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“Oot Pataang” (1955) was a G M Production movie. It was directed by Chandulal Shah. The movie had Agha, Usha Kiran, Anwar, Maruti, Jankidas, Madhuri etc in it.
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Regulars of this blog must have noticed that the daily output of this blog seems to have dwindled for the last few days. The reasons for that can be summed up briefly by saying that I have not been able to devote as much time to the blog as is necessary for its usual daily quota of songs.
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Today (15 august 2012) is the 65th Independence day of India.

The main function on this day is held in New Delhi at the Red Fort (Laal Qila) from where the Prime Minister addresses the nation. The eyes of the nation are glued to New Delhi on the occasion through TV, Radio, etc.
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“Hongkong”(1962) was produced and directed by Paachi. Starcast of the movie included names like Ashok Kumar, B Saroja Devi, Helen, Lily, Leo, Bhalla, Baburao, Kitty, King Kong, Kundan, Om Prakash, K. N. Singh etc.
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“Hongkong” (1962) was produced and directed by A S Pachchi. The satrcast included Ashok Kumar, B Saroja Devi, Helen etc. This movie was one of the first movies that treated Indian movie goers to the sights of foreign locations, which was then a novelty in Hindi movies.
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In Hindi movies, most activities are carried out according to a set piece pattern, and that included songs as well. Teasing songs, romantic songs, expression of love song, all of them seem to follow some well laid down guidelines.
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“Oomar Qaid” (1961) is a movie produced by Super pictures and directed by Aspi Irani. This B grade movie had actors like Sheikh Mukhtar, Sudhir, Nazima, Helen, Mukri, Hiralal, Sulochana, Mohan Choti, Jeevankala etc in it.
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In the morning today (21st october 2011), I became aware that today was the birthday of Shammi Kapoor. But today was also the day when time was at a premium for me. I managed to post two songs in the morning before getting busy for the rest of the day.
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“Dushman” appears to be quite a popular title of Hindi movies. About half a dozen movies of this name have been produced so far. In this blog, I have discussed songs from three such movies, viz “Dushman” (1938),”Dushman”(1957) and “Dushman” (1971).
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When I was growing up as a kid, I loved listening to songs that had names of places in them. To my mind, if the name of a place figured in a song, then that song had “arrived”. The name of Bombay figured in several songs naturally and I envied the people living in that Metropolital city.
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