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Himalayan Diaries – 1
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Sometimes people end up giving really deep insights to you about yourself. But during the conversation, you do not grasp it and brush it off. This happened to me during my first jury at NID. First let me explain the concept of jury. Jury is what happens, when instead of exams, the college decides that a student should have only half an hour every semester to display every scrap of work they did for 4.5 months and justify that he/she did learn something. If one manages to do that, then they give you a decent grade and pass you for the semester. Nahi toh, Thakur toh giyo!
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“Saugandh”(1942) was a New Theatres Production. It was directed by Hem Chander. The star cast of this film includes Pahadi Sanyal, Bharti, Asit Baran, Chandrawati, Suprabha Mukherjee, Shrilekha, Chhavi Biswas, Vinay Goswami, Khagen Pathak, Farouk Mirza, Dar Kaashmiri, Nemo, Tulsi Chakravarty, Puttan, Narayan Rao, Maya Bose, Gopal Das, Kaali Ghosh, Heera Bai, Natwar, Jawahar Lal, Kaalo, Dwijen Sanyal. The songs of this film are penned by Pt. Natwar, and the music is RC Boral.
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If a movie title has nouns like “Behan”,”Bahu”, Bhabhi” etc in it preceded by adjectives like “Badi”, “Chhoti” etc then one can safely conclude that sacrificing characters lie ahead in the movie and unless one is masochistic in nature, one needs to steer clear of such movies.
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“Bhagwaan Parshuram”(1970) is a B grade mythological movie. It is a Mewar Films International presentation. It was directed by Babubhai Mistry. The cast of the movie included names like Abhi Bhattacharya, Jaishree Gadkar, Sunder, Niranjan Sharma, Jeevan, Trilok Kapoor, Raj Kumar, Tabassum, Tuntun,etc.
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“Ye Dil Kisko Doon” (1963) is not a well known movie as far as I am concerned. This movie had Shashi Kapoor and Raagini in it. May be that has something to do with the obscurity of this movie. :D
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“Navrang” (1958) is a song that is well known for its songs. I have discussed three songs from this movie in the past. Here is another song from this movie. I was not aware of this till a few hours ago.
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“Bilwamangal” (1954) is a movie that was made on the life of the blind poet of middle ages, namely Surdas, and the title role of Surdas was played by K C Dey, who himself was blind, just like Surdas.
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This post is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor of writeups to this blog

For a Bollywood old-song buff like me, one of the biggest pleasures of checking out youtube is to discover new “old” songs. Over the years I have not just listened to hundreds of songs that I already knew but have discovered several new “old” songs that have absolutely delighted me. The “suggestions” feature on youtube ensures that I spend several unintended hours listening to songs.
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“Naadaan” (1951) is a movie starring Dev Anand and Madhubala.
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Romantic songs/love songs are one of the most common form of songs in Hindi movies. It can be seen that many of these songs use high sounding grandiose words, whose meanings often escape the common listeners.
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