where he has played guitar in the songs. There are over three hundred songs where he has performed Guitar. I am not going to list the songs where he played the guitar. Not only Guitar but he also played ‘wood rubaab’. (I am not sure if he played rubaab in film compositions too).

Then there is altogether separate identity of Bhupinder Singh which is as a ‘Ghazal Singer’. That will also require another separate post and I am not going to discuss this in today’s post.

In the recent months I have regularly listened to his many songs and many non-film songs too since I want to finish this write-up. I came across many songs which I wish to bring here on the blog in the future.

I would also like to mention one of his songs which is very close to my heart and which is from the album ‘Karadi Katha – Bandar Bindaas Bandar’, the song is “Ae Dost Bahadur Dost Mere”.

Then here is a link of the song which also I came across in recent past — “Moko Kahaan Dhoondhhe Re Bande

Today I present a song from the movie ‘Manzilen Aur Bhi Hain’ (1974) which is written by Yogesh. This song is sung by Bhupinder Singh and is also composed by him. Yes, I think this was the first and last time when he composed a music for a Hindi Film.

So, today on the blog, we introduce music director Bhupinder Singh Soni (or Bhupendra Soni as mentioned in HFGK).

‘Manzilen Aur Bhi Hain’ was directed by Mahesh Bhatt for Cine Guild, Bombay. It had Kabir Bedi, Prema Narayan, Gulshan Arora, Poornima, Sudhir, Shah Agha, Mukesh Bhatt, Soni, Randhir Raj, Viju Khote, Kirti Kumar, Sundar, Uma Dutt, Mac Mohan, and others. This movie was passed by Censor Board (after many ‘cuts’ as mentioned by Bhupinder Singh himself in his ‘exclusive interview’ (link given below)) on 13.08.1974 with an ‘A’ certificate (or restricted viewing certificate).

This movie has four songs written by Yogesh and composed to music by Bhupinder Singh. This movie is making its debut on the blog today.


Our tributes to our beloved Bhupinder Singh!!!

unki aawaaz hi pehchaan hai … aur sadiyon tak yah pehchaan rahegi …

yah aawaaz is kaainaat mein goonjti rahegi, gungunaati rahegi, gaati rahegi …

hamaare baad bhi
aayenge log jaayenge
to kya huaa jo
rahen nahin ham dahr ke liye. . .

zindagi phoolon ki nahin
phoolon ki tarah
mehki rahe ae. . .

[Author’s Note: Sources for some of the information used in this article are given below, I would be happy if readers also visited these links.
Exclusive Interview of Veteran Ghazal Singer Bhupinder Singh Part -1
Exclusive Interview of Veteran Ghazal Singer Bhupinder Singh Part -2
Legends on the Legendary Bhupinder Singh ]

Song – Har Ek Saans Hai Mehmaan Kuchh Pehar Ke Liye (Manzilein Aur Bhi Hain) (1974) Singers – Bhupendra, Lyrics – Yogesh, MD – Bhupendra


har ek saans hai
mehmaan kuchh pahar ke liye
har ek raat bani hai
yahaan sahar ke liye
har ek saans. . .

qafas mein rehke
bahaaron se kya hamen lena aa
kafas mein rehke
bahaaron se kya hamen lena
haseen ab ye nazaarein hain
bas nazar ke liye
har ek saans …

hamaare baad bhi
aayenge log jaayenge
hamaare baad bhi
aayenge log jaayenge
to kya huaa jo
rahe nahin ham dahr ke liye

har ek saans hai
mehmaan kuchh pahar ke liye
har ek raat bani hai
yahaan sahar ke liye
har ek saans …

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)

हर एक सांस है
मेहमान कुछ पहर के लिए
हर एक रात बनी है
यहाँ सहर के लिए
हर एक सांस है॰ ॰ ॰

कफ़स में रह के
बहारों से क्या हमें लेना
कफ़स में रह के
बहारों से क्या हमें लेना
हसीन अब ये नज़ारे हैं
बस नज़र के लिए
हर एक सांस है॰ ॰ ॰

हमारे बाद भी
आएंगे लोग जाएंगे
हमारे बाद भी
आएंगे लोग जाएंगे
तो क्या हुआ जो
रहे नहीं हम दहर के लिए

हर एक सांस है
मेहमान कुछ पहर के लिए
हर एक रात बनी है
यहाँ सहर के लिए
हर एक सांस है॰ ॰ ॰


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One word to describe this post: heartfelt
Some of the songs u have mentioned I cannot recall, need to listen again


Thanks for reading the post and liking it.


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