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Many of the songs discussed in this blog are well known songs. But in this blog, I also discuss songs that are rare and not known to many people. In fact, this blog may be one of the very few places on internet where such songs may find mention.
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“Roti” (1974) was a lovely Rajesh Khanna-Mumtaz movie. It had a good and different story line and it was a nice movie to watch.
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“Qaidi no 911″ (1959) was a “B grade” movie in the sense that it was an action thriller and it had Sheikh Mukhtar as action hero. When I say it was a B grade movie, I mean no disrespect. In fact, I think movies like this with Sheikh Mukhtar as hero were as good as the A grade action movies of 1970s. Yes, action movies had begun to be regarded as A grade by 1970s.
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It has been pointed out that “Baiju Baawra” (1952) set a lofty musical standards, which has remained unsurpassed to this date.
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I have heard this song many a times, but I had absolutely no clue about this song, except that this song was sung by Manna Dey.
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Manoj Kumar was a movie maker who would make movies with simplistic messages telling India was good, west was bad ( Purab aur paschim), Villagers were good, city folks were bad ( Upkaar ) etc. In this connection, here is this movie “Yaadgaar” (1970) where Manoj Kumar continues to shove his ideals down the throats of public.
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It is a very common public lament that things were going from bad to worse, and people then long for the “good old day” when things were so nice.
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As a small kid, I had heard about three monkeys of Gandhiji that symbolised- “bura mat suno, bura mat dekho, bura mat kaho.” So when I actually heard a song with the same lyrics, I naturally liked this song. It became one of my favourite songs of that era.
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