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“Deewaana” (1967) was an Anupam Chitra Production. It was produced and directed by Mahesh Kaul. The movie had Raj Kapoor, Saira Banu, Lalita Pawar, Kamal Kapoor, Ravindra Kapoor, Hiralal, Ulhas, Salim Khan, Kanhaiyalal, Leela Mishra, Jankidas, Nasreen, Pal Sharma, Paul Mahendra, Bazid Khan, Brahm Bhardwaj, Tiwari etc in it.
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Though we have discussed lots and lots of songs picturised on Shammi Kapoor, there are still songs that have yet to make it to the blog. Today (14th august 2012) is the first death anniversary of Shammi Kapoor. This offers us an opportunity to pay our tribute to Shammi Kapoor by discussing a few songs picturised on him.
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Here is yet another song of the “how come this song was not posted earlier ” genre. For my excuse, look at my standard excuse that I have given in other songs of this genre 🙂 .
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Today (14th february) is Valentine’s day and regulars may have wondered why we in ths blog did not discuss any songs on this occasion. Well, I thought that most songs in Hindi movies are in any case “expression of love” songs, so we in this blog in any case discuss such songs everyday. So for this blog everyday is Valentine’s day.
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There are some well known songs that have not yet figured in this blog. I call them “how come these songs are not yet posted” genre of songs. Then there are musical blockbuster movies that have been underrepresented in this blog.
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The song under discussion is a classic example of a song that I thought had already been discussed in the blog long time ago, but I was wrong. This is a song whose lyrics are well known to all, including me, and this song is quite well known to all, even if there may be people like me who are vague about the details of this song.
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Nashaad, not to be confused with Naushad, was born as Shaukat Ali. He began his career as a music director in Hindi movies in 1947. In his earlier movies, he was variously known as Shaukat Ali, Shaukat Dehalvi, Shaukat Hussain, Shaukat Haidari, Shaukat Hussain Haidari etc. It was in 1953 that film director cum lyricist Nakshab Jarachavi coined the name Nashad for him. The name brought him luck. In fact this name was adopted by his family members as their surname the way the desendents of music director Roshan adopted the name Roshan (first name of Roshanlal Nagrath) as their surname.
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This song is a well known song and I believed that this song was already covered in the blog but I discover that I was wrong. That way, this song belongs to the popular category of the blog, viz “What ! This song was not yet posted !” category. 🙂
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Regulars may be wondering why there were no posts today so far. I was travelling today at the time when I normally post and I have come near the internet only just now. The day is still live so I will still try and make it count. Today (10th january) is the birthday of Yesudas so today we will try and discuss a few songs sung by Yesudas.
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Here is yet another “How come this song was not posted earlier” category of song. this song is from “Aankhen” (1950) which was a Shekhar, Nalini Jaiwant starrer.
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