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Hullo Atuldom

Kaahe ko byaahi bides posted on 30 march 2014 is a post where I had thanked all the lyrics writers of film songs for highlighting emotions of human beings and particularly women. I had said “WOW” to writers who cared for feelings of the Female of the human species. Specially the feelings at the time of “Bidaai” after the wedding rituals.

In that post I had also mentioned that songs with the heading/ title “Kaahe ko byaahi bides” has appeared twice on the blog until that date -30/03/2014. It is nearly 9 years since and fresh reviewing shows that we have the following songs posted with the said title

Song Movie (Year) Date of post Remarks
Lakhi baabul mere kaaahe ko deenhi bides Suhaagraat (1948) 7 December 2011 Credited to Amir Khusro
Kaaahe ko byaahi bides Heer Ranjha (1948) 8 December 2011
Kaahe ko byaahi bides Nadirshah (1968) 25 February 2013
kaahe ko byaahi bides Aadha Din Aadhi Raat (1977) 30 March 2014
Kaahe ko byaahi bades Jailor (1938) 7 August 2018 (post by Arunji)
Kaahe ko byaahi bides re lakhi baabul morey Jhankaar(1942) 24 February 2020 (post by Arunji & credited to Amir Khusro.)
Kaahe ko byaahi bides Umraao Jaan (1981) 4 March 2022 (credited to Amir Khusro)

As can be seen from the above we have seven versions of “Kaahe ko byaahi bides” of which ‘suhaagraat”(1948) “Umrao Jaan” (1981) & ” Jhankaar” (1942) give credit to Amir Khusro for the song. One version each have been credited to Wali Sahab, Kamal Amrohi, Majrooh Sultanpuri & Anand Bakshi. Another interesting result of this review- two of the posts are exhaustive, highly informative writeups by our in-house encyclopaedia Shri Arunkumar Deshmukhji.

This is what he has said in his post dated 07/08/2018 about the use of this song in films :-

Today’s song is “Kaahe Ko Byaahi Bides”. This is a famous song by Amir Khusro. This has been used in several films like, Jhankaar-42, Heer Ranjha-48, Nadir Shah-68, Suhag Raat-48, Maang Bharo Sajna-80 and Umrao Jaan-2009, in addition to today’s song from film Jailor-38. It is also sung as a NFS by many famous singers. Mostly in films, the original song is mixed with some new lyrics and the credit is given to film’s lyricist. In film Jailor-38 too, the lyricist’s name is given as Kamal Amrohi.

All of what I have written above will make readers wonder where I am getting.

Of course I am presenting another version with this post. It is in the voice of Kavita Krishnamurthy, written by Anand Bakshi and tuned by Laxmi-Pyare. It is from the 1980 release “Maang Bharo Sajna” which was directed by T. Rama Rao and produced by A. Poornachandra Rao.

It had Rekha- Moushumi Chatterjee – Jeetendra heading a cast which also had Kajal Kiran, Asrani, Om Shivpuri, Parveen Paul, Yunus Parvez, Mohan Choti etc. The plot was essentially, an oft-repeated, melodrama where the hero falls in love & marries one heroine but has to, later, marry the other heroine who may have been selected by his family. At the time of the second marriage, the hero may believe that the first wife is dead or lost to him (as the case maybe) thus making the second marriage valid. Then the first wife will make a reappearance and then the complications will begin, leading to everyone being ready to sacrifice their love. Matters will get more interesting (for the audience) if the heroines are friends and infants are also present, then the climax will have one lady dying so that the other one live the rest of her life peacefully. This was the outline of most triangular love-stories, but was a hit-formula adopted by filmmakers to fill their coffers.

Today’s song comes at the close of the movie where we have a dying Rekha being accepted by Moushumi Chatterjee as her husband’s first wife. She instructs her husband to fill Rekha’s ‘Maang’ with Sindoor.

With this post we wish Kavita Krishnamurthy on turning a year older. This was one of her first recording for Hindi films. Of course, she had recorded ‘aayega aayega… aayega aanewaala” under Vilayat Khan’s music direction for “Kaadambari” (1975) and here is the post to that song as written by Sudhirji in his series “Songs Repeated In Hindi Films”.

That makes the song from “Kaadambari” her debut in Hindi films, which was followed by a song in Kannada under Bhaskar Chandavarkar’s music direction. Today’s song from “Maang Bharo Sajna” happened to be her first in the 1980s; however songs from “Pyar Jhukta Nahin” (1985) got her recognition; though there were other films between 1980 & 1985 were Kavita Krishnamurthy had sung songs most of which under Laxmi-Pyare’s music direction.

I had a very sweet experience last weekend. I got an opportunity to wish today’s birthday girl on the occasion of Sankranti. I interacted with her for a few minutes, wished her etc. She was gracious enough to let me click pictures with her. She told me that Bangalore is, now her favourite city, when I told her that I had met her once before too, on a flight from Bangalore to Mumbai.

Here is the song.

Song-Kaahe ko byaahi bides (Maang Bharo Sajna)(1980) Singer-Kavita Krishnamurthy, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


kaahe ko byaahi bides
lakhi baabul more
kaahe ko byaahi bides

paak bhara maine gudiyon ka chhoda
paak bhara maine gudiyon ka chhoda
chhoda saheliyon ka saath
lakhi baabul more
kaahe ko byaahi

kaahe ko byaahi bides
kaahe ko byaahi bides re
lakhi baabul more
kaahe ko byaahi bides

hum tore baabul chaube ki chidiya
hum tore baabul chaube ki chidiya
rain base ud jaaye re
lakhi baabul more
kaahe ko byaahi bides

bhaiyon ko dene mahle do-mahle
bhaiyon ko dene mahle do-mahle
humko diya pardes re
lakhi baabul more
kaahe ko byaahi bides

kaahe ko byaahi bides re
lakhi baabul more
kaahe ko byaahi bides
kaahe ko byaahi bides
kaahe ko byaahi bides

Karva chauth is a festival mainly associated with womenfolk, and as a result it is often forgotten by men. It is similar to men forgetting their wedding anniversaries, wife’s birthday etc. What does one do, when one realises this fact late ? One hurries up to make amends. And that is what I am trying to do just now. I have realised late that today is Karwa chauth festival, and so at this late hour, I am trying to push through some karwa chauth festival songs. 🙂
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