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“Gateway of India” (1957) was a suspense thriller starring Bharat Bhushan, Madhubala, Pradeep Kumar, Chandrashekhar, Om Prakash, Raj Mehra, Johny Walker, Anita Guha, Master Bhagwan, Sundar etc. This movie was directed by Om Prakash.
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Barsaat Ki Raat (1960) – just take away everything else, all the story, the screenplay, the characters, the histrionics, all the songs and music, and on screen plays, just take it all away, and leave just the three qawwaalis, and the greatness of this film will not be dimmed one bit. The three qawwaalis are the epitome of what this music and art form is all about. The first in the sequence, Nigaah e naaz ke maaron ka haal kyaa hogaa was discussed yesterday. The third, and the best known iconic qawwali of the three, Na to kaarwaan ki talaash hai…ye ishq ishq hai(Barsaat ki raat) has been discussed almost a little over three years ago, and then recently updated to its complete form. We are now left with the second offering in sequence, which is the subject of this post.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Film Barsaat Ki Raat (1960) is a tale of romance and love, built around a poet’s dream, and a troupe of singers who specialize in qawwaali singing. The storyline progresses as two sub plots intertwined with each other. The first is about Bharat Bhushan and his romantic interest in Madhubala. And the second is about Shyama and her family, who are the troupe of qawwaali singers, and their progression in the qawwaali competitions. Besides the wonderful songs that have been created for this film by Sahir Ludhianvi and Roshan, there are three iconic, and very famous qawaalis in this film, that basically defined its popularity in the minds of film goers.
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It has happened to me quite often that I have gone to my office only to realise that the office was closed because it was a holiday. 😀 And on the other hand, there have been days when the office was open even when it was holiday for most people.
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Shammi Kapoor found his true calling in “Tumsa Nahin Dekha” (1957). The formula and pattern of his future Shammi Kapoor movies were more or less defined in this movie itself. But some more things were yet to be finalised.
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