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Laaga laaga jhulaniya ka dhakka balam Kalkatta paunch gaye

Posted on: December 29, 2022

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2012-2022) – Song No. 138

This month ‘December’ was a special month for the blog ten years back i.e., in 2012.
The blog tally hit a double hundred exactly and clocked 200 posts in ‘December 2022’. This was the ‘sixth’ double hundred for the blog after July-August-September’2011, and August & Sepetember’2012 where the blog scored over two hundred posts in single month.

The overall average per day for this month was well above six songs per day. But when we look for today’s day i.e.,29th December’ ten years back in 2012 the blog saw twelve songs posted in a single day !

Regulars on the blog now-a-days or those associated with the blog in recent years would not believe this 😊 but, that is the fact.

Following is the list of songs posted on 29.12.2012 in ascending order (i.e., the last song of the day appears at the bottom of this list below)

Song Movie title(Year) Remarks
Chinchpokli chinchpokli Shabistaan(1951) All songs covered by now
Meethhi meethhi yaad teri dil tadpaa gayee Great Show of India(1958) 01 song posted only
Aji tum aur ham hon saath saath Marine Drive(1955 ) All songs covered
Ho ruk jaa ruk jaa ruk jaa laut kea aana hoga Changez Khan(1957) All songs covered
Kaho meri Sarkar tabeeyat kaisi hai Trunk Call(1960) 01 song posted only
Hatt jaao deewaane aaye Singapore(1960) All songs covered
Badhaayee ho badhaayee janam din ki tumko Mera Munna(1967) 01 song posted only
Tumhaare dil ko ulfat ka nishaana karke chhodenge Johar Mehmood In Hong Kong(1971) 4 of 6 songs posted
Ham unko dekhte hain Benazir(1964) All songs covered by now
Ram kare babua hamaar phulwaa ko Anuraag(1972) All songs covered by now
Kis ki sadaayen mujhko bulaayen Red Rose(1980 ) All songs covered by now
Shakti de maa Ashaanti(1982) 3 of 5 songs posted

From the above table we can see that out of the twelve movies represented on the blog on 29.12.2012, seven movies have already been ‘Yippeeee’ed on the blog or covered with all their songs on the blog. So today we have five movies viz. ‘Great Show of India-1958’, ‘Trunk Call-1960’, ‘Mera Munna-1967’, ‘Johar Mehmood in Hong Kong-1971’, and ‘Ashanti-1982’.

I am presenting a song from the movie ‘Johar Mehmood in Hon Kong-1971’ today under this ‘blog ten-year challenge’ of today. Lyrics for this song have been sent by Prakash ji.

“Johar Mehmood in Hongkong” (1971) was produced by Madan Chopra and K.Z. Sheth. It was directed by S.A. Akbar and was presented by M.O. Bawazir for Mahesh Ashish.

The movie had I.S. Johar, Mehmood, Sonia Sahni, Aruna Irani, Tiwari, Kamal Kapoor, Tuntun, Manorama, Madhumati, Haroon, and Pran. Agha, Mukri, Jr. Mehmood, Polson, Shaikh, B.B. Bhalla, Raj Kishore, Khairati, Murad appears as Guest Artistes in this movie.

This movie was written by I.S. Johar who also wrote the screenplay and dialogues for this movie. Vithal Bankar was the editor for this movie.

Music for this movie was composed by Kalyanji-Anandji who were assisted by Babla and where Parte was the arranger and Frank Fernand the Conductor.
There were Six songs in this movie penned by Qamar Jalalabadi (four songs) and two songs are jointly credited to Qamar Jalalabadi and Indeevar (as per HFGK).

Asha Bhonsle, Mohd Rafi, Mukesh, Shamshad Begam, Manna Dey and Usha Timothi gave their voices to the songs in this movie.
As per HFGK Lakshmi Shankar, Usha Khanna and Usha Mangeshkar’s voice has been in one song each, however their names are not mentioned in the titles of this movie (available on YT).

So far four songs from this movie have been posted on the blog. Today’s song is the fifth song from this movie to appear on the blog.

Here is the list of songs in this movie :-

SNo Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Tumhaare dil ko ulfat ka Laxmi Shankar, Usha Timothy, chorus 29.12.2012
02 Nathaniyaa haale to badaa mazaa hoye Shamshad Begam 23.04.2021
03 Jalti hai duniyaa jalti rahe Mukesh, Usha Khanna, chorus 30.06.2012
04 Ham to tere hai deewaane Mohd Rafi, Manna Dey
05 Laagaa laagaa jhulaniyaa ka dhakka Asha Bhonsle, Usha Mangeshkar Being discussed today
06 Aayo aayo nav-raatri tyohaar Mohd Rafi, Mukesh, Chorus 10.10.2018

Let us now enjoy today’s song which is performed on screen by Sonia Sahni and Aruna Irani. We can also see Kamal Kapoor, I.S. Johar, Mehmood, Tun Tun, Tiwari, Pran, Ramayan and others in the picturisation of the song.

Let us now enjoy the today’s entertaining song and ‘push’ this movie a step closer to the ‘Yippeeee-land’. 😊

As mentioned above lyrics for today’s song was sent by Prakashchandra.

Song-Laaga laaga jhulaniya ka dhakka balam Kalkatta pahunch gaye (Johar Mehmood in Hongkong)(1971)Singers – Asha Bhonsle, Usha Mangeshkar Lyrics – Qamar Jalalabadi, MD – Kalyanji-Anandji

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

laagaa rey lagaa rey laagaa rey laaga laagaa
hho laagaa
laagaa lagaaa jhulaniyaa ka dhakkaa
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye
hoye hoye hoye ae
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye ae
ho paataa kaataa
aisaa kaataa nazariyon se pattaa
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye ae
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye ae

armaan reh gaye ae dil mein dil ke
kuchh bhi na paayaa unn`se mil ke
armaan reh gaye ae dil mein dil ke
kuchh bhi na paayaa unn`se mil ke
woh khilaadi thhe anaadi
woh khilaadi anaadi
na jaane dil ka khel

maine maaraaa….aaa
maine maaraa jo chhakkey pe sattaa
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye
laagaa laagaa jhulaniyaa ka dhakka
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye

usne dey doon dhokhaa
hamne samjhaa..aa ye hai maukaa
usne chaahaa dey doon dhokhaa
hamne samjhaa ye hai maukaa
lagey daaon
ajee aao
lagey daaon ki aao
hamaari hogi jeet

maine kaisaa…aaa
maine kaisaa phiraayaaa hai matkaa
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye ae
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye

laagaa laagaa jhulaniyaa ka dhakkaa
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye ae
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye

hum to unn`se ae badlaa lenge
din mein taare dikhlaa denge
hum to unn`se ae badlaa lenge
din mein taare dikhlaa denge
woh deewaane
woh kyaa jaane
woh deewaane kyaa jaane
hamaare dil ka raaz

maine maaraa
maine maaraa nishaana woh pakkaa
balam Calcutta pahunch
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye
laagaa laagaa jhulaniyaa ka dhakka
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye
balam Calcutta pahunch gaye ae

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