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Wo Ladki Hai Kahaan

Posted on: April 25, 2023

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It really has been a while– I do not follow the current Hindi films scene on a regular basis. I think this started in mid 1980s. One factor was that my life became quite mobile as far as my work situation was concerned. Moving to Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1987, then on to US in 1988, back in Delhi 1996, change of workplace two times, and then back again in the US in 2000. Back in Delhi 2009/10, and then more ongoing travel albeit shorter and less frequent.

There are two more factors that I can think of. My deep interest in Hindi films and film music has been with me since I was a student of 3rd/4th grade school. A big chunk of my memory is full of many items starting from that period. However, as we get on to 1980s, and beyond the mid 1980s, the flavors of music in films were changing. For good or bad, I do not make this judgment, but it became different from the likeable and favorite stock stored in me. And so the interest started to wane somewhat. 1980s was also a period of significant transition and churn in terms of the artists and persona who had molded my interest and my love for this art form. Many left us, and many others were sidelined, for reasons I once again do not want to make a judgment on. Bottom line was that the music that was being created in the industry was holding less and less attraction and interest for me.

No, this is not a blanket dismissal of everything that has happened in the industry since mid 1980s. Just that there were progressively lesser artifacts that would catch my attention, and get added to my list of favorites in the memory stores.

Another factor that started becoming more prominent in life relates to the advent of the internet in the 1990s. Being in the IT industry, we were always at the forefront of the changes that were being brought in technology. Email appeared, messaging appeared, and network connectivity in some limited manner became available. Working in IT companies, I was always connected to whatever was the extent of the online net availability. Public networks and home connectivity was still a few years ahead, but from the offices, we had the luxury of being able to access whatever online resources were available then.

I remember I was on an assignment in San Dimas, close to LA in California. While browsing the internet from my office I stumbled upon a web site that had been put up by a gentleman named Amarjeet Singh Anand, who lived in San Fernando, further south from where I was. I discovered a gold mine – songs that were heard on radio in the 60s and 70s, and then never heard of again. The recordings were very low bit rate – the networks could not support high volumes. But I latched on to this website, and my entire weekends were spent in office, dedicated to downloading everything I could. The websites were not restricted, the concept and ability to download was not well known, and the office networks also did not have any controls as yet. Once having figured out the download capability, it was a trip into a wonderland of music of the years gone by, the music that was burnt onto the hard drives in my memory.

Then started this new phase of my passion for this music. Now the trip became to collect Hindi film songs in digital form. As time progressed, more and more online resources were discovered. Also one started getting introduced to more people who were doing such collections – the network grew and so did the collections by exchange and sharing.

And so, the interest in the current Hindi cinema and its music never really took any roots inside. The search still continues. This activity brought me in contact with many more like minded collectors, archivists and film history buffs. Geet Kosh came into life and a lot changed after that. And then Atul ji stepped into my life through Atul-Song-A-Day. And of course, the things in life were never the same again.

So in the current times, viewing of films and listening to music is more as per recommendations from friends and family members. I continue to read enough news to keep abreast of the current happenings in Hindi cinema, but only rarely do I get motivated to see any films of the new crop.

But that does not mean that my contact with current cinema is zero. As I said, based on recommendations I do keep in touch. The film ‘Dil Chaahta Hai’ (2001) – I had heard good things about this film. A maiden production effort by Farhan Akhtar ; a story revolving around the lives of three very close friends, and their fortunes in personal relationships.

I was based in San Jose at that time. I think I got to see this film probably in 2003 or 2004. A junior Indian colleague at work coaxed me to see this film. He expressed surprise that I had not seen this film. He promptly made a DVD disc for me, to view at leisure.

In many ways, it was a first introduction to many an actor from the newer generation. It was the first time to find out that Farhan Akhtar is the son of Javed Akhtar (from his earlier marriage with Honey Irani). Also the first time to be introduced to the lyrics from the pen of Javed Akhtar. Also to know that the tradition of duo and trio music directors in Hindi cinema is still alive with Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. And to be introduced to the new crop of actors – Aamir, Priety, Saif, Akshay (Khanna), Sonali et al. And to find out to my dismay that my sweet little Bobby, the heartthrob of my college days, had actually aged.

