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“Putlibai” (1972), though a recent movie by the standards of this blog has been all but forgotten. If this movie is still remembered by afew music lovers then that is mainly because of a timeless qawwali that this movie contained. This qawwali was Aise besharm aashiq hai ye aaj ke (Putlibai) by Yusuf Azad and Rashida Khatoon, two famous real life qawwaals of those days.
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This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

KAPOOR Khandaan is called the First family of Bollywood, not for nothing !

Starting with Prithwiraj Kapoor till Kareena and Ranbir, all through the generations, they have been shining in the film industry. This is not just because they belonged to the Kapoor khandaan. In film industry, particularly in the acting field, one can not survive for long, if one has no talent or if he is not doing hard work. One’ s ancestry alone is not acceptable to the Indian audience. This has been proved time and again. For example, Raaj kumar, Raj Babbar, Rajendra Kumar or Shashi Kapoor were successful actors, but what happened to their sons ?
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“Shikaari” (1963) was an Eagle Films Production. It was directed by Mohammad Hussain. The movie had Ajit, Raagini, Helen, Habib, K.N.Singh, Bir Sakuja, Randhir, Tuntun, Madhumati, Raani, Kamal Mehra, Sheela Kashmiri, Baburao, Kamal Mohan, V.Gopal, Jerry, Sabir, Shaam Kumar, Keshav Rana,etc in it.
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“Ganga Jamuna” (1961) was a Citizen Films Production which was Dilip Kumar’s home production house. The movie was directed by Nitin Bose. The movie had Dilip Kumar, Vyjyantimala, Nasir Khan, Helen, Azra, Kanhaiyalal, Anwar, Nazir Hussain, S. Nazir, Akashdeep, Aruna, Naaz, Praveen Paul, Leela Chitnis etc in it.
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There are some actors in Hindi movies who are so badly typedcast that it is rare to see or imagine them in roles different from the ones for which they are well known. For instance, Nimmi is perceived to be an actress who is always dealt a rough deal by the fate. Not just I, even some regulars are of the same view. For example, one regular, while sending me the lyrics of a song picturised on Nimmi informed me that he could detect a faint smile on Nimmi’s face in the pcturisation. I watched that song several times in super slow motion to witness the rare occurence.
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8th september is Asha Bhonsle’s birthday. On this occasion, I have discussed a couple of rare and special songs sung by Asha Bhonsle. Here is another fantastic song sung by her.
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This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Street Singer (1938) is a landmark creation from New Theatres, Calcutta. Directed by the legendary Phani Majumdar, the star cast of this movie includes KL Saigal, Kaanan Devi. Bikram Kapoor, Subeer, Jagdeesh, Boken Chatto, Chamanlal, Abdul Rehman, Ram Kumari, Nirmal Bannerjee etc. The movie has as many as thirteen songs. The lyrics are created by Aarzoo Lucknowi, and the music composition is by another legend, RC Boral. Four of the more famous and familiar songs are already discussed on this blog, including the inimitable “Baabul Moraa Naihar Chhooto Hi Jaaye”. This song is a duet sung by Saigal Saab and Kaanan Devi.
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I have been posting the songs of “Phagun” (1958) these days. In this series, here is the 8th song from this movie.
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Dilip Kumar was known as tragedy king during the days I was growing up, but he would act in non tragedy roles too, though I was not aware of that in my younger days. And moreover, He was from the earlier generation, and I was growing up with the next generation of heroes ( Rajesh Khanna etc).
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