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Today (25 october 2014) is the birth anniversary of Sharda Rajan Iyengar, who is known to music lovers as just Sharda. Shankar (of Shankar Jaikishan duo) had brought her to limelight with the “Suraj”(1966) song Titli udi ud jo chali. This song tied with another “Suraj”(1966) song Bahaaron phool barsaao for the best singer Filmfare award. There used to be just one Filmfare award for best singer those days (common for both genders) and this song getting tied for the top singer category made Filmfare create the categories of best Male and best Female playback singers from the next year onwards. I was a very young kid those days and I was one of those who were simply mesmerised by this “titli udi” song those days.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Greetings to all as we celebrate today the 66th anniversary of independence of this nation. Over the years, we have enjoyed many songs, published on this blog and many not yet showcased here. Songs that celebrate the spirit of patriotism and nationalism, songs that celebrate the event of freedom for this nation on this day. The flavors and the moods of these songs vary a lot. From serious songs of nationalism, from songs that talk of struggles and martyrdom, from songs that exhort their audience to rise and protect, to the songs that celebrate the honor of this land and its people, to the songs that express joy of freedom, and songs that inspire hard work and nation building. So many poets have written such a variety of verses. Every Independene Day and Republic Day we post 6 to 8 songs, and yet there seems to be a treasure of such songs that is out there, still to be discovered.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Wonderful gems still to waiting to be rediscovered, and in the queue for making an appearance on this blog. Well, one day this treasure may all be known and documented, but thankfully, that day is still a long way off. And the journey of the musical bandwagon on this blog, continues on its merry way, searching, researching, documenting and posting. Oh, what a joy.
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Here is this song from “Deedaar” (1951). It is sung by Lata and it is picturised on a lady looking extremely happy and besides herself with joy. I had great difficulty in identifying her and I actually rubbed my eyes in disbelief on realising that the lady in question was none other than Nimmi ! I was told that the only occasion when Nimmi was seen breaking into a faint smile was in a 1960s movie and that too towards the fag end of her career. but this song alters all that. She actually is seen smiling whole heartedly in this song.
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“Armaan” (1953) was a Film Trust of India production. It was directed by Fali Mistry. The movie had Madhubala, Jagirdar, Shakila, Gulab, Dev Anand, Murad, K. N. Singh etc in it.
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“Nehle Pe Dehla” (1976) was an Ajanta Arts production. It was produced by Sunil Dutt and directed by Raj Khosla. The movie saw the “Padosan” (1968) lead pair of Sunil Dutt and Saira Bano paired up once again in this movie. The movie also had Vinod Khanna, Bindu, Ramayan Tiwari, Dev Kumar, Ranjeet, Kamini Kaushal, Anwar Hussain, Trilok Kapoor, Bharat Bhooshan, ShivKumar, Romeo, Keshav Rana, Vikas Anand, Prem Kumar, Hercules, Daljit Rao, Pehlwan, Vivek, Sonu, Dhanraj, Bittu, Jilani, Ramesh Aejaz, Premnath, Om Prakash, Bhushan Tiwari etc in it.
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I have discussed songs from “Taqdeer” (1943) as well as “Taqdeer” (1967) in this blog. It turns out that there was a movie with this title in 1950s too.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

So I come across this foot tapping melody by Rafi Saab, and as I start looking for details, up comes the name of the picture – “Miss ‘58”. First reaction is ‘wow, ok’. But then, thinking of the film “Mr and Mrs ‘55”, well why not “Miss ‘58”. Then a little more browsing on the blog reveals that there are already six films represented here whose names start with ‘Miss. . .’. and eight films starting with ‘Mr. . .’, and of course ‘Mr and Mrs 55’. And a cursory browse through the list of films from other sources, shows that there still are more films starting with ‘Miss’ and ‘Mr’ that are awaiting entry on this website.
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What is the first song that comes to one’s mind when one talks of the movie “Hariyaali Aur Raasta” (1962) ? Its title song, did you say ? What about the song Bol meri taqdeer me kya hai or Ibtidaa-e-ishq mein ham or Kho gaya hai mera pyaar or Laakhon taare asmaan mein or Teri yaad dil se bhulaane chala hoon ?
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I have discussed one song from “Suhaag Sindoor” (1961) in the past. At that time, I had little knowledge about that movie.
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