The film is about love, about different flavors of it. That different people view it differently, treat it differently, have different interpretations and expectations. The fundamental message being that each person has a different opinion of love, and it is a great fortune to meet someone who has the similar view in life. Yes, truly a great fortune. Having been fed on primarily happy ending fairy tales that I had been viewing since childhood, the mindset of the child within was that there is always a smooth ride and a happy outcome of a love story. No, not that I have not viewed films at variance with this view, but still. After a gap of having kept distance from Hindi films, ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was a wonderful refresher course in looking at filmy love stories once again.

I liked the film at first viewing itself. And also the music and songs. A learning for me that yes, music can be refreshing coming from artists whose names I had never heard before, and names that did not inspire any confidence. And yet, this film and its music entered my list of favorites. And that too, post 2000.

Four songs of this film are already on the blog. I present today a lilting exchange between the girl-boy pair in their effort to find the perfect match in life. There is a certain old world charm and a slowly sinking in surrealism in the presentation of this song. Sameer (role played by Saif Ali Khan) and Pooja (role played by Sonali Kulkarni) are friends who go to see a film. The magic happens in the cinema hall, and we come face to face with another “dream of wide awake eyes” experience. Immersed in the music, both Sameer and Pooja fancy themselves to be the protagonists on the screen. The love song being played is “dreamed” of as being enacted by them. There is disbelief at first, which is then followed by a disarming acceptance of a shared experience that brings to surface realizations that they have probably been nurturing inside.

And the surrealism comes to a sharp pitch at the end of the song sequence, when the entire audience inside the hall joins the love birds in chorus, acknowledging the presence of an “Aha” moment amidst them. A cute presentation. The song picturization, the dress up, the dance steps all are an enlivening throwback on the earlier decades of Hindi cinema.

This song once again further emboldens the firm belief that all it takes to make love and consent appear between the supposed love birds is three minutes (in this case five), i.e. the duration of a song. All that is in doubt is set right, all that is hidden beneath surprised appearances surfaces, the smiles come on, and the hand-in-hand arms entwined happy outcome is signaled at the end of the three minutes. Well, somethings will probably never change. And thankfully so. 😀

Getting close to time out and I must pause to make this post online. The century marker trumpet is just waiting behind me to tootle the announcement of the 177th century milestone. So without much further ado, take a listen to this song and then on to the milestone.

Happy listening.


Song – Wo Ladki Hai Kahaan  (Dil Chaahta Hai) (2001) Singer – Shaan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Lyrics – Javed Akhtar, MD – Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy


jise dhoondhta hoon main har gali
jo kabhi mili mujhe hai nahin
mujhe jiske pyaar par ho yakeen
wo ladki hai kahaan

jise sirf mujhse hi pyaar ho
jo ye kehne ko bhi taiyaar ho
suno tum hi mere dildaar ho
wo ladki hai kahaan

jo tumhaare khwaabon mein hai basi
wo haseen murti pyaar ki
miliegi tumhen kabhi na kabhi
zara dekho yahan wahan

chalo dhoondhte hain hum tum kahin
wo pari wo hoor wo naazneen
jise dekho to kaho tum wahi
arey ye to hai yahaan

jaane kyon
khayaal aaya mujhe
ke wo ladki kahin tum to nahin..een
tum mein hain
wo saari khoobiyaan
hai jinko dhoondhta
main har kahin
tumhen dhokha lagta hai ho gaya
mujhe hai samajh liya jaane kya
na main hoon pari na hoon apsara
karo tum na ye gumaan
jise dhoondhta hoon main har gali
jo kabhi mili mujhe hai nahin
mujhe jiske pyaar par ho yakeen
wo ladki hai kahaan

maan lo
agar main ye kahoon
ke mere khwaabon mein
tum hi to ho..oo..oo
jaan lo
mera armaan hai
ke mere saath hi
ab tum raho..oo..oo
mujhe tumne kya ye samjha diya
mere dil ko kaise dadhka diya
mere tan badan ko pighla diya
wo sunaai daastaan..aan

jise dhoondhta hoon main har gali
jo kabhi mili mujhe hai nahin
mujhe jiske pyaar par ho yakeen
wo ladki hai kahaan
wo ladki hai yahaan

wo ladki hai kahaan
wo ladki hai yahaan

wo ladki hai kahaan
wo ladki hai yahaan

wo ladki hai kahaan
wo ladki hai yahaan

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

जिसे ढूँढता हूँ मैं हर गली
जो कभी मिली मुझे है नहीं
मुझे जिसके प्यार पर हो यकीं
वो लड़की है कहाँ

