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“Sone Pe Suhaaga”, as we say in India.  First it was the momentous 10K milestone in July last year (20 Jul 2014).  Then a little while ago, on the close of the previous financial year (31 Mar, 2015) we had the auspicious and ‘Badhaai Waala” 11K milestone. And then today, we have the next level ‘1’ added, taking the auspiciousness and ‘badhaai’ to the next level on the scale.

Welcome all to the next important century milestone on this blog.  After we had the invasion of the blog by an army of eleven thousand young ladies, I mean, after the “Gyaarah Hazaar Ladkiaan” made their auspicious and enchanting appearance a little over a month ago, we have added another 100 wonderful songs to bag of magic that this blog is now transforming into. This segment has been relatively slower, taking exactly thirty two days to complete this leg of the journey. Of course we have an excuse for it.  But we are not going to talk about it today.  Maybe someday later, hopefully sooner than later.  But not today.  After getting over with the customary greetings and welcome and congratulations, I want to talk about a friend, a very dear friend.  And in our lingua-franca, the term ‘a dear friend’ evidently implies a lover of music.
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This movie “Sangeet Samrat Tansen” was a C grade movie and its music director was S N Tripathi who was the biggest music director of such movies alongwith Chitragupta.
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There are many instances when songs from obscure movies went on to become evergreen. This song from a barely remembered movie called Shagoon (1964) is one such song. I have listened to this song and I liked it too, but I had no other information other than the fact that the male voice belonged to Rafi.
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During the heyday of Radio in India in 1960s and 1970s, there were many popular radio programmes. There was one Radio programme called “Chayageet” on Vividh Bharati daily at 10 PM. The songs played in this song were typically old songs which I as a young kid regarded as boring. There were certain songs which I associated with this programmes. Typically, songs which were “bhoole bisre” and not so popular with the janta were played in this programme.
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This time Mukesh sings a song extolling the beauty of nature and wonders about the creativity of the creator of nature. The lyrics are written in textbook Hindi with words like chitrakaar, tapasvi, vriksh etc.
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