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Kar gayee mast mujhe phaagun ki hawaa

Posted on: March 17, 2014

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“Dillagi” (1978) was directed by Basu Chatterji. It was a romantic comedy which I had not liked during its time when I watched this movie. Perhaps I was too young for a movie on this topic at that time. 🙂 The movie had Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Mithu Mukherji, Deven Verma, Asrani, Preeti Ganguly, Keshto Mukherji, Shatrughan Sinha etc in it.

Today (17 march 2014) is the festival of Holi. on this occasion, here is a holi song from “Dillagi” (1978). This song is sung by Kishore Kumar, Suman Kalyanpur and chorus. Yogesh is the lyricist. Music is composed by Rajesh Roshan.

The song is picturised on Dharmendra, Hema Malini and others.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.

Song-Kar gayee mast mujhe phaagun ki hawaa (Dillagi)(1978) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-Rajesh Roshan

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Kar gayee ee mast mujhe ae
phaagun ki hawaa
main lagaa jhoomney ae
mujhe kyaa hone lagaa
main lagaa aa aa jhoomney ae
mujhe kyaa hone lagaa

aayee re
aayee re aayee
rangon bhari rut ye aayee

ho o o o
aa aa aa aa
Holi aayee re salone rang aaj
khadi khadi chhalke ye
Holi aayee re
Holi aayee re
dilon mein armaan
kitnon ke machlenge
Holi aayee re

O o o o o o
o o o o o o

Aa aa aa aa
Aa aa aa aa
Aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

arrey sun raani
bolo jijaa
ae holi ke bahaane
barjori naa kar
aajaa idhar
arrey lagtaa hai darr
dekhoon aaj bachke tu
jaayegaa kidhar

arrey jaane bhi do
arrey abhi ruko
taanaa maare sabki nazar
arrey main kya karoon
arrey main to chaloon
rangi nahin kori chunar
hey ae ae
kar gayee mast mujhe
aa aa aa aa
phaagun ki hawaa
main lagaa aa jhoomney
O oo
mujhe kyaa hone lagaa


14 Responses to "Kar gayee mast mujhe phaagun ki hawaa"

My favourite movie, my favourite song also Thanks Avinash ji , I liked Basu chatterjee`s direction very much in this movie produced by Dharmendra`s family members or is it Dharmendra`s home production ??
Kesto Mukherjee,Asrani,Deven Varma,Preethi Ganguly(they are hillarious in this movie), I miss you people very much.

‘Happy Holi’ to all associated with ASAD !

@ Prakash ji – I am not much aware about this film ‘Dillagi-1978’ s Production and other aspects. Only the film had been in my vague memory, as I had watched it during those years.
After joining ASAD I had shared its two songs to Atul ji,( of which one went to the other side of the score board 🙂 ).
I do also like films of Basu Chatterjee, he has given us many special and unforgettable films.
Thanks for liking it. Getting a comment/appreciation on 70’s songs from you is like getting an ‘award’ for me, and its like getting a comment from the ‘master of the 70’s’.
thank you very much !

Avinash ji,

Your innovative word ASAD for Atul song a day. sounds like some Lyricist’s first name-e.g. ASAD Bhopali.
In tune with with this idea,you will be ASAD Amdabadi,I will become ASAD Hyderabadi,Prakash ji will be ASAD Mangalori and Sudhir ji may become ASAD Dehlavi !


Wah Wah Arun ji,

Ab aaya hai Holi ka mazaa.

😀 😀


Avinash ji

Me also missed the bus in case of Lyrics of (Lata romantic solo-> “kaun saa geet sunaaaoon”from this movie and another song “Baadal to chhaaye”(Lata Sad solo) is pending with Atul ji 🙂 Dekhein kiss ke naam jaataa hai ye gaanaa !

For balance songs from this movie i am not in the race now 🙂 except for the Part-II Holi song.

Being an aredent fan of Suraiya, Dharamji registered Dillagi(Suraiya starred in old Dillagi-1949) title in his name and used this title in two of his home productions Dillagi (1978),Dillagi(1999-Sunny,Bobby Deol,Urmila Mathondkar starrer)

But how come 1966 dillagi starred Mala Sinha and sanjay khan ? I wonder.

happy Holi to all atulites
there is one more holi song in this movie or is it continuation for this song? I think the line “jijaji ko didi ne dhoka diya” is a line in that song which Preethi Ganguly and her friends sing

@ Peevesie’s Mom ji – Happy HOLI to you and all your family members !
There is this part ‘rang rejwa tu ‘ song in this film , which seems to be a part II (or extended version) of this song. However at that time I could not find its audio/video. Shall try again to complete it.
thanks !

The full video of the song :

The line jeejaji ko didi ne dhoka doya’ is at 3:48

link to the vinyl record-LP cover of the movie showing the song listing :

@ Kamath Sir – many thanks for the video of complete song. It is very nice and enjoyable song. I have sent the balance lyrics to Atul ji.

@ Deshmukh Sir – The terms ‘ASAD’ has originally been ‘coined’ by Sudhir Sir in one of his posts (i think 8/9 months back). As suggested by you the idea is good, except that my name would be ASAD Kachchhi, as i am living in Kachchh region and i like it very much too 🙂

@ Prakash ji – as per the vinyl record cover list this song ‘kar gayee mast mujhe’ is not mentioned in it, also it is not listed on

But Just a guess
“Kar gayee mast mujhe” may be mentioned as “Rangrejwa too rang” sung by Kishore,Suman Kalyanpur and chorus as mentioned on the lp vinyl cover
May be (just a guess work)
1st part:rangrejwaa too
2nd part:Kar gayee mast mujhe
3rd part:Jijaji ko didi ne dhokha diyaa

here is the a short clip of rangrejwaa tu

You can watch the full song at below link:

“rangrejwa tu rang gayee” starts at 32:58
“kar gayee mast mujhe” follows the above
and jijaji ko didi ne follows and the song ends at 38:46

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