जिसे सिर्फ मुझसे ही प्यार हो
जो ये कहने को भी तैयार हो
सुनो तुम ही मेरे दिलदार हो
वो लड़की है कहाँ

जो तुम्हारे ख्वाबों में है बसी
वो हसीन मूर्ति प्यार की
मिलेगी तुम्हें कभी ना कभी
ज़रा देखो यहाँ वहाँ

चलो ढूंढते हैं हम तुम कहीं
वो परी वो हूर वो नाज़नीं
जिसे देखो तो कहो तुम वही
अरे ये तो है यहाँ

जाने क्यों
खयाल आया मुझे
के वो लड़की कहीं तुम तो नहीं॰॰ईं
तुम में हैं
वो सारी खूबियाँ
है जिनको ढूँढता
मैं हर कहीं
तुम्हें धोखा लगता है हो गया
मुझे है समझ लिया जाने क्या
ना मैं हूँ परी ना हूँ अप्सरा
करो तुम ना ये गुमाँ
जिसे ढूँढता हूँ मैं हर गली
जो कभी मिली मुझे है नहीं
मुझे जिसके प्यार पर हो यकीं
वो लड़की है कहाँ

मान लो
अगर मैं ये कहूँ
के मेरे ख्वाबों में
तुम ही तो हो॰॰ओ॰॰ओ
जान लो
ये मेरा अरमान है
के मेरे साथ ही
अब तुम रहो॰॰ओ॰॰ओ
मुझे तुमने क्या ये समझा दिया
मेरे दिल को कैसे धड़का दिया
मेरे तन बदन को पिघला दिया
वो सुनाई दास्तान॰॰आं

जिसे ढूँढता हूँ मैं हर गली
जो कभी मिली मुझे है नहीं
मुझे जिसके प्यार पर हो यकीं
वो लड़की है कहाँ
वो लड़की है यहाँ

वो लड़की है कहाँ
वो लड़की है यहाँ

वो लड़की है कहाँ
वो लड़की है यहाँ

वो लड़की है कहाँ
वो लड़की है यहाँ

7 Responses to "Wo Ladki Hai Kahaan"

Enjoyed reading this post. Thanks,
Yes, the advent of internet has given a totally new dimension for music lovers, finding rare songs, listening them, downloading them etc and has been a boon for music collectors all over.
I am yet to watch this movie, as it come during the same year of ‘Gadar’ and ‘Indian’ and I preferred watching ‘Sunny Deol’ over others 🙂 though I watched ‘Lagaan’ and ‘KKKG’ and even ‘Ashoka’ in that year.
Thanks and regards,


Sudhir ji,
Thanks for an interesting post.
Enjoyed reading it.


Sudhir ji,

Thanks for the post and pleasantly surprised with your selection of the song.

Around 2011-12, I too was in touch with the website you are referring and also ASAD. Then, it was as if our interests were placed on a platter with such easy access to information and possession of songs.

Else, it was very much restricted to radio, newspaper and magazine articles etc.

I remember this particular song was also frequently used for light comedy shows on tv.

My personal favourite from the film is of course “Tanhayee” though I don’t remember watching the movie from start to end.



“Tanhaayi” is my favourite too. I have just realised that I have written 3 posts of the songs of this film, yet ‘Tanhaayi’ is not done. Must remedy it ASAP.


Sudhir Ji,
Very nice post. I am surprised that this song is being covered in the blog so late in the day. It certainly is a lovely song, with great picturization. I loved the film too immensely.


A song that I love to see.
The other connect with the old world charm is the look that Saif & Sonali sport. The clean-shaven look of Saif, the eyelid- flutter of Sonali and the “hook-step” of the song —- all contribute to a charming song.
I am glad that you presented this song, the write-up justifies the pull that the “lovers of Film music of the 60s & 70s” have to the songs of this movie.


Thank you for the wonderful reminder of this retro song. This was a landmark film in its own way, without being over the top, seriously funny, neat and clean entertainment.


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