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II have barely heard of this movie called “Maharaja” (1970). This movie had Sanjay Khan and Nutan in it, and this movie must have sung without a trace when it was released in 1970. To this day, I have not been able to understand how Sanjay Khan made it in Hindi movies as a hero. I in fact wonder if he ever had a loyal fan following that most heroes have.Compared to him, someone like Shashi Kapoor (whom I regard as no good) should be regarded as a superstar. If one has to make a list of movies that succeeded because of Sanjay Khan, one may well draw a blank. I am not at all surprised if this movie “Maharaja” (1970) fell miserably at the box office.
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Here is a less known song from an obscure movie, though the movie itself is not all that old. The movie is “Juaari” (1968). The song is sung by three female singers and picturised on thee actresses. The singers are Suman Kalyanpur,Mubarak Begam and Krishna Bose. The song is a phone song in which three actresses are shown singing this song on phone to Shashi Kapoor, who apparently plays the love interest of all these ladies. The actresses are Naaz, Nanda and Tanuja.
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There are some songs in Hindi movies that become so popular that they become part of day to day lives of people. Based on their topic, some of them become school prayers and some become standard bhajans for religious occasions.I call such songs as iconic songs.
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By late 1950s, Meena Kumari was moving over from happy bubbly roles to weepy sentimental roles. “Dil Apna Aur Preet Paraayi” (1960) is one of the first such movies where Meena Kumari was seen in such a role, though her role here is not as melodramatic as it would become in her subsequent movies.
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Most people may be under the impression that Helen appeared in cabarat/ club dance kind of songs throughout her career and that Asha Bhonsle was the playback singer for her in these songs.
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Vyjyanti Mala made her debut in Hindi movies with “Bahaar”(1951). In this movie,she was paired opposite Karan Dewan.
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“Madaari” (1959) was a B grade movie with lesser known actors working in it. To this date I do not know anything about Chitra, Ranjan, Manhar Desai etc who act in this movie.
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I have been discussing songs from “Zimbo” (1958) these days. So far I have discussed a “running around the tree” song and a stage song.
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Ghazals became a popular kind of songs in Hindi movies in 1960s. But it was in early 1950s that Ghazals began to get popular in Hindi movies.
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“Sheesham” (1952) is a by now forgotten movie. This movie had Nasir Khan, Kuldeep, Nutan,Gope etc in it.
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